Journal of Health Science

p-ISSN: 2166-5966    e-ISSN: 2166-5990

2015;  5(3A): 1-1



Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Al-AlSheikh1, 2

1Associate Professor, College of Medicine, King Saud University

2Secretary General of Pan Arab League of Dermatologists

Correspondence to: Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Al-AlSheikh, Associate Professor, College of Medicine, King Saud University.


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As Secretary General of Pan Arab League of Dermatologists, I would like to share my comments on dermatology as a science in the arab world.
Science, in recent years, had made great advances. This was paralleled by innovations in dermatology. The emergence of Nanomedicine had lead to tremendous advances in the fields of drug delivery and quantitation. Moreover, the introduction of biologically- based therapies had made the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis more amenable. The scientific progress of genetics, had paved the way for a new revolution in the management of genetically- based diseases. This is particularly exemplified by the use of stem cells research in the treatment of regenerative diseases, which had been difficult to treat in the past.
Despite all the tremendous advances in Scientific Research, and its achievements, we in the Arab world, are still mere recipients of these technological advances. Our status of "lagging behind" may be attributed to scarcity of resources which are ear marked for research and the lack of a well-targeted scientific research culture in our Arab countries.
The era of explosive information technology has to be exploited fully by our Association of Dermatologists and Medical doctors as well. This calls for the adoption of “e governance" in order to facilitate constructive interaction within our area and with international institutions alike. This will eventually lead to rapid dissemination of knowledge between colleagues. Two attributes, in this regard, are of utmost importance; transparency and the elimination of bureaucratic practices.
I would like to emphasize my conviction that the only way for progress and the development of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery in our Arab world is through effective communication between the dermatologic societies.
The road to success, calls urgently, upon the following:
1. The development of well-thought infrastructures for our specialty in various institutions in the Arab world.
2. Sincerity and conviction in our work and the belief in our endeavors.
3. The establishment of well-organized training facilities, for our doctors, nurses and technicians.
4. The generation of funding resources, in partnership with educational institutions, the governments or the private sector, in order to finance training, conferences or scientific research.
5. The wise use of technology, as much as possible, in the establishment of e-governance in all aspects of communication.