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The First Man-Made Black Hole

Edwin Zong

Laser Neutrino Annihilation Synergistic Applicator LLC, Las Vegas, USA

Correspondence to: Edwin Zong , Laser Neutrino Annihilation Synergistic Applicator LLC, Las Vegas, USA.


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The nuclear force (strong or weak) is “captured” electromagnetic power (E/M) directly from a big bang or supernova. However, there is an increasing danger of misusing such power by a “misfired” cortex, stripping billions of families and our atmosphere off, turning our blue planet to another red Mars. [1] [2] Laser cooling refers to a number of techniques in which atomic and molecular samples are cooled down to near absolute zero through the interaction with one or more laser fields. * A Nobel Prize experiment in 1997 Physics. [3] Once the light interactions are increased beyond a defined value, the condensates collapse and rapidly lose 25-40% in atom number [4] - creating the first man-made black hole! [3] The success of turning targeted mass into dark matter provides us with unlimited practical applications e.g. laser NASA℗. [3] The primary objective of this study is to explore the mechanism for developing and deploying an Emergency Astro Response Medical system (eARM©-laser NASA℗), which registers and quickly fixes a “misfiring” cortex (less than an ounce of mass) before he attempts to unleash big bang power on his family along with his global neighbors.

Keywords: Gamma Ray, Big Bang, Neutrino, Dark Matter, Local Cosmos Reconstructive Engineering

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Article Outline

1. Introduction
2. The Origin of Mass and Energy Photon
    2.1. The Particle Accelerator
    2.2. The Experiments in Physics
        2.2.1. The Particle Collider
        2.2.2. The Big Bang
        2.2.3. The Particle Lab
    2.3. The Annihilation
        2.3.1. Building It up from Scratch
    2.4. The Odds
    2.5. The Emulsion
3. The Year of “You You Light”
    3.1. Zero Mass and Unified Origin
    3.2. The Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory and CMB
    3.3. The Basic Force in Nature
    3.4. The Fundamental Particle in Nature
    3.5. The Infrastructure of a Galactic Black Hole
    3.6. The Welding in Cosmos
        3.6.1. The Hot Welding
        3.6.2. The Cold Welding
        3.6.3. The Universe Inflation, Focal Crunch/Collapse and Incest The Universe Inflation The Big Focal Crunch/Collapse The Expand and Contract in the Universe
    3.7. The Cyber Space vs. the Universe Space
    3.8. The Fountain of Certainty
4. The Cosmos Pill Day
    4.1. Laser Neutrino Annihilation Synergistic Applicator©℗ Forbidden
        4.1.1. PET Scan, γ Knife, the Universe’s Stealthiest Mechanism The Reinforced PET Scan Intervention for Cancer and Infections Annihilation The Modified Universe’s Stealthiest Mechanism
        4.1.2. The Photon and Cyber Girl Astro-Medical Physics (AMP) The Universe’s Stealthiest Mechanism and Medicine The Close Range AMP The Far range AMP
        4.1.3. The Cosmos Colony Right
        4.1.4. The Celestial Grave Yard
    4.2. Local Cosmos Reconstructive Engineering
5. Results Analysis
6. Discussion

1. Introduction

The year of 2015 was heart-broken; many celestial lovers sadly found out that our next door neighbor-Mars was once beautifully covered by surface water and atmosphere, now it is cold, dry and stripped. Who did that? A dark hand? We all know our scientific community has a tradition to attribute everything to darkness, e.g. dark matter, dark energy, black hole etc. Well, the theory of dark hand probably will not be accepted very well this time.
The "xenon-129", radioactive isotopes which could have only been created by a nuclear blast, have been found on Mars. The discovery was significant and caught the attention of one person- J. E. Brandenburg who thinks there were thermonuclear explosions which wiped out Mars’ biological life. [2] However, the mainstream think-tank blames the nuclear onslaughts to a solar wind. Our sun is a vibrant energy ball which affects its planets by mathematical odds. It will be hard to believe that our sun acts as a sniper. Unless we find out similar events happened to other planets (e.g. Earth), it will be far from “prove beyond reasonable doubt” to convict the solar wind as the main culprit behind those stripping businesses. Until then, Dr. John Brandenburg’s theory stands. Coincidentally, On Dec 29, 2015, William J. Perry, Former US military chief also expressed his grave concern about nuclear danger/doom over our lives. [1]
It is common sense that we don’t blame a vehicle for a car accident, which usually means human errors. Similarly, if there is a nuclear disaster, it is usually caused by human mistakes.
In recent years, some new diseases have been recognized in medical establishments e.g. suicide. It is a well-accepted medical practice to institutionalize a sick person who threatens or hurts oneself or others. The medical/legal code for such containment is 51/50 in the state of California. There is no legal exception for this code or its equivalence. Back in the 1930s, the failure of diagnosing a misfired sub-cortex (e.g. Adolf Hitler’s) resulted in a devastating consequence on innocent families for tens of millions. The Holocaust imposed unnecessary pain and loss of lives which included Hitler’s very own children.
With widely available nuclear ordnances today, the outcome from a “misfired” sub cortex would be a trillion times worse than Hitler’s. Banging our oasis planet into a forbidden terrain is not a difficult thing.
Billions of years ago, Mars was probably coated with atmosphere, warm and wet, perhaps blue, but now it is a red desert. If Dr. John Brandenburg’s theory is proved correct, our planet may face the same risk and follow Mars’ path.
Many people view World War II as a holocaust. I rather see it as a case of medical failure. If our medicine was too primitive a half century ago, today there is no excuse for a patient to fall through the cracks and unleash a big bang power upon us.
The dinosaurs had been wiped out by a space rock, which probably weighed millions of tons. It may be considered as a misfortune for them, but it is a legitimate and serious ending for a class of “egg-hatched” lizards. However, if we homo-sapiens and our home planet are destroyed by one of our own class member- a said “superior” mammal with a sick sub cortex-weighted only one ounce, I do not know what kind of significance our class of mammal stands in the biological evolution.
It is good to see a joint effort made by NASA and international partners for monitoring and possibly diverting a lethal space rock. NASA probably feels we need to do better than a lizard. Following the same path, should we monitor and terminate the threat from within as well?
Being a medical doctor, I have witnessed the great success for deployment of code 51/50 or its equivalence to protect patients and the community at large. Similarly, should an alleged “nuclear button” individual with one ounce of “misfired” cortex arise, for some reason, it evaded from its native physician’s diagnosis, we must have a last resort- a salvage mechanism to protect global community and our oasis planet. The author proposes an emergency Astro Response Medical system (eARM©), to effectively treat that sick sub-cortex, protect him from damaging himself, his family along with billions of innocent lives (including you and your family) on a global scale.
I am sure that his grateful family and nation will be happy to pay for the medical bill after his troubled sub-cortex is fixed. Alternatively, the United Nations (UN) needs to establish a global-safety health insurance which should be paid by its members for eARM©℗ medical bill. Of course, the odds of such case may occur less than one per 100 years, but we could not afford one misdiagnosis of the dysfunctional sub-cortex mass even if the odds are less than one per one million years, because it is our entire civilization and our home planet that are at risk!
I urge all geeks and gold dwellers, to set aside our differences and work together to help your medical doctor to develop an orbit-based medical device or eARM©℗ to prevent silly incidents from happening to all of us, who maybe accidently eradicated from our oasis planet by an ounce of mass.
Once in a while, have you ever craved, say a pastrami sandwich? You know you really don’t need to kill all the cows roaming in North America to prepare your pastrami sandwich. Similarly, back in the days, instead of disassembling Hitler’s massive killing-machine, to fix his sick sub-cortex directly would be so much cheaper! Even though we may risk having our medical fee uncollected, but the benefit for preventing the loss of millions of lives will be well over the risk (it is not to say that money is not important). Luckily, Hitler never had a chance to own his nuclear arsenal or our Earth would be fried.
This article is the first of its kind to explore the scientific mechanism for saving you and Earth by unifying astrophysics and medical science. For doing so, we have to have some basic understanding of mass, cosmos and the human cortex before we are able to engineer a cost-effective orbital based medical device to protect our planet and lives.

2. The Origin of Mass and Energy Photon

2.1. The Particle Accelerator

The BBC (big bang crasher) was once a #1 superpower but now faded into the background.
The ABC (active black hole collider) is the current #1 superpower accelerator.
Can they replace MMA (man-made accelerators)? The answer is no.

2.2. The Experiments in Physics

2.2.1. The Particle Collider
Isn’t the most powerful particle accelerator/collider known today as ABC (active black hole collider) or active galactic nuclei (AGN)? Isn’t the result of ABC particle collider known as γ-ray burst or X-ray burst? Why is extremely high energy neutrino very rare vs. very common yet extremely high energy photon based on ice cube neutrino report? [5] There isn’t any neutrino burst, less to say a “unicorn” burst resulted from an ABC particle collider!
The γ-ray burst or X ray burst supports the author’s reasoning: γ-ray burst simply is e¯ + e⁺ → γ + γ (γ ray predominantly, mix with few neutrinos). [3] The plasma that surrounds active black hole is not all electrons, of course. It may very well contain plenty ionized protons and neutrons. Therefore, the result of ABC particle accelerator demonstrates that the origin of all particles is PHOTON, clearly!
2.2.2. The Big Bang
The big bang is not a result of an ABC particle collider! The big bang is not a pure γ-ray burst! The CMBR or cosmos microwave background shows 411 photons/cc. (55%) along with neutrino: about 56 electron neutrinos, 56 electron “anti” -neutrinos, 56 “muon” neutrinos per cubic centimeter, for a total of 337 neutrinos per cubic centimeter in the Universe. (45%) [6] Given that such an abundance of neutrinos exist in cosmos background, it is easy to see our big bang blast is γ ray (predominately) mixed with neutrinos (substantially), which directly supports my universe model-the big blast is originated from a congregated galactic nuclei or black hole which is neutrino in its nature! [3]
The galactic nuclei or black hole can’t be made from photons, because photon carries little mass which can’t serve as a gravity center to keep our galaxy together. The neutrino can! If we agree upon that the big blast is indeed γ ray photons (predominately), and then we know for sure neutrinos can be further broken down, because significant portions of a pre-bang black hole neutrinos must be banged into γ rays, though many neutrinos remain unchanged while they are discharged from a big bang. [6]
The mechanism of a big bang is different from an ABC particle collider. The ABC particle collider utilizes its enormous gravity power to speed up its surrounding plasmas at astonishing light speed-colliding/annihilating them to a high energy photon beam [7], while a big bang is a result from a pre-bang black hole collapsing due to its emerging dark mass reaching to a bang threshold (the critical mass) and collapses. [8]
2.2.3. The Particle Lab
The cosmos is the largest particle lab, rather than a cattle farm. In other words, the vast majority of matter exists in a form of particle (photon or neutrino). The tip of matter pyramid turns into normal matter e.g. your stunning coworker.

2.3. The Annihilation

e¯ + e⁺ → γ + γ. The electron (e¯) and a positron (e⁺) are the decay products from neutron thru double beta decay. While utilizing the law of conservation of mass and energy for solar radiation, Kajita’s and McDonald’s teams discovered that neutrinos actually changed their flavors in wavelike oscillations * A Nobel Prize experiment in Physics 2015.
The changing of flavor/mass of neutrino makes up the missing mass and balances the mass/energy budget in solar radiation. This reservation of mass/energy also has significance in the new particle search, because it rules out the possibility of unknown mass/particles existing if one doesn’t want to break the law of conservation of mass/energy.
When neutrinos react with the molecules of water in the ice, they can create charged leptons (electrons, muons, or taus), which, if they are energetic enough, emit Cherenkov radiation (photon). [9] The mass differences between neutrino flavors have been determined with precision. [10]
The fact of mass loss during neutrino flavor changing clearly indicates that neutrinos can be further broken down!! The loss of mass in neutrino flavor changing (part of loss mass) turns into photons. [9]
There is enough evidence indicating that both electrons and neutrinos are made from photons! Is it possible for some of photons-alike “non-decay able, fundamental” “unicorn” particle hiding inside of electrons and neutrinos without being discharged in solar fusion reaction? It is a valid doubt, but it is extremely unlikely! The author will address it later.
Similar, the beta decay experiments clearly indicate A. proton is made from neutron and e¯. Some parts of neutrons are made from photons and neutrinos! Is it possible for some of the unknown particles to hide inside neutrons without being discharged in β decay reaction? It is a valid doubt as well, but it is extremely unlikely! Especially with the result from the ABC collider. It is the ϒ ray burst! Not any other particle or “unicorn” particle is bang out! Open your eyes big!
2.3.1. Building It up from Scratch
We already know that a photon can be bonded and coaxed into “a new molecule” [11] which provides us a practical ground to engineer dark matter and normal matter. [13]

2.4. The Odds

The ABC, the sun, the stars and the supernova smash those handful, yet universal particles (electrons, neutrinos, protons, neutrons) trillions and trillions of times at any given second. If there is some “odd and basic” particle or “unicorn” particle other than photons that exist, we should have detected it a long time ago! It is like playing casino double deck blackjack, no matter how low the odds are, if you push that button enough times, you will get a royal flush!
The basic nuclear particles in our universe are very few- electrons, neutrinos, protons, neutrons. But there are astronomical numbers of powerful colliders (e.g. ABCs) out there crashing them! How would it be possible that we haven’t observed or missed one basic particle in those experiments?!
It is like a trillion hands hired to hit the casino double deck blackjack every second during your Vegas stay, how would it be possible that you missed a royal flush?!
Have you heard about DNA testing? If a kid has a DNA test result with a 99% confidence that matches yours, that kid is yours! There is no such thing as 100% in medicine. The 99% is sufficient odds that will give you a medical assurance!
May I safely say that the odds are mostly favoring photon as the single composing basic particle over any “unicorn” particle for electrons, neutrinos, protons and neutrons?

2.5. The Emulsion

Based on similarity, the mass/particle loves to crunch together-emulsion occurs ubiquitously e.g. nuclear emulsions. The photon bonding/emulsion has been accomplished by coaxing photons into bonding together to form “molecules” – a state of matter by a group led by Harvard Professor of Physics Mikhail Lukin and MIT Professor of Physics Vladan Vuletic. [11]
If the photon is the end product kicked out from the “sub-nuclear particles” (e.g. electrons, neutrinos) during our experiments, may I safely say that the remaining fundamental particle inside of “sub-nuclear particles” is most likely a photon as well- based on the laws of emulsion? In addition, the cosmos cold welding will not allow any chilled particles including photons to exist as an individual or unbounded which is supported by our physics experiment in the lab. [11]

3. The Year of “You You Light”

My family psychic advised me that the year of 2015 was special for earthlings. I doubted it until I heard 2015 was announced as a year of light by the UN, and it was ended by.
You You who was named for the 2015 Nobel Science Prize. Please pause for a moment; repeat this simple sentence (You You Light) over and over till you see stars in your eyes, maybe, by then, your garage instinct may surface again-the universe is all mechanic.

3.1. Zero Mass and Unified Origin

You You is a Chinese herbalist who extracted qinghaosu to treat malaria for infected people who live in jungles where pharmaceutical drugs weren’t available. Millions of indigent people have been benefited by qinghaosu which was used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine. You You, retired from the Chinese national herbal study Institute, is best known for Chinese as a “3 Zero (mass)” Lady, because she doesn’t hold any advanced academic degree, doesn’t hold any position in national scientific society and zero education in the west. [15] In 2015, during the “Chinese national highest scientific award” ceremony, the committee was confronted by a disappointed reporter: “why you you wasn’t named in any of those awards?” After all, she is a 2015 Nobel Laureate for science. Isn’t her contribution to science obvious enough? The answer from the committee was short: no one recommends her. In other words, she was not even eligible for a preliminary selection for Chinese scientific award. The perception of “zero mass” is so profound and 1.4 billion Chinese aren’t ready to change that yet. Isn’t that a reason that not even one person recommended her?! China is not a nation of tribes; its science has well developed. For billions of Chinese people, the very first Nobel science prize (for Chinese national) went to a Chinese herbalist, it is like a most prominent astrophysics award that went to an astrologist; As a result, billions of people were rippled. Have you seen a fusion reaction before? Just go to China, call an infectious disease doctor an herbalist, you’ll get one. The author happens to be an herbalist as well as a medical doctor by academy degrees; I see them as the same origin and non-zero mass. However, the concept of non-zero mass and unified origin, frequently, infuriates people rather than cheers them up.

3.2. The Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory and CMB

The ABC collider and ice cube neutrino observatory tells me γ ray burst is e¯ + e⁺ → γ + γ (γ ray photon predominantly, mixed with few neutrinos!) [3]
The CMB & Cosmos Neutrino Background tells me the big bang is νe ̄ + νe → γ ray. (γ ray Predominantly, mixed with substantial neutrinos!) [3]
The cold welding and emulsion tells me all entering masses including photons and neutrinos will be bonded or packed in the black hole AKA the cold hole. [3]
The hot welding and emulsion tells me the E/M power of a big bang or supernova is captured in the formation of the atom nuclear structure AKA the hot hole. [3]
The Las Vegas tells me to bet all your money on “the bomb of big bang is made from neutrinos” now and you won’t miss another power ball jackpot.
The 2015 Chinese dark matter satellite tells me that it is part of a legend, a renown Chinese Folklore, the classic version. [16]

3.3. The Basic Force in Nature

2 basic forces– Electric magnetic power and Gravity
The strong and weak nuclear forces are “captured” electric magnetic power – directly from a big bang and supernova. [3]
There is another dimension of it, which is the power of love. [17] As a contemporary physician, I am tuned for reasoning based on imaging results or lab results. Astronomers are like radiologists. There is no need to generate a sham imaging for radiologists or astronomers, but we should have computer images based on computer models which are equivalent to surgical specimens for radiologists. We need computer models that exactly reflect our reality-the mechanical universe!

3.4. The Fundamental Particle in Nature

2 ParticlesPhoton and Neutrino
Everything else is just transient with little practical application between them (photon & neutrino) and protons, neutrons, electrons.

3.5. The Infrastructure of a Galactic Black Hole

A black hole is very cold - below 2.7 kelvin
The “cold” temperature freezes lights and mass that enter the black hole! The black hole is “chilling” with plasma [3].
With its enormous gravity, the ABC collider speeds up the mass that surrounds it.

3.6. The Welding in Cosmos

Welding is a way to join two or more pieces of metal together, making them act as a single piece thru fusion. The welding mass isn’t limited to metal. The mechanism of welding is really “bonding”. Such “bonding” can occur at the molecular level, the atom level, the sub-atom nuclear level. It can also happen at the photon level as well! [11]
It seems that there is only two ways to get stuff hooked up in the universe. It means you have to be either hot or cool to get stuff fused.
3.6.1. The Hot Welding
The hot welding occurs when the internal energy of the solid increases, typically by the application of heat or pressure, which increases the substance's temperature to the melting point. The popular hot welding happens in stars e.g. fusion reaction. What is the master piece of hot welding (most powerful)? I would say that it is a big bang, who is the hottest welder that fuses stuff with the strong nuclear force. There is simply no other candidate to substitute a big bang for that.
3.6.2. The Cold Welding
Cold welding or contact welding is a solid-state welding process in which joining takes place without fusion/heating at the interface of the two parts being welded. Two clean, flat surfaces of similar metal would strongly adhere if brought into contact in a vacuum or space. In a black hole (extreme low temperature of the deep space), the mass includes lights, the neutrinos all congregate together, a case of cold welding. The author refers to it as the galactic nucleus or a cold hole vs. a hot hole where our atom nucleus bonds by nuclear force.
3.6.3. The Universe Inflation, Focal Crunch/Collapse and Incest
It is a well-known fact that our universe appears to be expanding at an increasing rate. The Universe Inflation
The first order inflation is a kicked start from a big bang. The second order inflation is a kicked start from our stars and so on. The Big Focal Crunch/Collapse
The gravity and emulsion force draw mass together focally. The Expand and Contract in the Universe
The universe is apparently a self-sustained cycle of expanding and contracting, but it is not in a way many people hoped. It doesn’t contract all the “offspring” from a single bang (a single family) to a single point. Disappointedly, it is not a big incest for our universe.
From the eye on the ground, we see many hot spots where masses concentrate - AKA the “contract”. God gives us another eye-the heavenly eye overseeing cosmos. Many may mistake it for a money eye. Well, technically, it is a real estate eye.
There are many families/big bangs in our universe. It is naturally our off springs /masses from a single family/bang adventuring out to mingle with strangers/masses from other families/big bangs.
Have you ever noticed how our teenagers behave? Isn’t it true that they are constantly running away at an increasing rate? Their accelerated expanding will not contradict their desire/action of mingling/forming their own family (bang). Our human/mass history tells us one thing that we are expanding at an increasing rate but our expanding never stops us from mingling/contracting”. Get real. The eye on the ground sees families forming (focal crunch) everywhere, the eye in the heaven sees that our “off-springs” expand at an increasing rate. This is not a phenomenon of paradox; it is a phenomenon of real life!

3.7. The Cyber Space vs. the Universe Space

It was 1869; the periodic table of the chemical elements was invented by Dmitri Mendeleev. It was no later than 1932, J.J. Thomson, Ernest Rutherford and James Chadwick discovered electrons, protons, and neutrons. It was 1931, Wofgang Pauli predicted the neutrino in order to account for the apparent loss of energy and momentum that he observed when studying radioactive beta decays. Yet, it is almost one hundred years later. We still don’t have the real computer-based model for those elements? What is going on? Can’t keep your eyes and hands in the right place? Of course, it is not like that, or at least not all the time. Without our astronomers’ diligence, no one would realize that we have been wrong for a century. But, still, 100 years have passed; we do not have the real time model for our electron, proton, neutron and neutrino. There are mountains of evidence, proving way beyond reasonable doubt, that the photon is the unified fundamental building block for all. We need a computer photon model for neutrinos, electrons, protons and neutrons!
Our cyber space is infinite (the only qualified place) which mostly mimics our universe space, we need a neutrino model for a big bang bomb, and then ignite it in the cyber space (a cyber big bang).
The result of a cyber big bang should closely mimic our real cosmos. Among those results, we should be able to zoom in on a galaxy named Cyber Milky Way and find a blue planet named Cyber Earth and your fabulous assistant.

3.8. The Fountain of Certainty

Our computer model is a valid approach because our world (universe) is mechanical! The loss/gain of mass/energy in a void/space is ABSOLUTE in our universe! The velocity or “time-scaled” process is the result from such said mass/energy’s changing; it is not the other way around!
The artificial time is irrelevant to mass/energy changing. No particle can exist in the state of “rest” The mass in different state is “absolute” with Newtonian “certainty”.
The contemporary medicine, of course, works. Because we believe the human body is pure mechanic with certainty (e.g. lab results and image results). The traditional healing art works too, because it is based on good will with uncertainty (e.g. many love figures and legends).
The “uncertainty” creates a legend of romance, the beautiful hair may electrify your heart, but remember the old saying: love may cause blindness.
The certainty of your contemporary medicine will, one day, redefine a definition of living being. [18] The uncertainty of traditional healing arts will continue to thrive as well. Your physicians today are diversified; your future physicians will be diversified as well. The author, surely, likes to see this type of diversification in physicists. If none of the physicists realize that our universe is pure mechanic, our origin of mass and energy are photons, we will lose another 100 years, or thousands of years, or forever. We homo sapiens may never be able to develop a REAL particle model, a REAL model of a big bang and a REAL model of cosmos.

4. The Cosmos Pill Day

Adopted by celestial governing committee LLC, we honor Feb 14 as a cosmos pill day with a mission to spread our pill to cosmos!
Pill: Peace Inspiration Love & Liberty

4.1. Laser Neutrino Annihilation Synergistic Applicator©℗ Forbidden

4.1.1. PET Scan, γ Knife, the Universe’s Stealthiest Mechanism
Positron emission tomography (PET) scan is to detect “highly active” cancer cells. The highly active molecule chosen for PET tracer is fluoro-deoxy-glucose (FDG), an analogue of glucose. The high concentration of tracer/ fluoro-deoxy-glucose indicates highly metabolic activity which corresponds to the highly regional glucose uptake-cancer cells. It is the standard of medical care for using this tracer to map the cancer metastasis. The PET scan detects pairs of gamma ray photons emitted indirectly by a positron-emitting radionuclide (tracer), which is introduced into the body such as FDG.
γ knife radiosurgery focuses 200 tiny beams of radiation on a tumor or other target which will be fried. γ knife radiosurgery is usually a one-time therapy completed in a single day.
Contrary to γ knife effects on targeted mass, the Chu’s new trick provides an innovative way to collapse it, which may leave far less side effects vs. radioactive burn. [4] The Reinforced PET Scan Intervention for Cancer and Infections Annihilation
The PET scan paves the road map about various sites of cancer with great precision. However, it misses the opportunity to kill the cancer cells simultaneously due to the weak dosing of γ photons used as a tracer.
The shortcomings can be easily corrected by introducing modified FDG which will concentrate adequate γ photons that kill all targeted cancer cells with external assistance of eARM©℗.
The targeted mass shall not be restricted to cancer cells, since bacteria and virus infected cells all have their signature demand which can be mapped, traced and eliminated by reinforced PET scan interventions with external assistance of eARM©. The Modified Universe’s Stealthiest Mechanism
The tracer’s γ photon activities in reinforced PET scan also serves a light catalyst for the external laser to be introduced onto a targeted mass (cancer cells, virus infected cells, bacteria etc.), which will collapse it once the light interactions are increased beyond a defined value. [3]
4.1.2. The Photon and Cyber Girl
The photon is mass, therefore, on earth, the air and the bunkers serve as a great distraction/deterrence for photons. In the space/vacuum, there are little distractions/resistance for traveling photons. If you don’t coat your laser photon, you will have to power it with a greater force to reach your target on earth. It is the macho way to overcome all resistance and reach the target.
If you coat your laser photon and make it become less interactive with other mass. The power requirement to deliver such a coated laser can be much less. It is called the WIMP way to overcome little resistance and reach the target.
The eARM©℗ utilizes coated photon or wimp which is expected to encounter minimum resistance in the air. [3] Of course, photons are mass, otherwise, you cannot coat a void. Similarly, you can’t get your cyber-girl pregnant, many have tried though. [3] Sadly, the cyber girl is true massless, but not a photon. The eARM©℗ will deliver multiple doses of wimp or coated photon beams to the ounce of targeted mass- either burn it or collapse it, similar to the γ knife operation in your surgical suit.
In medicine, the time, unfortunately, is weaved into your surgeon’s payload or your pocketbook. It will least likely be weaved into your space. In other words, your physician sees your money in the time and your body in the space, separately. Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to weave your space with your time, unless you don’t mind to see your surgeon’s hand fuse in your bank account. Have you seen some astronomical-sized medical bills lately? That’s what happens when your space-time is fused together. I am trying to be nice and give you some insights in medical practice, whether you believe it or not is up to you. Astro-Medical Physics (AMP)
In medical science, the healthy body simply means that it reaches a homogeneous state. The disturbance of homogeneous may be corrected by surgery or chemicals way. To annihilate disturbing masses/infections, we may use surgical methods. Your physicians also use chemical altering methods which expose “molecular -altered” targets (e.g. abnormal mass/infected cells) for removal by its body cleaning mechanism.
The human body is part of a planet, while you study astrophysics, you can easily figure out some physics that also help our body to stabilize a homogeneous state with minimum chemistry intervening. The author has been able to apply AMP in his medical practice and end some of the toughest chronic diseases among his patients. The Universe’s Stealthiest Mechanism and Medicine
In 1997, professor Chu amused the whole world by chilling something to near absolute zero temperature and earned his Nobel Prize in Physics. While the whole world is obsessed with Mr. Chu’s new trick, we may miss the universe’s stealthiest mechanism that Mr. Chu’s experiment uncovered. As your author pointed it out earlier that he has created a first man-made black hole!
Mr. Chu has opened a new frontier for medicine and other fields. Instead of altering molecular configuration/antibiotics or bloody cut, now we are looking at a brand new way of annihilation! To deliver a Chu’s trick to a targeted subject, the author proposes two ways. The close range AMP-somewhere between zero distances to outside of one’s bedroom. The far range AMP-somewhere between a tree top to an orbit. The Close Range AMP
Forbidden The Far range AMP
4.1.3. The Cosmos Colony Right
The colony right is different from ownership for the fact that colony right is not equal to own the land in cosmos. Its physical occupancy is protected as private property, since no one owns the land/space of cosmos. The cosmos occupancy/colony right is permanent unless the certified occupants authorize changes. Only the certified occupants may make changes to his/her colony rights of said cosmos properties. The celestial governing committee LLC provides certifications for cosmos colony rights. Source:
4.1.4. The Celestial Grave Yard
On earth, there is an increasing competition for land between living people and the dead. The traditional grave yard is not a sustainable operation, given the limited land resource.
The Celestial Cemetery Initiative (CCI) proposes one ounce standard container (ash or hair) with the option for chips/bar code which may carry photo or video information. The first celestial cemetery site that CCI selects is our MOON. To accomplish that, we will team up with funeral homes and selected Rocket Companies. Source:
The traditional cemetery may prepare those containers; provide one set for CCI/Space Company to deliver to the celestial site. In addition, the cemetery is recommended to set up a hall of memorial where back-up containers may be stored.
The memorial hall may provide the latest photos/videos of the celestial sites e.g. moon while grieving family gathers.
Whenever families decide to send their already-buried loved ones to the celestial site/moon, more land is expected to be freed up for that cemetery.
The celestial graveyard should be an option for living beings (humans or pets) who love cosmos or heaven.

4.2. Local Cosmos Reconstructive Engineering

It has been said, as early as 1985, Steven Chu has used laser to achieve extremely low temperatures close of 10¯9 K where six lasers provide a pair of beams along each coordinate axis, 90° with respect to each other. The so-called "light viscous" effect of the laser beams in slowing down the atoms was nick named "optical molasses" by professor Chu. His chilling exhibit is not just for our amusement. Mr. Chu’s experiment demonstrated that once the light interactions are increased beyond a defined value, the condensates collapse and rapidly lose 25-40% in atom number. This rapid loss of mass, accidently, revealed the stealthiest mechanism of our universe. [3]
Mr. Chu has created the first man-made black hole in lab in 1997. The targeted nuclear mass collapsed into dark matter and left without being detected. 20 years passed, no one seems to be bothered.
When we look into deep space, few will deny the cosmos phenomenon of inflation and focal collapse. It is a simple logic that all matter will collapse into a black hole if it loses its radiation support/structure. The “optical molasses” is a photon soup where radiation cancels each other and leads to internal radiation removal. The total gaining energy is less than the total loss of energy in the targeted mass, so it can be chilled to almost absolute zero.
The universe is all about “gaining” or “losing” of mass/energy, Mr. Chu’s new trick has opened a new frontier for us to artificially remove small amounts of mass/energy in a targeted space rock whose old orbiting track will be modified for the benefit of mankind. It does need some math to calculate the mass/energy that needs to be removed corresponding to its new/modified orbiting track.
To prevent a direct hit by a giant space rock or re-climate another planet, we will need reconstructive cosmos engineering.
The author proposes a self-sustainable commercial practice – celestial cemetery before the migration of humans.
Humans have their tradition for devoting most of their resources to the dead e.g. pyramids. The heights of most civilizations often demonstrate their engineering feat for the memorial structure for the dead to reach heaven. Our cosmos is a natural candidate for the heavens.
The migrating in cosmos depends on what type of human form that is being referred to. The author envisions two types of human form. 1. The traditional one-the body that is originated from one’s parents. 2. The electronic/light form-the data base that is derived from one’s brain by your physician. [18]

5. Results Analysis

Laser cooling effects refers to a number of techniques in which atomic and molecular samples are cooled down to near absolute zero through the light interaction with one or more laser fields. It is the radiation that keeps mass inflated, once it is depleted, everything collapses into dark matter or black holes. In 1997, Mr. Chu and his team has earned his Nobel Prize in Physics by creating “photon molasses” which offsets the radiation beyond a defined value, the condensates collapse and rapidly lose 25-40% in atom number. Mr. Chu has created the first man-made black hole in a lab.

6. Discussion

The PET scan paves the road map for the various sites of cancer with great precision. However it misses the opportunity to kill the cancer cells simultaneously due to its weak dosing of γ photons that is used as a tracer.
The shortcomings can be easily corrected by introducing modified FDG which will concentrate adequate γ photons that kill all targeted cancer cells with external assistance of eARM©℗.
The targeted mass shall not be restricted to cancer cells, since bacteria and virus infected cells have a signature demand which can be mapped, traced and eliminated by reinforced PET scan interventions with the assistance of eARM©℗.
The γ photon in reinforced PET scan serves a light catalyst for laser photons to gather to the targeted mass (e.g. cancer cells, virus infected cells, bacteria etc.), which will collapse it once the light interactions are increased beyond a defined value.
The advancement of astrophysics and particle physics will open many new frontiers in medical science.


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