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The 16th Greek Letter

Prince Jessii

Research Scientist, Imo State, Nigeria

Correspondence to: Prince Jessii , Research Scientist, Imo State, Nigeria.


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Dear Greeks, it’s 2024 and let’s say the universe is pissed that one of your alphabets is being used to represent a wrong value of the universe except that this has nothing to do with the Greeks. Physics uses Greek alphabets as the symbol of certain values representing entities. Greek alphabets from alpha to omega are also used to name a variety of things in the universe (good one). Perhaps, there’s a suspicion that someone in the past purposely started the spread of a wrong information in physics and mathematics as related to the 16th Greek alphabet, as an attempt to cover the truth behind the 16th Greek alphabet being picked to represent a very important value in Physics and Mathematics. The truth about the 16th Greek alphabet is now known, thanks to ‘’Ultimate Relativity’’. Thus, this paper is a revelation/proof of this stated issue, read and share.

Keywords: Ultimate Relativity, Pi

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1. Introduction

Figure 1
There are 24 Greek alphabets, alpha is the 1st of the 24. Has anyone seen a scenario or situation where alpha is regarded or used in a situation referring to second or third? The answer is ‘’No”. Even people who do not know what Greek alphabets are, will know that alpha points to first, it’s a popular word though. Before Ultimate Relativity, what we know as Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its radius (they say diameter, but it’s radius). Perhaps, let’s get some information about why the 16th Greek Letter (Pi) was picked as the symbol representing this ratio. Searching through google and didn’t see anything reasonable? The only thing I saw which sounds like a joke is the part which said that periphery which also means perimeter is in Greek and the symbol Pi (π) is the first letter of that word, this is the reason why the alphabet was used as the symbol representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its radius? Now, if I’m asked, I think that it is not enough reason, there was a main reason and someone who knew the truth back in the days decided to hide that truth from the universe because Pi is actually not what we think it is (Not just a ratio related to circles). Pi is everything about the universe and if someone hides that detail, the details of the universe will be hidden. So, you see the reason why I said it is an intentional attempt by someone. I guess he/she wanted the knowledge about Pi to be limited to just a ratio of a circle’s circumference to its radius, thereby bringing the idea of periphery and its translation in Greek to limit the minds of people to just that.
To worsen the situation, a wrong value of Pi was also being spread to fuel the deceit. On the other hand, I’m curious because I know what 16 means and my question all along from when I discovered the blueprint of the universe is; why was the 16th Greek letter chosen in the past? Why not the 4th, 5th, 7th or even 15th, why 16th? Why not find out the translation of circle or maybe ‘’circumference’’ in Greek and use the first letter as its symbol? Why look for something that will be convincing to people (periphery) as to why it was chosen and then hide the truth as a puzzle.
This is not a coincidence, this curiosity of mine made me to understand that someone was behind this spread of deceit. This curiosity of mine was the Validation in [4].

2. Four Zodiac Symbolic Teachings (Validation)

Again, ultimate relativity has revealed these details, this is just a reminder. The Symbol of the zodiac is circumference (circle). If I tell the world that Pi is exactly 3.125 which originates from the four zodiac numbers (1, 2, 3 and 5) without deriving the circumference and Pi itself from the mechanism, then I’ll be a liar. However, all these years, the circumference of a circle and all related formulas were derived and they are correct but do you know that the Pi values (3, 3.14, 3.142 etc) they deceive you with were gotten through measurements? (you won’t actually know which one is the actual one), and do you also know that it wasn’t possible to derive the Pi value itself, why? This is because there was a missing piece, a missing understanding which the world needs to know, I’ll reveal shortly.
Figure 2

2.1. Discovery 1 (The Connection)

It is observed in figure 2 above that 2 and 3 are connected, 1 and 5 are connected with horizontal and vertical lines respectively but do you also notice that the intersection of both lines divided the symbol (mechanism) into four parts.

2.2. Discovery 2 (The Quadrants)

For the zodiac mechanism, the four parts produced by the intersection are governed by the four zodiac. For the symbol which is a circle, the intersection of the connecting lines formed four radiuses, the four parts produced from the intersection are known as quadrants which is quarter of a circle. If you look at it from a different angle, you see a four-way mechanism. If you look at it with the normal eye, you see just a circle with quadrants. However, the mechanism will expose everything about a circle including the Pi value. We just have to toggle the mechanism in four ways.

2.3. Discovery 3 (Toggle the Mechanism)

2.4. Discovery 4 (Interpretation)

Like I said, interpretation is key. The four zodiac are all aware of what happens, we toggled the mechanism for an answer and there’s an interpretation. Before I present the interpretation, the reader should have in mind that Pi and the radius of a circle are like husband and wife, this is why a radius is used to draw a circle which is then facilitated by Pi in the background. So, this whole toggling involves the quadrants (represented by the four zodiac), the radius and the circumference.
Figure 3
The first result: This result says (1/4), it’s simple to understand, meaning that a quadrant is ¼ of the circle. ¼ means 25% which brings us to the second result.
The second result: This result says (4/25), 4/25 is 0.16 in decimal. The interpretation means that the circumference of a quadrant is 25% of the circle’s circumference. Thus, the radius of a circle is 16% (0.16) of the circumference of a quadrant (25%) as displayed in Figure 3, i.e. 16% out of 25%. In conclusion, the radius of any circle is exactly 16% of a circle’s circumference.
The Third result: This result says (25/9) and this means that; As a quadrant is 25% of a circle, if 16% out of the quadrant circumference (25%) is the radius of the circle, we are left with 9% from a particular quadrant (Figure 3).
The Fourth result: This result says (9) and it simply means that 9% is what is left from 16% taken from 25%.
This whole interpretation brings us to the proof.

2.5. Discovery 5 (Proof of the Pi Value)

Figure 4
We have gotten the missing piece of knowledge and understanding that was needed to prove the Pi value. A missing piece (four zodiac symbolic teachings) displayed from discovery 1-4.
So, this is now easy to understand from Figure 4 above as follows;
• The circumference of the circle becomes a line.
• There are four quadrants, the radius is 16% of the quadrant circumference (25% of the circle circumference). Therefore, we have 16% into four places as displayed in figure 4.
• We are left with 9% from each quadrant and we sample them. 9% in four places gives 36%.
• We can get two more 16% from 36% as 32%. The amount of 16% we now have is 6 as 96% of the circumference which is 100%.
• Remember, the 16% is known as the radius of the circle as displayed in Figure 4. Therefore, it means that the radius of a circle is distributed 6 times along the circumference of a circle, remainder 4%. So, let’s express 4% in terms of 16%.
• If we say 16% appeared 6 times, we can’t say 4% appeared once, it’s less than 16% which makes it not up to once, so we have to express it in terms of how many times the radius (16%) appeared, rather we say 4% appeared;
Figure 5
A radius is used to draw a circle because the same radius will be distributed round to form the circumference (shape) with the help of Pi at the background. Therefore, with this understanding, from figure 4, the radius (16%) will be distributed 6times in a circumference of a circle plus 0.25times.
Therefore, the circumference of a circle is simply;
Pi is exactly 3.125. Therefore, the circumference of a circle in Pi terms is;
So, the radius which is used to draw/form a circle is distributed 6.25times to form the circumference.
They say that Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Again, they got it wrong. This means that they got its value and its definition wrong. The confusion was that 2r (2 radius) is equals to d (diameter). Because the actual Pi value wasn’t known, mathematicians thought that 2 in the equation is for the radius to make up the diameter, thereby making Pi the ratio of the circumference to the diameter. However, the truth is now revealed, 2 belongs to Pi to form one of its extensions. Pi is the ratio between the radius and the circumference of a circle through its extension and it’s the reason why a radius is used to draw a circle. Again, I don’t blame the mathematicians, I don’t blame the Greeks, but someone started the spread of the wrong information about Pi.

3. Test

Figure 6
If the distance of a complete rotation from point A on the roundabout back to point A is 12m, 12m becomes the circumference of the roundabout, we proceed to find the radius of the roundabout with Pi as 3.125. (Time: 0.6seconds)
Radius of the roundabout;
The validation says that the radius is exactly 16% of the circumference (distance), this means that; assuming I don’t know the value of Pi, I don’t need the formula to find the radius, I just simply do the maths;
You can see that the same radius is the same as when the formula is used to get the radius. Let’s test again;
This whole calculation is the mathematical expression that another way to represent Pi as that ratio of a circle’s circumference to its radius is to remember the number “16’’ and this also proves that the Pi value is exactly 3.125. Displaying its significance below;
Pi is 3.125 rational as 25/8 and there are more evidence of this fact in my papers as the reference [1-5]. In the result for the Pi extension values, we observe that there’s a pattern as .125 - .25 - .375 - .5 - .625 - .75 - .875 - half a milestone/milestone. This is an 8-way pattern that repeats every 8 steps in the extension values arrangement, proving the rational Pi (25/8) in numbers as extensions.
Numbers multiplied by the Pi value produces the Pi extensions (different forms of Pi).
Pick a number and multiply by the Pi value, the resulting value must end with 5 (the last number of the zodiac) except it is a milestone value i.e. milestone values of Pi are the only extension values that ends with 0, the rest ends with 5. This makes these milestone values of Pi to be special. ‘’16’’ produces the first Pi milestone and other milestones occur every 16steps.
Also, the milestone values of the Pi extensions represent the key values of the unification of the universe displayed in the God equation paper.

4. Conclusions

Figure 7
With this revelation, no one will say that it is a coincidence that the 16th Greek alphabet was picked centuries back alongside the Pi value being known to people as irrational with a wrong value and definition and presently the truth is now revealed, making 16 the magic number relating to the exact Pi value as 3.125. No, it isn’t a coincidence, it was a deliberate act from the past to spread the deceit but it proves the Pi actual value regardless. In my mind, the 16th Greek alphabet was chosen to keep the hint alive in a puzzle from the past, let’s just say the creator of the universe is very much capable of creating a confusion among the midst of humans through humans. Remember, the universe and the life humans live is a game. However, it’s all good. Who knows, if the exact Pi value was known centuries back, we might be living in a stable universe by now. It’s obvious, the truth about Pi needed to be delayed longer until 2022, and now the mission has been accomplished.
Since 2019, PI decided to grace the minds of humanity with his scientific papers, it should be enjoyed while it last for our eyes to be open to the truth. The Ultimate Relativity theory exists to; unite the universe. This theory is novel and proposed by Prince C. Igboejesi.


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