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Received: Nov. 12, 2023; Accepted: Nov. 28, 2023; Published: Dec. 1, 2023


Ultimate Relativity (Four Zodiac Universe): Theory of Everything

Prince Jessii

Research Scientist, Imo State, Nigeria

Correspondence to: Prince Jessii, Research Scientist, Imo State, Nigeria.


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Sān. When we think ‘’Theory of Everything’’, the definition used by the physics community (unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity) shouldn’t come to our minds. A real definition describes a theory showing the unity that relates everything existing in the universe. All matter in the universe are related, this relationship can be observed physically in the geometry of natural matter in the universe and mathematically using the exact value of Pi and its presence in the value for physical constants. The journey to the ‘’Theory of Everything’’ started from the space-time parameter revealed in my first paper (space equations) down to the Ultimate Relativity series which revealed the secrets in science. However, it wasn’t possible without the knowledge and understanding of the four zodiac. This paper takes the reader on a quick journey through the achievements, results and teachings of the four zodiac so far in science.

Keywords: Ultimate Relativity, Pi, Four Zodiac, Theory of Everything

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1. Introduction (Four Zodiac)

The term ‘’zodiac’’ can be replaced with words like circle, rotation, round, merry-go-round etc. All these words can also be replaced with Pi. The Pi value consists of the four most powerful numbers (1, 2, 3 and 5). Everything about the universe comes down to four zodiac as an ultimate practice. You can call it a religion, witchcraft, magic, miracle etc. because of what it brings to your knowledge but four zodiac is the signature and mechanism behind the universe existence. There’s nothing created naturally that isn’t four zodiac. There’s nothing that humans practice or create that isn’t four zodiac. Displaying it using numbers is just for mathematics, we can observe the truth from what we see around us. It’s simple, you can only use four zodiac when you get to know it, and once again from [4] and [5], I’ll introduce four zodiac with a general technique.
Key: The four numbers (1, 2, 3 and 5) are four forms of the same thing connected with a strong bond, controlling the things of the universe and signifying the physics of numbers. It starts from 1 as the first form, transforms to 2, to 3 and then 5.
1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5
Telling you that the four zodiac numbers formed the Pi value, it is assumed that you already know what the Pi value is. What if you don’t know what the Pi value is?
The only way the four numbers connects is through the arrangement you see in the image above. The connection is displayed through a horizontal and a vertical line, connecting 1 to 5 (vertical), connecting 2 to 3 (horizontal), both lines intersects to form the bond. Other than their positions (2 to 3, 1 to 5) in the image, no other positioning forms the bond, you’ll get it wrong if their positions are misplaced. Observing the bond, we see a cross (+) and we tilt the cross looking from an angle, we see (×).
Vertical Bond: 1 x 5 = 5
Horizontal Bond: 3 + 2 = 5
Both ways give the final form of the four numbers which is 5.
The justification of their positions hints the Pi value before we even know what Pi is. The four zodiac is supposed to be ancient and would have hinted the Pi value a long time ago but it’s just being introduced here. The Pi geometry is all about the word ‘’circumference’’ and we observe the image based on circumference, if we start from 3 from the mechanism we see in the image, moving through the circumference (anti-clockwise), next is 1, next is 2 and finally 5. So, we get ‘’3125’’. The zodiac arrangement reveals the root of the Pi value. 3125 can be gotten using the final form 5.
55 = 3125

2. Mathematics

I like to describe mathematics as a support to prove science and reality using numbers. Math is also used in physics, chemistry and biology.
We can say that numbers and counting originate from use of our fingers, that’s where this whole thing (mathematics) started. I also always think that everything that happened in the universe occurred for a reason, there are too many lookalikes, similarities, relations. I also believe that discoveries happened for a reason, numbers weren’t handed to us, we discovered them and surprisingly, it is playing the greatest role as the root of the universe. It’s is like our creator schemed everything that happens like it was all part of the plan that humans will get to the end of it. Is it a coincidence that humans have five fingers and five toes with the final form of the zodiac as five? I don’t think so. That’s the first signature of the zodiac, related to numbers and counting in Mathematics.

2.1. Prime numbers

In [5], the secret origin and distribution of prime numbers was revealed. No one knew that prime numbers and Pi are of the same origin until ultimate relativity theory displayed it. The term ‘’prime’’ means first, and the last can also be first if counted from behind. This explanation makes 1 and 5 the primes of the four zodiac as the first and final forms respectively. Prime numbers are present in only the columns of the four zodiac but all prime numbers apart from the first four (four zodiac) are found in column 1 and 5 as the primes of the four zodiac. Their distribution is based on counting i.e. multiples of each other as displayed in [5].
Table 1

2.2. Pi Extension Values

Pi is a form of the four zodiac as we now know, the Pi extension values also proves the Pi value.
Pi is 3.125 rational as 25/8. In the result for the Pi extension values, we observe that there’s a pattern as .125 - .25 - .375 - .5 - .625 - .75 - .875 - half a milestone/milestone. This is an 8-way pattern that repeats every 8 steps in the extension values arrangement, proving the rational Pi (25/8) in numbers as extensions.

2.3. Pi Shapes

Pi shapes are all about the definition of Pi. The origin of these kinds of shapes comes down to the symbol/signature of the four zodiac. We know these Pi shapes as circle, sphere, ellipse, oval etc. but they can now be described as four zodiac shapes.
A Pi/four zodiac shape is simply the 360 degrees path (circle, sphere, ellipse), but any distance attempted during the path is also a Pi shape i.e. the total circumference is the aim but half, quarter (hemi-sphere, semi-circle, quadrant etc.) is part of the path also as a Pi shape. In general, a Pi shape must include a curve (circumference).
There are shapes like the cylinder, cone etc., they are not totally a Pi shape i.e. they have a Pi shape in them. A cylinder consists of two sections, a rectangle/square and a Pi shape. A cone consists of two sections, a triangle and Pi shape.
There is also a way of proving the Pi value through conversion to shapes of equal sides as follows;
It’s all about the perimeter/circumference/distance, if asked to use a line of 12cm to form a circle, the length of the line (12cm) becomes the circumference of the circle. To convert the line to a circle, we take the length of the line as the circumference of the circle in 2𝜋𝑟 to find its radius;
Finding the radius of the circle;
The radius of the circle is 1.92cm.
The reason why a radius is used to draw/form a circle is the fact that the same length of radius will be used to distribute round a circumference (circle) which will happen 6.25 times resulting to the formula 2𝜋𝑟;
This means; to get the radius of a circle with a given circumference, the circumference should be multiplied by 0.16 = 4/25;
Given a circumference of 12cm;
Shortcut, multiply the circumference by 0.16, the radius of that circle will be produced.
Perhaps, 0.16 is 16/100. From Pi extension values in [1], “16” is the number which produces Pi’s first milestone and the whole calculation means a circle is simply a line curved towards a 360 degrees path; this also means that the line having a length of 12cm which formed a circle having a radius of 1.92cm can be converted to shapes of equal sizes using Pi milestones.
For example; if the line of 12cm is used to form a triangle with three equal sides, we know that one side of the triangle will be 4cm;
Converting the same circle equivalent of the line to a triangle, we use Pi’s third milestone (three equal sides) to divide the radius of the circle (multiply the radius value by 100);
Pi’s third milestone is produced at 48, the radius (1.92) times 100 is 192;
Pi gives the exact length of each side of the triangle through the radius of the circle.
For a square which has four equal sides, we use Pi’s fourth milestone producer (64);
For a pentagon which has five equal sides, we use Pi’s fifth milestone producer (80) for conversion;
The calculation/conversion can be done for any shape with equal sizes using the corresponding Pi milestone. The numbers game reveals the hidden actions of Pi in a Pi shape and its conversion to shapes with equal sides.

2.4. Trigonometry

In this area, similarity is been searched for in values for sine, cosine and tangent of some angles. Have we ever tried to get the value of Sine? No, it isn’t constant but its values also follow the group of similarities of values with the physical constants of the universe. The reason for searching for similarities in trigonometry is because we are dealing with degrees, dealing in degrees means that radians is also involved, and these involves Pi.
Using 67;
In the above equation, the value for sine is;
The value of sine here is -0.01276895491, which isn’t in accordance with Pi codes or vibrating values but check this out;
Using 90;
In the above equation, the value for sine is;
Using 30;
In the above equation, the value for sine is;
The above value for sine gives a repeating digits value signifying the presence of Pi in important angles like 30, 45, 60, 90 for sine, cosine and tangents where the result can be expressed in terms of Pi (0.5, 1, 2 etc.).
The zodiac is present in mathematics as ‘’Pi related” which includes formulas related the curves, Pi shapes etc.
Note: If the value of Pi as 3.125 can’t produce the proposed result in a math formula, just know that the formula with its related theory are false.

3. Physics

The only subject we see the four zodiac appear as themselves is in mathematics as numbers, the other actions and effect of the four zodiac are displayed through Pi which is a form of the four zodiac, this happens especially in physics starting with the physical constants showing the similarities.
In Physics, we now know the real deal which is ‘’Ultimate Relativity’’, the Pi theory which also introduced the four zodiac. Pi is evident in Physics. I also like to say that; if the physical constants originate from Pi i.e. their values are Pi codes, then everything in physics is about Pi and the root of physics is the four zodiac. Check [1] for more exact values for physical constants.

3.1. Pi codes and the Physical Constants

Pi codes are used in physics as an attachment with Pi. They either appear as the values of the physical constants or the relationship between two physical constants [1].
The Relationship between the 2nd radiation constant and Planck constant
The Pi code is 72.
The reverse (between the planck constant and 2nd radiation constant)
The Pi code is 3125.
Pi is present in different branches of physics. Check out more details about Pi an in [1 -5]

3.2. Four Zodiac Motion (Jessii’s Motion)

Four zodiac motion (Jessii’s motion) which can also be called rotational motion, is simply motion on the path of a Pi shape/geometry. Using four zodiac motion is another way of proving the Pi value which closes the debate. Bringing back the teachings as explained in [4];
This motion was always known as rotational but I named it four zodiac motion because it isn’t ordinary and its power was underestimated. The truth I wouldn’t like to explain in details here is; when an object starts moving on the path of a Pi shape with speed approaching the speed of light, extraordinary things starts to happen. This is the reason why most if not all technologies we see today involves at least one rotating parts or components in Pi geometry.

3.3. Four Zodiac Observations and Inventions

The display below are some four zodiac observations and inventions;
Table 2
With the title ‘’Four zodiac observations and inventions’’, the four zodiac geometry and the four zodiac motion is been searched. As seen in the image above, all technologies, astronomical observations etc. are either in four zodiac geometry or they are using four zodiac motion, or both ways (geometry and motion). Keep searching for more and record.

4. Chemistry

Chemistry is all about the composition of matter and their properties. Matter which is everything we see with our eyes is made of atoms, atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, electrons. These compositions go all the way down to some very small particles which are yet to be discovered. The fact is that any of these particles in which matter is made up of, must obey the rule which is; having a geometry that signifies the four zodiac. Let’s take a trip into the atomic and sub-atomic world to find some similarities.
The term ‘’atomic radius’’ and ‘’electron radius’’ signifies the four zodiac geometry as the shape of an atom and electron respectively. This geometry will also be present as the shape of other sub-atomic particles if discovered. We don’t need to look for what relates general relativity with quantum mechanics when we observe spins, shells, orbitals governing these particles in accordance with the ultimate rule (four zodiac), same way rotation and revolution of planets, orbits, rings etc are observed in classical forms. Both the quantum and the classical are similar in terms of the ultimate rule. Speaking of similarity, the electron radius was revealed by Ultimate Relativity through calculations to be exactly 2.88 x 10-15, and we have the 2,8,8 rule in chemistry for electronic configuration for maximum number of electrons in shells. This similarity is the kind that is expected in various fields in science now that it’s been revealed that the four zodiac (Pi) rules the universe. Find more similarities in [1], [2] and [3].
I conclude with this simple fact which is; if atoms and sub-atomic particles are in Pi geometry, then we can conclude that all matter are in Pi shape.

5. Biology (Life Science)

Figure 1
This area of science is about life and it includes plants and animals.
Searching for four zodiac effect (geometry), observing the display above, it is observed in reproduction of plants and animals as seeds and eggs. The four zodiac is also present in the bodies of plants and animals as fruits, trunks, cells, eyes and other parts of humans. They are many more in four zodiac geometry, discover and record more observations.

6. Summary

Each time I hear or read about the already known definition of Pi, I feel the universe and its creator have been disrespected but I can’t judge, I can only correct the mistake. Observe more things around you in four zodiac geometry and four zodiac motion and share your observation. It is important that you spread these details. ‘’The four zodiac rules the universe’’. Three Ultimate Relativity papers (yī, èr and Sān) have been released to the world, these three papers are connected. Ensure to read and share with friends/neighbours/colleagues.
Outside science, there’s another special teaching of the four zodiac which I’ll like to share. It is about beliefs, spirituality, way of life for humans. This is a scientific paper which is why I avoided its explanation but I hope I’ll have the chance and a platform to reveal this teaching to the world. However, read from reference 1-5 for more deep discoveries and explanations on Ultimate Relativity Theory.
Since 2019, PI decided to grace the minds of humanity with his scientific papers, it should be enjoyed while it last for our eyes to be open to the truth. The Ultimate Relativity theory exists to; unite the universe. This theory is novel and proposed by Prince C. Igboejesi.


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