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2023;  13(4): 126-132


Received: Nov. 14, 2023; Accepted: Nov. 27, 2023; Published: Dec. 1, 2023


Ultimate Relativity (Zodiac Dance): Jessii’s Motion

Prince Jessii

Research Scientist, Imo State, Nigeria

Correspondence to: Prince Jessii, Research Scientist, Imo State, Nigeria.


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èr. A year ago, Ultimate Relativity was published/released as the ultimate theory in physics, revealing the origin of the universe relating to Pi. Ultimate Relativity revealed the exact value of Pi as a rational value 3.125 (25/8). Explaining further, it revealed that the Pi value is made of numbers (1, 2, 3 and 5). This I said, revealing the exact values for the physical and fundamental constants of the universe and also proved the Pi value using milestones through shapes of equal sizes. A manner of statements was made, including one which states that the values for these physical constants were formed from manipulation. Now, I think it’s time to go the hard way and it’s best to start exposing the wrong doings of the physics/math community because guess what; If Pi isn’t 3.125 forming the Ultimate Relativity Theory, then all physics theories are not true. I’ll start with motion theories. The rotational motion of objects (matter) has resulted into crazy extraordinary inventions and advanced technologies but yet it is highly under appreciated. For this reason, here’s a revelation; A direction is known to the world as rotational but I refer to it using jessii’s motion simply because there’s more to it than our understanding. All these past years and it wasn’t figured out like the motion isn’t worth its name. Know this; There is an end/obstruction to motion on a straight path but there’s never an end to a ‘’four zodiac’’ motion, activating the world of the extraordinary. A certain motion (jessii’s motion) formed from the four zodiac proves the Pi value rationality using the four zodiac mechanism, revealing the power of the four zodiac in science.

Keywords: Ultimate Relativity, Pi, Four Zodiac, Motion

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1. Introduction

Figure 1
This is probably the last time the Pi value rationality as 3.125 (25/8) will be proven and I want the world to know this and I want physicists to stop using terms like conjectures, irrationality, never ending digits, unknowns etc. as an excuse for several failed attempts. The physics community should stop glorifying or hyping half/false theories, it is causing a lot of confusion and deceit. When I say false theories, you know them (those theories you hype that deep down everyone knows they are wrong). I can decide to start exposing all the wrong theories one by one, don’t make me.
By now, I expect that lots of information about Pi being irrational and the rest on the internet should be removed and updated. Wrong information about Pi on Wikipedia, data sites, science magazines, blogs, textbooks etc. should be removed immediately. Well, if you guys pose ignorance, it’s not my business. Just know humans don’t live forever, you will meet your demise not knowing anything about your universe because trust me, you’ll be needing this knowledge when you get to other side, so keep playing.
There’s a main fact that scientists don’t know. The fact is; If we say a certain value is constant with emphasis on the word ‘’constant’’, that value as a constant is almost impossible to get through experiments and observations. That exact value can only be gotten theoretically, because when doing measurements or observing, errors that’ll arise from taking readings/measurements will be present with other errors. Thus, a close value will be gotten through experiments/observations but it won’t be the exact, it’ll contain errors. This fact is the problem of CODATA values for physical constants which is the reason I revealed the values for these constants theoretically. This same fact is the reason why the Pi value wasn’t discovered as rational all these years because we can’t get the exact Pi value from measurement due to errors from measurement. Very high precision will be needed to achieve the Pi value through measurement because if you measure a certain parameter for a Pi related formula like C =2πr, if the circumference and radius is measured wrongly, it gives a wrong Pi value after substitution. Hence, the only way is to prove it is theoretically.
I proved the Pi value theoretically several times in my papers but this paper is all about one of the top ways using motion theories and the four zodiac symbolic teachings.

2. Four Zodiac

Figure 2
I can’t do calculations without introducing four zodiac to the world. The term ‘’zodiac’’ can be replaced with words like circle, rotation, round, merry-go-round etc. All these words can also be replaced with Pi. The Pi value consists of the four most powerful numbers (1, 2, 3 and 5), they are also the root of prime numbers as the first four prime numbers. Everything about the universe comes down to four zodiac as an ultimate practice. You can call it a religion, witchcraft, magic, miracle etc. because of what it brings to your knowledge but four zodiac is the mechanism behind the universe existence. I can also tell you that there’s nothing created naturally that isn’t four zodiac. There’s nothing that humans practice/create that isn’t four zodiac. Displaying it using numbers is just for mathematics, we can observe the truth from what we see around us. It’s simple, you can only use four zodiac when you get to know it, and once again from [4] and [5], I’ll introduce four zodiac with a general technique.
Figure 3
Key: The four numbers (1, 2, 3 and 5) are four forms of the same thing connected with a strong bond, controlling the things of the universe. It starts from 1 as the first form, transforms to 2, to 3 and then 5.
1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5
Telling you that the four zodiac numbers formed the Pi value, it is assumed that you already know what the Pi value is. What if you don’t know what the Pi value is?
The only way the four numbers connects is through the arrangement you see in the image above. The connection is displayed through a horizontal and a vertical line, connecting 1 to 5 (vertical), connecting 2 to 3 (horizontal), both lines intersects to form the bond. Other than their positions (2 to 3, 1 to 5) in the image, no other positioning forms the bond, you’ll get it wrong if their positions are misplaced. Observing the bond, we see a cross (+) and we tilt the cross looking from an angle, we see (×).
Vertical Bond: 1 x 5 = 5
Horizontal Bond: 3 + 2 = 5
Both ways give the final form of the four numbers which is 5.
Figure 4
The justification of their positions hints the Pi value before we even know what Pi is. The four zodiac is supposed to be ancient and would have hinted the Pi value a long time ago but it’s just being introduced now in 2023. The Pi geometry is all about the word ‘’circumference’’ and we observe the image based on circumference, if we start from 3 from the mechanism we see in the image, moving through the circumference (anti-clockwise), next is 1, next is 2 and finally 5. So, we get ‘’3125’’. The zodiac arrangement hints the Pi value from the arrangement. 3125 can be gotten using the final form 5.
55 = 3125

3. Test (Motion)

I always say that a circle can be a straight line, the presence of Pi is what converts a line to a circle. This also means that a certain straight distance can be a certain curved/round distance.
It’s simple, this whole issue about who’s saying the truth or a lie about the Pi value can be gotten from relating motion on a straight distance to motion on a round path.
First, we start with uniform motion on a straight path which is simple, for example;
Figure 5
A car with a speed of 20m/s drives on a straight path starting from point A, how long will it take the car to reach point B if A-B is 12m?
v = d/t.
Next is motion on a round path (uniform circular motion), using the same parameters for the straight path to compare.
A car drives a roundabout of 12m with a certain radius and completes one rotation in 0.6sec. What is the speed of the car?
The same value was gotten in uniform motion and uniform circular motion, even as different proposed Pi values were used.
Now, we have a problem in measurement of Pi, we also have a problem in finding the actual value of Pi through calculations/substitutions because of exactly what just happened in the display above. We can even decide to use Pi as any value, (even if it’s 1000) in the above calculation and it will give the same result for velocity, why? This happens because Pi and the radius are kind of inseparable. Therefore, any value we use as Pi alongside the radius produced will yield the result, as long as we keep using the same value of Pi throughout a particular calculation. I guess this is one of the reasons Pi was concluded as being irrational because of this difficulty level.
I’ll have to break it to reader that there’s a difference between fake and original, a fake product can never do what an original one does. That’s why it’s called an original (from the origin). Just like I know I’ll have the last laugh in this Pi value debate is the same way the Pi value itself will reign supreme over other fake values. For this to happen, I’ll have to introduce a certain four zodiac mechanism to the world because four zodiac is the root of Pi, and trust me, it’ll seem like magic you haven’t seen before. Hold on to that uniform circular motion calculation, we’ll be right back.
Read gradually from the teachings below.

4. Four Zodiac Symbolic Teachings (validation)

Figure 6
The Symbol of the zodiac is circumference (circle). If I tell the world that Pi is 3.125 which originates from the four zodiac (1, 2, 3 and 5) without deriving the circumference and Pi itself from the mechanism, then I’ll be a liar. However, all these years, the circumference of a circle and all related formulas were derived and they are correct but do you know that the Pi values (3, 3.14, 3.142 etc) they deceive you with were gotten through measurements? (you won’t actually know which one is the actual one), and do you also know that it wasn’t possible to derive the Pi value itself, why? This is because there was a missing piece, a missing understanding which the world needs to know, I’ll reveal shortly.

4.1. Discovery 1 (The Connection)

It is observed in figure 6 above that 2 and 3 are connected, 1 and 5 are connected with horizontal and vertical lines respectively but do you also notice that the intersection of both lines divided the symbol (mechanism) into four parts.

4.2. Discovery 2 (The Quadrants)

For the zodiac mechanism, the four parts produced by the intersection are governed by the four zodiac. For the symbol which is a circle, the intersection of the connecting lines formed four radiuses, the four parts produced from the intersection are known as quadrants which is quarter of a circle. If you look at it from a different angle, you see a four-way mechanism. If you look at it with the normal eye, you see just a circle with quadrants. However, the mechanism will expose everything about a circle including the Pi value. We just have to toggle the mechanism in four ways.

4.3. Discovery 3 (Toggle the Mechanism)

4.4. Discovery 4 (Interpretation)

Figure 7
Like I said, interpretation is key. The four zodiac are all aware of what happens, we toggled the mechanism for an answer and there’s an interpretation. Before I present the interpretation, the reader should have in mind that Pi and the radius of a circle are like husband and wife, this is why a radius is used to draw a circle which is then facilitated by Pi in the background. So, this whole toggling involves the quadrants (represented by the four zodiac), the radius and the circumference.
The first result: This result says (1/4), it’s simple to understand, meaning that a quadrant is ¼ of the circle. ¼ means 25% which brings us to the second result.
The second result: This result says (4/25), 4/25 is 0.16 in decimal. The interpretation means that the circumference of a quadrant is 25% of the circle’s circumference. Thus, the radius of a circle is 16% (0.16) of the circumference of a quadrant (25%) as displayed in Figure 7, i.e. 16% out of 25%. In conclusion, the radius of any circle is exactly 16% of a circle’s circumference.
The Third result: This result says (25/9) and this means that; As a quadrant is 25% of a circle, if 16% out of the quadrant circumference (25%) is the radius of the circle, we are left with 9% from a particular quadrant (Figure 7).
The Fourth result: This result says (9) and it simply means that 9% is what is left from 16% taken from 25%.
This whole interpretation brings us to the proof.

4.5. Discovery 5 (Proof of the Pi value)

Figure 8
We have gotten the missing piece of knowledge and understanding that was needed to prove the Pi value. A missing piece (four zodiac symbolic teachings) displayed from discovery 1-4.
So, this is now easy to understand from Figure 8 above as follows;
• The circumference of the circle becomes a line.
• There are four quadrants, the radius is 16% of the quadrant circumference (25% of the circle circumference). Therefore, we have 16% into four places as displayed in figure 8.
• We are left with 9% from each quadrant and we sample them. 9% in four places gives 36%.
• We can get two more 16% from 36% as 32%. The amount of 16% we now have is 6 as 96% of the circumference which is 100%.
• Remember, the 16% is known as the radius of the circle as displayed in Figure 7. Therefore, it means that the radius of a circle is distributed 6 times along the circumference of a circle, remainder 4%. So, let’s express 4% in terms of 16%.
• If we say 16% appeared 6 times, we can’t say 4% appeared once, it’s less than 16% which makes it not up to once, so we have to express it in terms of how many times the radius (16%) appeared, rather we say 4% appeared;
Figure 9
A radius is used to draw a circle because the same radius will be distributed round to form the circumference (shape) with the help of Pi at the background. Therefore, with this understanding, from figure 8, the radius (16%) will be distributed 6times in a circumference of a circle plus 0.25times.
Therefore, the circumference of a circle is simply;
Pi is exactly 3.125. Therefore, the circumference of a circle in Pi terms is;
So, the radius which is used to draw/form a circle is distributed 6.25times to form the circumference.
The world can now stop the lies and ignorance. Let’s go back to the uniform circular motion calculation.

5. The Last Dance

Figure 10
If the distance of a complete rotation from point A on the roundabout back to point A is 12m, 12m becomes the circumference of the roundabout, we proceed to find the radius of the roundabout with Pi as 3.125.
Radius of the roundabout;
We know the radius as 1.92m, let’s go ahead and see if the speed will be the same as the one for a straight path.
This was exactly the calculation I did in chapter 3. But I’ll have to use the symbolic teachings to prove to you. It says that the radius is 16% of the circumference (distance), this means that; assuming I don’t know the value of Pi, I don’t need the formula to find the radius, I just simply do the maths;
I put 1.92m in the formula to get the real Pi value (3.125), and proceed to get the velocity, that’s all. I don’t get why I have to prove the Pi value again and again without nothing being done to change the wrongs of the physics community. Check out the four zodiac inventions using jessii’s motion in Sān [5].

6. Summary

I always say that it is very hard if not impossible to prove the Pi value through measurement because of the errors that’ll be present. This level of difficulty is what made physicists to conclude that Pi is irrational when it is the most rational thing on earth. Same way it is very hard if not impossible to get the exact values for physical constants through measurement and observations because of errors. The Babylonians are the only people to prove the Pi value as 3.125 using measurements with high precision but it wasn’t given much attention, and I’ve just proved it theoretically using its origin. What can your Pi value do? Does your Pi value rule the universe? Can your Pi value do the origin? Can it do the magic? It can’t because it is false/fake. Keep playing.
Since 2019, PI decided to grace the minds of humanity with his scientific papers, it should be enjoyed while it last for our eyes to be open to the truth. The Ultimate Relativity theory exists to; unite the universe. This theory is novel and proposed by Prince C. Igboejesi.
Figure 11


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