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2023;  13(1): 1-5


Received: Feb. 20, 2023; Accepted: Mar. 5, 2023; Published: Mar. 11, 2023


(Ultimate Relativity) vs (General Relativity)

Prince Jessii

Imo State, Nigeria

Correspondence to: Prince Jessii, Imo State, Nigeria.


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This paper doesn’t aim to compare but rather create awareness on the final form of relativity using the title of the paper above. If Albert Einstein wanted more, then general relativity was definitely not the end, but he was surely in the right direction. There exist a final form and it is the ultimate law of the universe. Mathematically and observationally, Ultimate Relativity as the ultimate law of the universe reveals that the universe originates from Pi and everything in the universe are related in Pi terms/rules. The identity of this final form is definitely seen in the subject equation of general relativity and I hope this short paper educates the world more on the details of the universe.

Keywords: Ultimate Relativity, General Relativity, Pi

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1. Introduction

Like a small town in a country, general relativity is just a chapter in ultimate relativity. The General Relativity (GR) theory is about gravity as curvature of space-time caused by masses leading to effects that we observe today, we all know that about GR [1]. Although the subject equation of GR focuses on the geometry of space-time, the identity of the universe and key to unlock the secrets of the universe is seen in its subject equation.
Ultimate Relativity is everything about Pi in physics, it is the Pi theory and the normal way to think is that Pi in GR subject equation signifies the curvature of space-time but if we look deeply into the result of GR subject equation (8πGTµv) which says “distribution of masses in the universe”, we can smartly say that Pi in the GR equation actually signifies how masses in the universe will appear on space-time. In other words, the geometry (shape) of masses in the universe, this is what this short paper is all about.

2. Ultimate Relativity

If you haven’t read about ultimate relativity, search “Ultimate Relativity: Theory” on Google search or Bing and click the first article you see. To watch the related video on Ultimate Relativity, search “Prince Jessii” on YouTube and watch the video titled “who created the universe”.
The article and the video will put the reader up to speed about Ultimate Relativity.
The article “Ultimate Relativity: π Theory” revealed a lot in physics which are;
• The actual value of Pi (3.125)
• Pi extension values
• Pi codes
• The physical constants as Pi codes
• Pi codes as the relationship between two physical constants
• Re-writing physics equations in Pi terms
• Pi shapes etc.
The article [4] was long and didn’t focus on the geometry of masses in the universe. However, this paper is what you give to your neighbors or your friends as a simple handbook of the universe. Perhaps, this is a gentle reminder that Pi is 3.125 and you shouldn’t be deceived, I wouldn’t know all these if I didn’t discover that Pi is 3.125.
Also, a gentle reminder to prove to you;
Pi is 3.125 which is . When listing the Pi extension values, the sequence re-arranges after each 8way starting with 8π = 25 as explained in [4]. This is 1 out of 8 major ways to prove to the world that Pi is 3.125, the other 7 major ways are seen in my previous paper [4].

3. Geometry of Masses in the Universe

We all knew about shapes that have Pi in their formula but we didn’t know that these shapes will come back to make us speechless. Pi shapes are natural shapes and Pi is present in their formula, just to remind you using a display.
Pi shapes as we know are; circle, oval and ellipse as 2D pi shapes. In 3D, sphere, ovoid, ellipsoid. There are also shapes like cylinder and cone that Pi is found present in their formula. The reason is because a Pi shape is present as part of the total shape. A cylinder is like adding a circle on another circle on another circle. Looking at its 2D form, it is not totally a Pi shape but its 3D form is acceptable as a Pi shape, it’s like adding circles together. However, a cone is not acceptable as totally a Pi shape.
Thus, Pi is behind the origin of the universe as explained in [4], therefore masses formed naturally at the creation of the universe will be in these Pi shapes, it’s that simple.
In all, the key word in the geometry of masses in the universe is “circumference”. These Pi shapes as the geometry of masses in the universe all have a circumference and are basically the same. An ellipse is like a compressed circle and an oval is like a vertical ellipse, they all have a key which is the word ‘’circumference’’.
We start with what would be formed first at the universe origin which are the planetary bodies. The planetary bodies contain different kinds of matter and they were made to rotate around. A 3D form as spheres are perfect for them.
Planets/Planetary bodies contain some other natural things like land, trees, vegetation, creatures. Generally, planetary bodies are classical scale of matter, we look into the opposite scale which will cover all other matter formed in a planet.
Classical physics tells us that if we think of an atom as a miniature solar system with electronic planets orbiting a nuclear sun, then it should not exist [2]. Well, I can say that it is easy to observe what happens in the classical scale than the quantum. The quantum world is very complicated, we can observe something today and it can be different tomorrow. Hence, we are never 100% sure of we observe in the quantum world. However, regardless of the complications in the quantum and the fact that the classical and the quantum have their separate laws, they both obey the ultimate law of the universe. We have an atom and the sub-atomic particles. From observations and experiments, these particles are found to be in Pi shapes. The atom, electron, proton, photons are all spheres leading to terms like electron radius, atomic radius etc. The rest if found will be in Pi shapes also. In the classical scale, we observe things like rotation, orbits and revolution of planets. Similarly, in the quantum scale, we observe things like orbits/shells and spins. These similarities are in accordance with the ultimate law of the universe.
Next, we observe the natural things around us and see if they are generally in Pi shape, starting with trees. Trees have trunks, leaves and fruits.
Tree trunks can be long or short and they all have a circumference, appears 3D cylindrical with a circumference and a circle appears when being cut.
Leaves are light like feathers and they can have different patterns and styles in their structure but it appears in a 2D Pi shape generally, they can be 2D oval or 2D ellipse.
Fruits and vegetables are of different types, no matter the number, they are all in 3D Pi shapes. This is an assignment for the reader; go to a fruit market and observe what you see in general.
Next is for the creatures. Of course they have to be different and they were created to walk, run, fly, and move on water, leading to their body structure and shape. We don’t see anything Pi in the shape of creatures in general, so we proceed to their origin which they all have one thing in common, “an egg”. All creatures must originate from an egg either internally or externally. Looking at an egg, we see a 3D oval (ovoid), its yolk which is the creature to be formed is circular. We are unbeaten yet in this Pi journey for traces.
Creatures are the only living things in the universe, it is creatures that observe their universe and can agree that things are really Pi in the universe, the non-living can’t testify. So there’s one thing important for this observation which is the eyes. The eyes must be in a Pi shape to agree to what we see. The eyes are spherical generally. We can also see that the Iris and Pupil appears circular, this should end the debate but we haven’t finished yet.
Another thing important in creatures are the cells, the smallest unit that makes up these living organisms and they are circular as displayed. This is where we settle the case for creatures.
In general, we are in Pi universe, there are extraordinary things created by man, things that move and fly with speed. Yes they are extraordinary but they have to obey the ultimate law to be extraordinary. Matter is already in a Pi shape in quantum form, this covers all further creation by man but take a trip to the technologies (extraordinary) we see today and observe that for these techs to function, they must obey the rules of the universe i.e. the Pi geometry.
Check these techs, a thing or two if not up to five important components must rotate for the tech to function. Rotating wheels is the idea behind cars, bikes, bicycles etc. The propeller which rotates is the idea behind a helicopter, rotating blades is the idea behind fans used in air-conditioners, vehicles, airplane etc. Bullets with a circumference is the idea behind weapons. Can screws, bolts, nails do their job if they don’t have a circumference? Keep spotting more.
Humans created sports, it’s a very important idea in the lives of humans but look at that, looks like something we’ve seen before.
Rotation is the path of a Pi shape, the path of a circle, ellipse or oval. Speaking about rotation, before general relativity was proposed or before gravity was discovered. If we knew about the ultimate law of the universe and we see planets rotating around their stars, black holes spinning, we immediately remember the ultimate law, we wouldn’t even bother giving it a name saying its cause is due to “gravity” or saying it is due to the curvature of space-time because we already know that the Pi rules must be obeyed when we see something extraordinary. But here we find ourselves saying gravity is the curvature of space-time, this and that using advanced English and physics terms. However, we just take only the part about planets rotation/curvature of space-time and its effects on masses with its predictions and name it “General Relativity” but here I’ve displayed several similar ones. Again, “Ultimate Relativity” is the final form and “General Relativity” is/was only just a chapter in Ultimate Relativity.

4. Conclusions

From 2022, people tagged “Ultimate Relativity” as the final form of relativity and the leading candidate for a “Theory of Everything”. Well, this paper shows the reason and don’t forget to share this paper with friends. Pi is the universe, its symbol is the symbol of the universe, everything about Pi is everything about the universe, and we just have to keep listening to more things PI have to say. This theory is novel and proposed by Prince C. Igboejesi.


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