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2021;  11(5): 153-155


Received: Oct. 16, 2021; Accepted: Oct. 27, 2021; Published: Nov. 15, 2021


Glasses of Time Travel

Osama Khalil

Independent Researcher, Egypt

Correspondence to: Osama Khalil , Independent Researcher, Egypt.


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Time travel is a dream of all scientists. I include in this paper the invention of time travel glasses and goggles. I depend on my new suggested atomic model published before in Theoretical Atomic Model and the Theory of Everything paper to invent the time travel glasses. This is a huge opportunity for mankind to discover the past, the future and history.

Keywords: Time Travel, Model of the Atom, Glasses of Time Travel, Goggles of Time Travel

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1. Introduction

After the current accepted model of atom by Rutherford and Niels Bohr and others [1]. According to the suggested atomic model, if you compare the atom with the solar system model, the electrons move about the nucleus like planets around the sun. In addition, it is believed that the photon orbits the electron like the moons orbits the planets (see figure 1). The moon controls the motion of the planet and so as photons with the electron [2].
Figure 1. The suggested model for the atom
From this atomic model, it is suggested that the universe is a big model of atoms and atoms are small model of the universe. The universe repeats itself from big into small and from small into big. Like, if it is imagined that there is a grand mirror that reflects other sides of the universe and reflects human being's impressions and acts on the universe [3].
That is why the universe looks the same at all points of space and in all directions [4]. This postulation also may explain what is called the anger of nature. In this point, it is concluded that Mercury and Venus are not considered planets because they have no moons. It is believed that the role of both Mercury and Venus planets is like to be the terminals of the necklace of the solar system that prevents its separation and prevents planets from falling into the gravity of the sun. According to this postulation, the first planet in the solar system would be the Earth which means that mankind lives in the first heaven [2]. It is concluded that Pluto is a planet because it has moons. So, the solar system model is like the nitrogen atom. It is believed that the first two electrons in nitrogen atom (Mercury & Venus) are positrons and not electrons because it has no moons.

2. Materials and Methods

I invented "Glasses of Time Travel" based on my research paper "Theoretical Atomic Model and the Theory of Everything" and I have an idea of "Goggles of Time Travel". The Glasses of time travel works by exciting the nitrogen gas and atom of air by 3 to 4 Energizer batteries with the size showed in )figure 2). The nitrogen gas is a lot (about 70%) of the atmosphere of the Earth, so you can find it beside the glasses and batteries to excite it very easily. The atomic model of mine says that the solar system model is like the nitrogen atomic model, so if you excite the nitrogen gas and atom of the Earth atmosphere by batteries, you can find the 3rd electron which is the Earth of the nitrogen atom of the atmosphere to excite it to travel through time. This is the idea of my invention.
Figure 2. The particular type and size of battery suitable for Goggles of time travel
The 1st electron of nitrogen atom is the planet Earth. You can excite the 1st electron of nitrogen atom because it represents the Earth planet. Mercury and Venus Planets are the 1st and 2nd planets of the solar system, but they are not considered one of the 7 electrons of nitrogen atom because they are not having photons or moons, so it is better not have a look for them. The right electron to excite so you can travel through time is the first electron represents the Earth planet.
Figure 3. The right electron to excite with batteries in nitrogen atom is 1st electron represents the Earth planet
It is suggested not to use other sizes and types of batteries and not use electricity in using time travel goggles.
The design of my invention is glasses with a plastic box in the right of it. The plastic box contains the 4 batteries to excite the nitrogen atom. It is light and contains nitrogen gas and batteries. I used batteries because it is like small electricity to excite the atoms of air in the box.
The exciting of the 1st electron of nitrogen atom to return back in orbit to the past or go forward in orbit to the future or even travel through time to the present time.
Figure 4. Glasses & Goggles of time travel
Firstly, I used a small and simple radio working with 2 batteries for exciting the nitrogen atom in the air around and I found impressive results. I traveled to the past and the future and talking and meeting people in the present time without a phone call. It was a fantastic experiment.
The batteries should be put in the plastic box like they are put in a device not it is put randomly (see Figure 5).
Figure 5. The way we should put batteries in the battery box

3. Results and Discussion

The experiment of glasses of time travel with the exact equipment and process mentioned in this paper was tested by me and showed successful method.
The successful experiment and working of glasses of time travel proves that the theoretical atomic model suggested in “Theoretical Atomic Model and the Theory of Everything” paper published by me is correct.
Also, all the information and the resulting theories published by me about the atomic model, and mentioned in other papers published after the theoretical atomic model paper is true.
The design of my invention is easy to use and is not complex which make it a successful invention. Also, it is not a complicated invention that have electricity and machines like other devices.

4. Conclusions

It is concluded that the suggested new atomic model is true and we can depend on it to try new theories in physics and inspires different and new experiments to prove and get the correct atomic model. Also, it inspires new inventions.


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