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2021;  11(3): 77-98


Received: Apr. 13, 2021; Accepted: Apr. 30, 2021; Published: May 15, 2021


The God Equation: Theory of Everything

Prince Jessii

Research Scientist, Imo State, Nigeria

Correspondence to: Prince Jessii, Research Scientist, Imo State, Nigeria.


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Finding an ultimate theory/master theory that fully explains all physical aspects of this universe, is a long-standing goal in physics. However, after reading this paper, it is expected that the ultimate theory (Theory of Everything) which is also said to be (the merger of quantum theory with general relativity) shouldn’t be categorized as a “yet to be achieved” task in physics rather the physics community should acknowledge this scientific paper in order to move forward.In 2019, the “Theory of Everything” was discovered by Prince Jessii. From 2019-2021, this theory has been developing gradually, resulting to its complete form. This paper is the “Theory of Everything” itself, explaining in details the creation/origination of all theories and equations in physics. A key component of the Universe (Space-time) gave rise to the Ultimate Physics Equation (The God Equation) where all particles, physical constants, equations/laws originates from. Also, mathematical demonstrations/calculations are done to show that these aforementioned originates from a space-time parameter.

Keywords: Space-time, Dark Energy, Theory of Everything, Dark Matter, Physical Constants, Gravity, Quantum

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1. Introduction

Two years after publishing “Space Equations” which is the scientific paper that provided a very important parameter related to the key component (Space-time), results have been found.
Publishing “space equations” in 2019, there were some issues including the fact that some journals rejected the paper with a common statement which says “Your paper describes relativity by Albert Einstein, we do not think that you’re proposing something novel”.
I bring back this statement just because the paper was later published and the value of the key component of the “Theory of Everything” which gave rise to the God equation that I’m about to present in this paper, was originally calculated and was found in the paper – Space Equations.
The question is; does it mean that some editors in journals could not understand and detect the importance of that paper leading to a Unification Theory or do they think that General Relativity (GR) could not be presented in a different way. Describing big masses on space-time will obviously be tagged general relativity but some physicists are still having doubts that it is a correct theory because GR is meant to lead us right to the “Theory of Everything”. Perhaps, researchers have been digging on GR, reviews have been done and GR still didn’t provide a “Theory of Everything” since 1915. General Relativity is a correct theory because of its predictions that we observe today. However, its subject equation might not be wrong but the equation is definitely not the right way to present it to lead to the “Theory of Everything”.
It can be said that I modified GR for an access to develop this theory but I didn’t use its equations.
This is a completely novel work, I’ve been publishing papers in the process of development to finally arrive at the God Equation.
I would teach with simple words to suit any kind of reader, explain and display the “Theory of Everything” to feel like the actual reader discovered it.
Now, a unification theory is needed in physics, the general requirement is that the unification theory must satisfy the following;
1) Include General Relativity (GR)
2) Include the Quantum Theory (QM)
3) Unite General Relativity with the Quantum Theory
It’s true that is must satisfy all these and a simple way of saying it is that; “physicists need an equation to show that everything in the universe are linked”, kind of a magical equation. A unification theory can’t be presented without an equation that represents the link between the major parts in physics.
Imagine a scenario where you desire to find or create a “Theory of Everything”, where do you intend to start from? This is one of the problems physicists face, how you intend to unite relativity with quantum mechanics is another problem also. Some physicists think about it and just give up and they’ll be like “Is it really necessary, can’t the major pillars of physics stand on their own?”
I have passed through the stages to finally discover it and this is what kept me going; speaking of the requirements that a unification theory must satisfy, those are minor. The most important reason for a unification theory is that physicists want to know the fate of the universe and why bizarre events happen that we can’t explain, this is what kept me going.
If I was to find it because I want to unite QM and GR, maybe I would imagine that it’s not that necessary. However, from an approach of “I want to really know the true nature of the universe”, it boosted the whole process.
Explanations in this paper are divided into steps (Step 1 – 5). Each step represents the major parts in developing this theory.
All explanations in this paper are in steps representing each segment of the “Theory of Everything”. Mathematical demonstrations are done with the help of the physical constants/physics parameters to prove every theory/statement presented.
The journey to the God Equation is long, you’ll need time while reading and ensure to hold a calculator. The journey starts from Step 1 through other steps.
Let’s Begin.

2. Step 1- Common Ground

It’s straight, the scenario of you trying to imagine a “Theory of Everything” should be this way;
Everything that exists, every event that occurs, every law, phenomenon ……….keep mentioning, they all happen in space-time or through space-time. This means that if space-time is a human being, it could tell you everything you need to know because it sees everything. In reality, space-time is not human but don’t worry, there’s hope. This is why mathematics exists, it’s not a natural subject but it exists for the purpose of solving a problem. Perhaps, these events/laws with all things existing in space-time means that space-time is the common ground.
Every theory/law in physics speaks about a particular entity and an entity must be uniquely represented by a particular parameter in general. We are doing this mathematically and with real values not unknowns.
This is the technique used in the “Theory of Everything”; for example, maybe you want to know the interactions of matter in gravity, the value representing matter would be made to interact with gravity mathematically to get some results. The result will be in form of a value, that value must represent a particular entity or phenomenon. Perhaps, these values representing an entity/phenomenon/law are usually constants.
For example; a parameter representing matter can be an electron in quantum form with a mass of 9.109 x 10-31kg.
An easy explanation goes this way; We all know that electric and magnetic both stand together, so if there’s a magnetic constant (value), it means that an electric constant must be formed or gotten with the help of the magnetic constant to indeed show that they are related and vice versa. All these is the idea behind presenting the “Theory of Everything” mathematically.
Space-time is the common ground, this simply means that all constants or values representing an entity/phenomenon in the universe, must be gotten from space-time, this is also the idea behind forming the God equation.
The list of physical constants (Table 1) will be of great importance in this journey.
Table 1. Some Physical Constants
About the fundamental constants, it can be observed that they are the constants governing this universe and they represent the important entities of this universe.
For example;
Gravity is represented by the Newtonian constant (G) and so on.
The first task is the common ground and there’s a problem in the fact that we don’t have a known parameter/value/constant that represents space-time and we have to find it for the first step.
To get a value that represents space-time, a lot has to be considered.
Some videos of astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) or during spacewalk are on YouTube. When you watch videos of ISS, you see how objects move and you also notice that their movements is not the same as being on earth. Yes, the understanding is that; it is due to low gravity/gravitational effect in that area. However, this is the explanation; the extent of gravity/gravitational effect in an area determines the nature of space-time in that area. Thus, if there is no gravity in an area, expect the nature of space-time in that area to be thick, objects will float. If there’s little gravity/gravitational effect in an area, expect the space-time of that area to be still thick but not as thick as where there is no gravitational effect. The reduction of the thickness of space-time is by the increase in gravitational effect. Now, in a place like earth where there is a high gravitational effect, the nature of space-time will be free, and so on [29].
This explanation is for you as the reader to imagine that if a value/parameter that represents space-time is to be gotten, its value must represent its magnitude of thickness and this thickness must be the default. If an entity is thick, it also means it’s dense, but I prefer to use the word “thick”.
All these means that we are to find the value representing the default thickness of space-time.
The question is; the nature of space-time at the outer space around which the planets rests is the same at all areas. However, why does the nature of space-time inside planets differ and why is not the same with the nature of space-time at the outer space surrounding the planets. If you think about this question, the relation that comes into your mind is the one between;
The mass of the planets as they are different.
The radius of the planets as they are different.
The nature of space-time at the outer space surrounding these planets as the same.
The nature of space-time inside each of these planets as they are different.
Now, let’s do a test.
Mass of a body applying pressure (planet) (M)
Radius of a body applying pressure (planet) (r)
Nature of space-time surrounding these planets
Nature of space-time inside the body (planet)
The values of the mass and radius of planets are available [13] but our aim is to get the default space-time i.e. the original nature of space-time surrounding the planets at the outer space. There are two unknowns in the relation and the aim is to test for and this means has to be gotten internally. Consider this; to get the default nature of space-time, we must get the value of a stretched space-time inside a planet. GR addressed object in free fall as moving along a geodesic. In Newtonian concept, all object in free fall accelerates towards the center with the same speed. In this relation, the nature of the stretched space-time inside a planet is the main reason why objects of different masses in free fall accelerate towards the center with the same speed. Thus, the value of the nature of stretched space-time inside a planet is (1/g) i.e. the inverse of acceleration due to gravity of a planet [30].
I formed a formula with the four descriptions for the relation;
Thus, the value of is the unknown, the formula will now be;
Presenting parameters for earth from [13];
g for earth: 9.8ms2
Mass of earth: 5.97 x 1024 kg
Radius of earth: 6.38 x 106 m
of earth (1/g): 1/9.8 = 0.102
Using the values for earth, we have;
Since all planets exerts pressure at the outer space, parameters for more three planets must be used to test further.
Presenting parameters for mars from [13];
g for mars: 3.72ms2
Mass of mars: 6.46 x 1023 kg
Radius of mars: 3.39 x 106 m
for mars: (1/g) = 1/3.72 = 0.268
Using values for mars, we have;
Presenting parameters for Neptune from [13];
g for Neptune: 13.3ms2
Mass of Neptune: 1.03 x 1026 kg
Radius of Neptune: 2.27 x 107 m
for Neptune (1/g): 0.075
Using values for Neptune, we have;
The last test will be with parameters for sun from [13];
g for sun: 274ms2
Mass of Sun: 1.989 x 1030 kg
Radius of Sun: 6.96 x 108 m
of Sun (1/g): 0.00364
Using values for Sun, we have;
From the test, there’s a common output between results. It is seen that a value of approximately 1.50 x 1010 repeats with the same combination of values for planets.
Yes, the value 1.50 x 1010 represents the default space-time by its thickness i.e. the space-time surrounding the planets at the outer space. However, an explanation attached to the description from the results goes this way [29];
First, the formation of a new space-time nature is based on the default space-time (1.50 x 1010). All planets/planetary bodies that apply preccreation. At creation, this default space-time which is the thickest was everywhere (Figure 1).
Figure 1. A space-time description
Secondly; once a planet/planetary body was formed at creation, they immediately applied pressure on this default space-time. The pressure/stress causes a curvature resulting to gravity. The gravitational effect stretches/reduces the thickness of the default space-time at the line of pressure to result into a new space-time nature [29].
Figure 2. Formation of a new space-time nature (Line of pressure description)
Next; from figure 3, it is seen that a new space-time nature is formed at the line of pressure. This line of pressure starts from the point of curvature area upwards to the top of the planet. A bigger mass will apply a bigger pressure, a smaller mass will apply a smaller pressure. The more pressure/stress applied by a mass, the more the default space-time at the line of pressure is stretched by gravity, the more free the new nature will be. From figure 3, it is seen that the thick lines around the line of pressure which represent the default space-time are now thin lines representing a new nature. Between the small and big mass, the lines of the bigger mass is not as thick as the lines of the smaller mass, signifying the extent of gravity from the amount of pressure due to the size. However, these planets rotate around which means they apply pressure at different points in space-time but the main fact is that; once a new nature is formed inside a planet/planetary body, the new nature cannot be reversed back to its original nature (a contained space-time) unless a curvature is not present, also it cannot be stretched/reduced further unless a particular situation happens which I’ll explain later. Hence, leaving the new nature permanent inside the planet. This is to say that; each planet/planetary body at the outer space contains a different nature of space-time based on the explanation from figure 3, unless two planets had the same mass at creation, they can both have similar nature of space-time. The function of gravity to stretch and reduce the space-time at the line of pressure happens when a mass applies pressure on space-time but if that mass has a new nature already other than the nature of space-time as to which it applies pressure, gravity won’t stretch it rather it’ll will protect it. Example, using earth;
1) Earth was formed long ago at creation when the default space-time with thickness (1.50 x 1010) was everywhere, once earth was formed in the default space-time, it applied pressure on the same space-time to cause (gravity-curvature).
2) The gravitational effect from the default space-time stretched the same nature at the line of pressure which includes inside the planet. A new nature is formed and contained inside earth.
3) Presently, billions of years has passed. The nature of space-time at the outer space is not the default nature as it used to be at creation. Therefore, as earth applies pressure as it rotates at different points, gravity will always arise, it’ll only stretch at the line of pressure but this time, excluding inside the planet. This is why an object close to the surface of a planet is attracted by falling with a certain speed but once it enters the planet, it falls with a faster speed. More explanation goes this way;
Figure 3. Formation of a new space-time nature
Gravity is Gravity, but the function of the gravitational effect that arises from a space-time of 1.50 x 1010 is different from the gravitational effect that would arise from a lesser space-time. The gravitational effect that arises from a space-time of 1.50 x 1010 will only stretch/reduce the same space-time of 1.50 x 1010 at the line of pressure, any other nature apart from that won’t be stretch by it, rather the gravitational effect will protect and maintain the new nature in the planet as it keeps rotating in different points. A gravitational effect from a lesser space-time can only stretch the same lesser space-time. [29]
Finally, to conclude step 1, 1.50 x 1010 is the constant/parameter/value that represents space-time which is our common ground. However, note that 1.50 x 1010 is the value of the default space-time at cosmic inflation as the planets were formed, as years has passed since then, the universe has been expanding resulting into the expansion of [23]. Therefore, the value 1.50 x 1010 doesn’t represent the thickness of the space-time surrounding the planets at the outer space currently.

3. Step 2: Universe Components

The Universe generally consist of Energy, Matter, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, all these in the presence of Space-time. One way to say it is that everything in the universe must be categorized under any of the five aforementioned.
ü Value/parameter representing Space-time 1.50 x 1010
ü Value/parameter representing Matter 1.60 x 10-19
û Value/parameter representing Energy
û Value/parameter representing Dark Matter
û Value/parameter representing Dark Energy
Still a long way to go by the fact that we are doing this mathematically and we have only two values/parameter representing two out of the five components of the universe. Let’s proceed to find the remaining three.
To find the values representing these three (Energy, Dark Matter, Dark Energy), we have to use an assumption method that involves using hint formulas but I have already done this. Therefore, I’ll just tell you straight up on how it’s done.
To start with dark energy, consider the following discussions;
In cosmology, dark energy is described as an unknown form of energy that affects the universe on a large scale.
The major evidence of dark energy’s existence was through the expansion of the universe discovered from supernovae measurement.
It is known that dark energy contributes 68% of the total observable energy in the universe.
Dark Energy is thought to be very homogenous and not very dense and is known to interact through any of the fundamental forces other than gravity.
Dark energy was discovered in 1998 by two teams of astronomers who measured light coming from exploding stars. The striking result was that distant supernovae were dimmer than they would be in a universe that was slowing down. It was thought that dark energy was the cause of an accelerated universe. This acceleration is thought to have begun about 5 billion years ago. Although the first discovery of the effect of dark energy was in 1929 by Edwin Hubble when he noticed that the further a galaxy is from the earth, the faster it is moving away from us.
• It is a positive vacuum energy.
• Dark energy causes the expansion (stretching) of space which is also the expansion of the universe.
The universe is composed of 69% of dark energy (changes with time). It exists as the light attached to space-time. Space-time is everywhere, dark-energy is everywhere. It is said that dark energy doesn’t interact with light (electromagnetic radiation), simply saying that it’s invisible. However, dark energy is another light on its own. Dark energy is the no 1 candidate for the expansion of space-time at the outer space, these are the major findings about dark energy.
Although, some scientists do think that there’s nothing like dark energy, the conclusion is that; there’s an invisible energy that exist with space-time because it’s effects were observed by scientists/cosmologists. Well, these are just discussions, mathematics will tell us the truth.
We have a value representing space-time in 1.50 x 1010. Also, c as the speed of light is a constant that represents the speed of photons.
1st Assumption; let’s conclude that dark energy photons moves with the speed of light.
2nd Assumption; from the discussion, let’s conclude that dark energy is the energy of space-time.
With both assumptions, it mathematically means that we can covert space-time to space-time energy by multiplying space-time with the speed of light (S x c).
(S x c) = 1.50 x 1010 x (3 x 108) = 4.5 x 1018
This value (4.5 x 1018) is the result of the conversion but it cannot be concluded that the value is related to dark energy yet. However, we have to proceed.
3rd Assumption; In this paper, we are in the process of knowing what happened at the big bang but we don’t yet know what happened at the big bang. Perhaps, let’s conclude that every entity (components) in this universe originated from the same source. If all entities do originate from the same source, dark energy should be in way related to energy. Therefore, let’s get all the necessary information on energy and check if there’s any hidden secret.
Consider the following discussions on Energy from [29];
The word “Energy” covers all forms of energy. All these forms of energy originates from electromagnetic radiation which is now the “Energy” in which a hidden secret is being searched for now.
In physics, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) refers to the waves (photons) of the electromagnetic field, propagating through space. It includes radio waves, infrared, visible light, microwaves, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma.
Electromagnetic radiation consists of electromagnetic waves, which are synchronized oscillations of electric and magnetic.
Electromagnetic waves do travel at the speed of light (c). The position of an electromagnetic wave within the electromagnetic spectrum can be characterized by either its frequency of oscillation of its wavelength. In quantum mechanics, an alternative way of viewing EMR is that it consists of photons. The energy of an individual photon is quantized and is greater for photons of higher frequency. This relationship is given by Planck’s equation E=hv where E is the energy per photon, v is the frequency of the photon and h is Planck’s constant.
There can be other sources of the waves of EMR, but the natural source is from the stars. In this paper, the stars as the source of EMR is the description. Therefore, the term “EMR” or “EM radiation” further mentioned in this paper is defined as the whole energy picture from a star shown in figure 4.
Figure 4. Whole Energy description from a star
Planets in different solar systems rotate around their star. These stars are the source of light to the planets in their related solar system. However, these planets have a layer that do absorb harmful rays from their star. This layer called the ozone layer was discovered in 1913 by French Physicists Henri Buisson and Charles Fabry. The ozone layer found in the region of stratosphere contains high concentration of ozone (O3). The average ozone concentration in Earth’s atmosphere as a whole is about 0.3 parts per million. Measurements showed that with the presence of the ozone layer, there was no radiation below a wavelength of about 310nm at the ultraviolet end of the spectrum.
The ozone layer absorbs 97 to 99 percent of the Sun’s medium frequency ultraviolet light (from about 200nm to 310nm wavelength) which otherwise would damage exposed life.
The thickness of the ozone layer varies. It can be thinner near the equator and thicker at other parts of the planet.
EMR from the stars are the closest to dark energy because they are the only natural source of energy existing. At the outer space where the effect of dark energy is observed is the same environment where the death of a star happens.
Major points from observations of EMR [5].
1) Electromagnetic waves do travel at the speed of light
2) The position of an electromagnetic wave within the electromagnetic spectrum can be characterized by either its frequency or its wavelength.
3) Relationship between energy per photon and its frequency is given by E=hv.
It is known that EM radiation propagate/move in particles (photons) as illustrated in figure 5.
Figure 5. Radiation from the sun moving in photons
Using the sun (star) as an example for this explanation; radiation from the sun is known as sunlight, it is a mixture of electromagnetic waves. EM waves or rays ranging from gamma to radio waves of spectrum are produced by the sun, these rays are characterized by their frequency. For example; Gamma rays are produced from fusion at the core, getting to the surface of the sun, they are absorbed by the solar plasma and re-emitted to lower frequencies. Reaching the surface of the earth, the frequency will be within the range of infrared to UV in the spectrum. Therefore, a photon from a sun making its journey to the surface of the earth can be a gamma ray photon or an ultraviolet ray photon or the nature of any rays of the spectrum but there’s a relationship between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics. To a dinosaur, humans appear like ants. To ants, humans appear like dinosaurs. This relationship with both mechanics is the fact that the whole energy picture of the sun can be represented as photon at a very large view. This implies that; although the sun can emit different types of photon of the EM spectrum, all these different emitted photons all came from a source.
With these discussions, I found a secret, revealed mathematically.
Remember, energy doesn’t have a unique value/parameter that represents it just yet. Perhaps, we all know that the energy of a photon is given as E=hv which can be further reduced down to .
With this idea behind this formula, the secret was unleashed in this way;
Electromagnetic waves move with the speed of light (c)
The relationship between an energy of a photon (E) and its frequency (f) is (h)
The medium through which the photons propagate is defined with (k)
Speed of light (c) = 3 x 108m/s
Planck constant (h) = 6.62 x 10-16eV.s
Coulomb constant (k) = 9 x 109N.m2.c-2
An equation as is formed.
E = 4.5 x 1016 with no unit for the meantime, just like that of dark energy.
Now, there exist a value that is indeed similar to the result of the converted space-time into space-time energy.
From the discussions that led to the secret;
Remember, the secret was revealed from the idea behind E = hv, which describes the energy of a photon. This means that 4.5 x 1016 is the energy of a photon, but how? Which photon?
Again, we can’t also conclude yet. (See Step 4)
ü Value/parameter representing Space-time 1.50 x 1010
ü Value/parameter representing Matter 1.60 x 10-19
ü Value/parameter representing Energy 4.5 x 1016
û Value/parameter representing Dark Matter ?
ü Value/parameter representing Dark Energy 4.5 x 1018
A value/parameter representing dark matter is still left to find. How do we find this value?
If we think, we can recall that there’s an equation that says that energy and matter (mass) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. Energy can become matter and vice versa (E = Mc2).
4TH Assumption: With the above statement relating energy to matter, let’s conclude that dark energy and dark matter are related in the same way and use the equation (E=Mc2) to get a value and parameter representing dark matter.
Now, the parameters/value representing the major components of this universe are available.
ü Value/parameter representing Space-time (1.50 x 1010)
ü Value/parameter representing Matter (1.60 x 10-19)
ü Value/parameter representing Energy (4.5 x 1016)
ü Value/parameter representing Dark Matter (50)
ü Value/parameter representing Dark Energy (4.5 x 1018)

4. Step 3: The God Equation

Some of the readers of this paper will be thinking; “What will the God Equation look like? “
This is the “Theory of Everything” and it is mainly theoretical and requires proving mathematically to also match some experimental/observational results in the past and in future. Every result from the God Equation will be the mathematical prove of the “Theory of Everything”, reading and interpreting results from the God Equation will then lead to discoveries and explanation of the mysteries of this universe. Perhaps, how can we form a God Equation? If it’s formed, how can we prove that it is indeed the God Equation?
This is where the physical constants comes in play.
Physical constants also known as fundamental/universal constants are parameters/value/constants which can be part of an equation that expresses a fundamental physical law. In other words, they are the constants governing this universe. Some of these physical constants were measured experimentally and the rest were through calculation/ observations. Some of these constants can be used to determine another of its fellow physical constant. Table 1 is the list of the important physical constants.
Hence, the God Equation will be based on the following points;
1) This Equation is based on our common ground (Space-time), since space-time is everywhere and it sees everything that happens in the universe, it means that space-time is accountable for all laws of nature, all events that occurred and occurs in the universe, and the universe itself. Therefore, the mathematical presentation of space-time should be accountable for all physical constants/parameters in physics, formulas in physics, this means that space-time must be present in the God Equation.
2) In reality, in the universe; it is all other components, laws and events happening/existing on space-time. Therefore, as space-time is a compulsory entry for the God Equation, there will be no other entry in the God Equation, rather any entry must be formed/inserted as the laws/components/event/entity. These entries can be formed with the help of the physical constants and any other parameter in physics.
3) The parameter as space-time in the God Equation represents the nature of space-time that was present before the big bang. Hence, all explanations of this universe through calculations is possible with the God Equation.
With these three points, the God Equation is that simple and not complex that your mind would think.
S represents Space-time.
P represents an entry/parameter. The parameters/values can be inserted as an entry and as many as possible. Therefore, the parameters as an entry will be
Hence, the God Equation of the Universe is given as;
is the result/output. The entry/parameter could be just one (P1), it could be two (p1 and P2), it could be up to 20 and as many as possible. Also, the God equation is not exactly as you see it, it generally means “space-time versus the entries which are the components/laws/events/entities”, it is the mathematical way of asking space-time a question to give you an answer. Thus, in few cases; p1, p2……pn will be directly involved with space-time and not under the division line as;
We will put the “God Equation” to test.

5. Step 4: Unleash the Secrets

This Step is very critical and would blow your mind. I would be confirming laws, experiments, observations, events etc. because I have the God Equation in my hands. Let’s not forget our assumed parameters;
ü Value/parameter representing Space-time (1.50 x 1010) S
ü Value/parameter representing Matter (1.60 x 10-19) e
ü Value/parameter representing Energy – (4.5 x 1016) E
ü Value/parameter representing Dark Matter (50) Md
ü Value/parameter representing Dark Energy (4.5 x 1018) Ed
These are the assumed parameters except e (1.60 x 10-19) which is already a physical constant, the rest were found from calculations through assumptions. I found them through calculations, I can’t conclude to tell you yet that they are indeed correct parameters for these entities until I test them and you as the reader can confirm.
The God Equation as;
Which is in this form;
One must know how to use and interpret the God Equation to produce equations (old and new), laws (old and new), findings etc.
To begin the test;

5.1. Test A

From table 1, inserting three parameters as three entries.
P1 - μ0 – 12.566 x 10-7 Magnetic Constant (Vacuum Permeability)
P2 - ε0 – 8.85 x 10-12 Electric Constant (Vacuum Permittivity)
P3 – c – 3 x 108 Speed of Light
What was gotten as the output? Our Assumed Dark Energy value.
I’ll explain but interpretation is key.
We all know what the speed of light is. Perhaps, magnetic and electric constant go together by the fact that electromagnetism is energy’s root.
Vacuum Permittivity; it can be referred to as the permittivity of free space. It is the capability of an electric field to spread through a vacuum. While vacuum permeability is for the case of a magnetic field in a vacuum.
The general word “Electromagnetism” as the root of energy is key, the magnetic constant together with the electric constant in the God Equation says that there’s an energy present in the vacuum. The vacuum is space-time itself. The speed of light, c is then served as a way of saying “Show me the energy existing in the vacuum”, the result produced dark energy. Now the explanation is not yet complete.
Yes, the result confirms our assumed dark energy value as indeed its value but there’s still more hidden in this result.
The above test with the God Equation is written as;
Recall that; In Step 1, Ed (dark energy) was also found as [S x c] which is the conversion of space-time to space-time energy, meaning that dark energy is a kind of energy that exist with space-time itself.
A question should be this way; why is the magnetic and electric constant (representing electromagnetism) involved in a combination that leads to dark energy and not energy itself?
From Interpretation, the magnetic constant and the electric constant being involved in a combination that results to dark energy is simply telling us that dark energy is no different from energy itself, they are the same. Now, if they are the same, why do cosmologists find it difficult to observe dark energy?
See Step 4 for more info. Let’s continue to find more secret.

5.2. Test B

From table 1, inserting two parameters as two entries.
P1 e 1.60 x 10-19 Elementary Charge
P2 c 3 x 108 Speed of Light
The result is the exact value of the fine structure constant regardless of the slight differences in measurements from experiments.
The fine structure constant α, is a dimensional constant that characterizes the strength of electromagnetic interaction between charged elementary particles, a precise determination of α allows for a test of the standard Model of particle physics.
Parker et al used matter-wave interferometry with a cloud of cesium atoms to make the most accurate measurement of α to date.
Using the recoil frequency of cesium-133 atoms in a matter-wave interferometer, we recorded the most accurate measurement of the fine structure constant to date: α = 1/137.035990046(27) at 2.0 x 10-10 accuracy. (Richard. H. Parker et al. Measurement of the fine structure constant as a test of the Model 2018 Vol. 360 Issue 6385, pp 191-195) [22].
The above test with the God equation is written as;
Also, recall our assumed parameter for energy as 4.5 x 1016. This value was found to also have a meaning in quantum mechanics in this way; the value together with the value of the elementary charge (1.60 x 10-19C) gives the exact or approximate value of the measurement of the fine structure constant i.e. 4.5 x 1016 x 1.60 x 10-19 = 0.0072
How do we explain this?
This is the explanation from interpretation; The Energy value together with the elementary charge resulting to the fine structure constant means further than what we know. It means that there’s more to the value (0.0072) as the fine structure value itself. Remember, 4.5 x 1016 was gotten earlier as the energy of a photon and the question was; what photon?
Look closely at the combination, you will see that the equation is a star in quantum form. Just like we have the stars as a kind of planet possessing energy (EM Radiation), the equation is the description but in quantum form. Therefore, in this concept, as related to the stars, a term called “Pack Photons” is introduced [30].
A pack photon represents the whole energy picture of a star in quantum state. Stars consist of a mixture of all EM rays and can emit photons of different rays but all these photons have an origin. The sun can’t emit a separate photon as a UV photon and then emit another as an X-ray photon. No, it doesn’t happen that way. This is what happens; a pack photon represents the whole energy picture from a star as photon. Therefore, a pack photon is the highest energy photon from the spectrum. A pack photon (p-rays) which is a mixture of all particles of the spectrum is the default nature of these photons, it can be reduced to a gamma ray photon, from gamma ray to an x-ray photon, and so on. It is the peak of the Electromagnetic spectrum. The stars are the only bodies that possess electromagnetic radiation in full scale with all mixtures of the spectrum. Thus, the stars produce pack photons.
In a planet formation, energy itself solidified to form the planets.
In a star formation, energy solidified to form the matter part and instead of just solidifying, each particle absorbed a corresponding photon from energy itself. Thus, the energy value from each photon from the stars will be 4.5 x 1016 x 1.60 x 10-19 = 0.0072 (7.2 x 10-3). The value (0.0072) will now be the new energy value of a pack photon.
Just after the point of absorption during creation, the energy value of a photon from the stars will be measured as 0.0072 but as time passes, a shuffle happens.
The stars produce their energy from nuclear fusion. Using our closest star (Sun), the energy produced by the sun is from nuclear fusion done at its heart (core). The journey of a photon from the sun’s core away from its surface to any planet passes through a complex process. After the creation of stars, all absorbed photons of energy itself by the electrons are drawn at the core of a star and re-emitted still with an energy value of 0.0072. However, a shuffle happens just outside the core, these photons with an energy of 0.0072 are shuffled by other parts of the sun and re-emitted in lower frequencies. This is what led to the characterization of the rays of the spectrum according to their frequency and wavelength. This concept of shuffle will lead to the term “Reduction of Pack-Photons”.
Gamma ray, X-ray, UV photons etc., are all reduced version of a Pack- Photon. A Pack-Photon is the peak of the spectrum with highest frequency and the lowest wavelength. Figure 6 shows the reduction of a pack photon. UV piece (purple), Infrared piece (green), X-ray piece (red), Gamma ray piece (yellow), radio wave piece (blue) microwave piece (black) and visible light piece (white). A Pack -Photon is the default. It can be reduced to gamma, from gamma to x-ray, from x-ray to UV and so on. The sequence continues. From figure 6, an x-ray photon does not have the gamma piece (yellow) on it. Also, in a UV light photon, the x-ray piece (red) is absent, and so on. The sequence continues up to radio wave. Instead of the idea that other photons (rays) of the spectrum are emitted on their own from the sun, rather all photons are emitted from the core of the sun as pack photons but can be absorbed by other parts of the sun and re-emitted in lower frequencies that can find their way to anywhere outside. However, pack-photons are only emitted at the core of a star which we can’t observe but these pack-photons are only being able to escape shuffling by other parts of the sun to the surface in its complete form, once in a long period (occasionally). Any photon we see today from the sun was once a pack-photon [29].
Figure 6. Reduction of a pack-photon description
The Electromagnetic spectrum was discovered long ago, the concept of pack photon is just being introduced. This means, there’s an EM radiation form higher than the normal gamma rays, if it has been observed, observers might just categorize it as a form of gamma ray. A pack-photon might have been seen/observed but described as a gamma ray photon just because gamma rays are the highest currently in the spectrum. Thus, calculations will help differentiate.
5.2.1. Mathematical Test for a Pack Photon
The value 4.5 x 1016 as the energy of a Pack-Photon is not in joules, the value was gotten with the planck constant in eV, the energy value could be in eV, we can never prove or measure that value because the energy being talked about as a pack-photon (4.5 x 1016) was the photon energy value used to form the stars at the point of creation, they were all being absorbed by particles of the matter part of the stars. The energy value of a Pack-Photon changes from 4.5 x 1016 to 0.0072 due to absorption by matter particles. This new energy value (0.0072) is preferred to be in joules but I proceed to get the frequency and wavelength of a pack-photon.
5.2.2. Frequency
The Equation (E=hf) is the relationship between the energy of a photon (E) with its frequency (f). h is the planck constant.
If the value (0.0072) is assumed to be in joules. The reduced planck constant in joules/sec (1.054 x 10-34) is used. The frequency of a pack photon is
f = E/h. f = 0.0072/(1.054 x 10-34)
f = 6.83 x 1031(Hz)
5.2.3. Wavelength
The wavelength of a photon is given as where c is the speed of light (3 x 108) and f is the frequency.
Therefore, the wavelength of a pack photon is (3 x 108)/(6.83 x 1031).
Figure 7. The Electromagnetic spectrum
If we compare the details of the highest energy (gamma ray) of the spectrum from figure 16 with the details for a pack – photon, it is seen that a pack-photon is higher than a gamma ray.
Figure 16 shows the electromagnetic spectrum; gamma ray has a frequency (Hz) of 1020 - 1024 and a wavelength (m) of 10-16- 10-12. A photon higher than a gamma ray photon will have a frequency of >1024 and a wavelength of <10-16. However, from the mathematical test, the frequency of a pack photon is of 1031 which is >1024 and the wavelength is of 10-24 which is < 10-16. Thus, the mathematical test/prove is complete and the details for a pack-photon should be the peak of the spectrum. Hence, the spectrum needs an update after an observational prove.
I hereby present an updated version of the Electromagnetic Spectrum to the Science Community, shown in Figure 8.
Figure 8. Updated Electromagnetic spectrum
5.2.4. A Clue on Observational prove
Due to the shuffling that occurs as explained, a pack photon in its complete state or close to its complete state is observed at the surface of a star once in a while (occasionally). I can’t say the exact period it can be emitted but I know all things/process are not perfect, there are days/periods that a pack-photon will escape shuffling and be emitted to the surface of the sun in its complete form. However, it’s almost impossible for a pack-photon to find its way to earth as its complete nature, rather its reduced version is seen on earth which are other forms of the spectrum. The pack photons are emitted right from the core of the sun. Figure 18 is an illustration.
Figure 9. Pack-Photon emission from a star description
If a pack-photon manages to escape shuffling, the closest position to be observed and noticed would be from the position of the sun’s equator. This observation can be done by the help of telescopes, satellites or a photon detector at the outer space.
All these years, we wouldn’t know that there is something like p-rays because they are emitted at the core of a star which we can’t observe and they are shuffled to lower frequency just outside the core. Therefore, we can’t observe them. However, it is possible that some must have escaped shuffling over the years and appeared at the surface and we wouldn’t know.
A pack photon might have been seen/observed and described as a gamma ray photon. Any form of photon/ray with a frequency (Hz) higher than 1024 should be regarded as a pack-photon (p-rays) i.e. a pack photon will have a frequency (Hz) of 1024 - 1031. The help of the organizations with telescopes and satellites or photon detectors at the outer space are needed to prove this concept, especially the solar parker probe which was launched recently to study our closest star (sun). The detection can only be done at the outer space.
There’s not a complete pack photon on earth except one manages to escape through the ozone layer [29].

5.3. Test C

Test A and B are about energies and are secrets/new discoveries, let’s do something different.
This time, let’s borrow one of the latest predictions of our scientists; it’s the gravity-dark matter one.
It is difficult or impossible at the moment to observe dark matter directly, but cosmologists do think that dark matter produces/causes a gravitational effect. Don’t know if a cosmologist did give and publish a good and reasonable evidence. I just bumped into some information on the internet about the predictions. We’ll have to check.
Once again, with the God Equation;
Inserting two parameters;
P1 Md (50) Dark Matter
P2 c 3 x 108 Speed of Light
The above test with the God Equation is written as
Another task of interpretation, your eyes should be at below the division line which says
There’s E = [Mc2] but this one is [Mc]2, for the case of matter. I don’t think [Mc]2 is known in physics. Perhaps, I can introduce it.
If we are to mathematically convert a planet (matter) to energy, we simply use E =Mc2.
The question is, if we are to mathematically convert a star (matter) to energy, how can it be done?
A star is matter possessing an energy already, if you use [Mc2], you get it wrong. This is the point [Mc]2 comes in. Let me show you an example;
The Sun (star) with a present mass of 1.99 x 1030, to convert to energy;
This can’t be the total energy of the sun. Perhaps, [Mc]2.
This would be useful throughout the interpretation.
With your eyes below the division line and this calculation I’ve just showed you, a star is the next thing that comes to your mind.
The gravitational constant as the result from the expression with the God Equation is simply saying that;
“Dark matter which is on space-time will cause a very strong gravitational effect regardless of the fact that it would distort space-time”, but the dark matter that causes this strong gravitational effect is no ordinary dark-matter. A planet is matter, a star is also matter but unlike planets, they possess electromagnetic radiation i.e. they possess energy. This kind of dark matter that causes a strong gravitational effect is similar to a star, it is a star in the dark dimension, I want you to imagine a star that you can’t see but this time the star is not matter possessing energy, rather this star is dark matter possessing dark energy (Dark Star - father of all stars) [29].
Now, look at Test C closely because this is in fact the Sagittarius A* problem.
Figure 10. Sagittarius A* description (© Johan Jarnestad/The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)
Matter can be reversed back to energy, this means that; as a matter can apply pressure/stress on space-time, energy can equally apply pressure/stress on space-time. Stars are still matter that possess energy but when they die and collapse at the end of their life-span, all their matter part becomes radiation. I want you to think this through.
Also, I want you to think through as far as you can else you won’t understand this test.
Energy is the default state of matter i.e. there was nothing like matter at the creation of this universe, energy is what solidified to form matter. Now, matter (mass) is not allowed to tear/rip space-time until it becomes energy totally. There are two things involved in black hole theory/calculation;
1) The Energy (radiation) from a black hole
2) The Gravitational effect (pull) from the black hole
Straight up from the “God Equation”, the energy from a black-hole is the energy of a dead star.
When a star dies, its matter part is transformed into energy (radiation).
This is why I presented the total energy of a star as
Therefore, the energy from a black-hole is given as
If a star with a present mass of 1.99 x 1030 reaches its lifespan and collapses to cause a black-hole on space-time, the energy from that black-hole will be;
Note: This energy value is for a newly formed black-hole. As time passes, the energy from a black-hole changes.
However, this energy value of this black-hole will play a role in determining its gravitational pull.
Before presenting its gravitational pull, let me quickly discuss the meaning of the gravitational constant (G).
I’ve said that; the main function of gravity is to reduce the thickness of space-time at the line of pressure whenever a mass applies pressure on space-time, and also as an attractive force/effect. G is the constant that represents that function. Gravity is weak, G is 6.67 x 10-11. Now, this time; an energy is applying pressure to rip space-time. G has given us a hint that the value that’ll represent the gravitational pull of a black-hole will be to show the nature of gravity. However, once space-time is torn/ripped, G becomes to show its strong gravitational pull [29].
It’s straight, from earlier in this paper, the formula used for determining the value of a stretched space-time by the effect of gravity is;
Remember, it is energy applying pressure not mass (matter). Also, the pressure by energy caused space-time to tear/rip.
Therefore, will change to and M and r2 will be replaced by the energy from the dead star
The gravitational pull from a black-hole is given as;
With S as and as from the example,
The gravitational pull of the black-hole formed is;
Also, I’ve made emphasis on the fact that the value 1.50 x 1010 represents the default space-time that was present at the big bang. The space-time at the outer space has been expanding (stretching) (Expansion of the Universe), this means that the nature of space-time present at the outer-space is not as thick as it used to be long ago at the creation of this universe.
Therefore, the value representing that space-time is no more 1.50 x 1010, its value should be lesser but not too far from 1.50 x 1010. So when calculating for the gravitational pull from a black-hole, have in mind that the value is not accurate due to the expansion of the universe that resulted into the stretching of Sdefault. If the formula is used for a black-hole that was formed at a period where the universe was <100years old, then it’s accurate. I hope you understand.
From the black hole calculation above, a black-hole formula/expression is generally as;
Have you seen the extent to which an interpretation can be done from the God Equation?
Sometimes, an interpretation might be straight forward or long like this one.
Back on the dark star explanation, this should be taken seriously for a quick observational discovery.
Table 2. Two black-hole equation comparison
Accessing equation (X) and Equation (Y) above; you can see that they are both similar. A statement can be this way; “If equation (Y) is a black-hole equation then equation (X) is also a black-hole equation.”
If a statement should be that way, I’ll agree with it, it’s as simple as “they are both black-hole equations”. Perhaps having the ability to read the puzzles of the universe was how I discovered the Theory of Everything and the God Equation and I’ll give an answer to you from the comparison of both equations. Linking entities for equation (X) will definitely result to G because we are dealing with constants/parameters representing entities, you’ll expect the result to be a constant also, and you don’t expect the result to be to show that its gravitational pull is actually as strong as a black-hole. Therefore, there’s a meaning [29].
The meaning of equation (X) and (Y) by their comparison is; the death of a star (energy star) in the visible dimension will result to a black-hole and at the dark dimension, the presence of a dark star will result to a black-hole. Can you see the difference?
Thus, a star in the dark dimension (dark star) resting on space-time will cause a black-hole on space-time and a dead energy star in the visible dimension resting on space-time will cause a black hole on space-time. So, either way it’s a star, dead or active, it must be a star resulting to a black hole. Dead for energy stars, not dead (active) for a dark star.
That’s the story that equation (X) and (Y) is telling. So yes, if a statement goes that way, I’ll agree 100%. All these means that a black hole should be expected at the center of each galaxy and a dark star might not be observed because of its invisibility but it is present also at the black hole point.
Figure 11. Dark Star at the center of a galaxy description
Perhaps, why is it; “Dead” for energy stars and “not dead or active” for dark energy stars. (See Step 4 for more info)
The is the fact behind the reason why the magnetic and electric constant with the speed of light in the God Equation combination giving us dark energy and not energy, implying that dark energy and energy are the same whereas they have different values but similar values. This means that they are the same but not exactly the same.
Figure 12. Matter and Energy Transformation
There’s a function of space-time that one can’t know because space-time is everywhere, to observe that hidden function of space-time, one would have to be in a universe where there’s no space-time but other entities are present, then one would know the importance of space-time.
Do you know that; the energy (EM Radiation) that you observe is so inferior without space-time?
The Inferior nature of energy is solely behind the reason why all things in the universe fade and die at a point. You can think about it, all things in the universe have a life-span, nothing last forever. To also show that with the presence of space-time, energy still displays its inferior nature.
Yourself as the reader can be asked this question; when a black-hole evaporates after a certain long period, where do their radiation go? It’s a very straight forward question.
Our creator knows these things, our universe is created in way that energy itself and not matter, is allowed to tear/rip space-time whenever it is free, free I mean just energy itself, not matter possessing energy.
From the God Equation, there’s an energy (dark energy) that exists with space-time and this is the reason why energy is allowed to tear space-time. Energy (radiation) tears space-time to form a black-hole for the sole purpose of merging with dark energy that you don’t see i.e. energy is changing to its indestructible form (dark energy), it’s a slow process. When the energy from a black-hole evaporates suddenly after some time, we ask; “where does the radiation go”.
We also ask, “What happens at the other side of a black-hole”.
People tend to predict what is on the other side of a black hole, it is simply an event that occurs that gradually/slowly changes energy (EM radiation) into dark energy. This is how the universe was built, I’ll also prove my statements with calculations.
An invisible energy is/was observed by scientists to be the cause of the expansion of the universe, that invisible energy is dark energy. If you’re observant, you would know that I already used the God Equation before its introduction/derivation to give you the parameters that I tagged “assumed”, they are 100% correct parameters.

5.4. Test D

That invisible energy as the cause of the expansion of the universe was gotten with the God Equation as;
This value (4.5 x 1018) is gotten as the dark energy attached the default space-time at the point of creation (1.50 x 1010). Dark energy causes the expansion of the universe i.e. stretches the space-time at the outer space. Energy photons changes to dark energy photons from a black-hole. The more energy photons that become dark energy photons, the more the universe keeps expanding, the more the thickness of the space-time at the outer-space keeps reducing/stretching.
At the early years of the universe;
Energy stars won’t die because they are still fresh,
The universe will expand at a slow rate,
As time goes on, centuries keep passing, stars will start collapsing/dying,
Black-holes will keep forming, energy photons will keep becoming dark energy photons,
The amount of dark energy in the universe increases from the transformations,
As dark energy keeps increasing in amount, the rate of expansion of the universe increases.
Wow, “black-holes”.
Space-time is the back-up channel through which energy changes to its indestructible form. So yes, it is dark energy behind the scenes as the cause of the expansion but it is black holes (space-time) as the back-up channel that results into more dark energy to increase the expansion rate.
However, the universe expansion (stretching of space-time) is not a good event happening in the universe.
“The more black-holes formed by energy stars, the faster the rate at which the universe keeps expanding, the closer we get to the demise of the Universe”. How?
Figure 13. Two planets crashing on each other description
The universe is unstable and it is the reason why dark energy stretches its attachment (space-time).
The situation I just explained about the default nature of space-time at the outer-space being stretched by dark energy explains the fate of this universe. Space-time is a very thick entity represented by the value (1.50 x 1010), its thickness is responsible for holding the planetary bodies floating. Although the nature of space-time at the outer-space is still thick enough to hold the planets floating but the present thickness is not as thick as it used to be. The fact that it is still thick enough to keep the planets floating is the reason we don’t notice the reduction of its thickness observationally. As dark energy stretches the space-time, it results into increase in area of the universe (space-time) and also a decrease in thickness of space-time.
Figure 14 explains the galaxy cluster as an observational evidence. Physics and cosmology welcome the idea that more space can come into existence by expansion. Hubble space telescope observations of very distant supernovae showed that a long time ago, the universe was expanding slowly than its rate today. The nature of space-time at the outer-space is observed to be very thick and a better illustration of its expansion is like the expansion of an elastic rubber, if two points are marked apart on an elastic rubber, the distance between the two points increases by stretching (expansion) the elastic rubber, stretching the elastic rubber increases the length of the elastic rubber itself and reduces its thickness depending on how far the elastic rubber is stretched. This simple illustration is the idea behind the observational discovery of the expansion of the universe. The summary of the illustration implies that although the elastic rubber is stretched or expanded, there was a default length and thickness of the elastic rubber just before it was stretched. Using this illustration in cosmology, the universe is expanding which means the distance between two points will increase over time, the elastic rubber in this case is space-time [30]. A very dense cluster will be observed at some years after creation. As years pass, the cluster spreads as a result of increase in area due to a stretched space-time which is a sign of reduction in thickness.
Figure 14. Hubble eXtreme Deep Field, the photo was assembled by combining NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observations taken of a patch of sky within the original Hubble Ultra Deep Field
We can observe that the nature of space-time is still thick but it was thicker some centuries back. This is the situation/problem of the Universe; it’s not only dark energy that stretches space-time, the same effect is observe from gravity; it stretches/reduces the thickness of space-time at the line of pressure due to pressure by mass on space-time. An example of the new (stretched/reduced space-time) by gravity is the nature on earth, we can see that the nature of space-time on earth is very free, not showing sign of thickness.
Although, gravity stretches space-time at a fast rate and dark energy does it at a slow rate compared to gravity, this whole situation means that the present thickness of space-time at the outer-space will eventually reduce/stretch to a very free space by dark energy. Let’s do a swap between the present nature of space-time at the outer-space and the nature of space-time on earth. This is what happens; you can observe that on earth, objects don’t float rather they fall to the ground; this is the fate of the universe.
All planets at the outer-space will fall and crash on another, imagine crashing with a star, the energy from a star can consume several planets.
Note, the nature of space-time at the outer-space won’t be like the nature on earth before planets start crashing, at a certain thickness that can’t keep them floating, they will start crashing on one another. The situation of a black-hole gaining mass from its nearby environment will be the case that time. The energy (radiation) from the stars will keep gaining mass as they consume planets. At last, all planets (matter) in this universe will become radiation and proceed to merge with dark energy. Hence, this universe will be destroyed completely but do you know? If that happens, our creator won’t lose a single strand of particle of the entities he used to create the universe because of the back-up channel (space-time) which changes energy to its indestructible form. The exact quantity of the entities that formed this universe is the exact that will be present at the death of the universe. Hence, he’ll just create another universe. There’s more to this fate of the universe thing. Read [27] for more info.

5.5. Test E

Test E is for dark matter.
The parameter representing dark matter was not gotten with the God Equation, E = Mc2 was used to determine dark matter parameter from dark energy and the speed of light. Dark energy is the energy of space-time and dark matter is a form of dark energy. If so, it means that dark matter is the matter of space-time itself. However, using the God Equation once again.
Inserting just one parameter;
P1 – c- 3 x 108 – speed of light
The above test with the God Equation is written as;
Before interpretation, here’s one thing about the God Equation;
The result from using the God Equation is a value. You can easily insert any parameter in the God Equation and you’ll always get a result. With emphasis on the result; you can get a parameter/value and would not know what the parameter represents. For example; if some parameters are inserted and a result is gotten, in a scenario where scientists have not yet measured the elementary charge as (1.60 x 10-19) and (1.60 x 10-19) is your (result). How will you know that you’re dealing with the elementary charge? Hence, if you insert parameters in the God equation and you get a parameter that is not known in physics. It is either a related observation or experiment has not been done to get that parameter, or the combination of the parameters is invalid for this universe.
The value (50) is the mass of dark matter, at the end of this paper, its true nature will be revealed. Dark matter exist with space-time, the value (50) is its mass on space-time itself as space-time attached version of matter.
Here’s another way to get the dark matter value with the God Equation;
From table 1, inserting three parameters as three entries.
P1 μ0 12.566 x 10-7 Magnetic Constant (Vacuum Permeability)
P2 ε0 8.85 x 10-12 Electric Constant (Vacuum Permittivity)
P3 c 3 x 108 Speed of Light
The above test with the God equation is written as;
Earlier, we also found that dark matter causes a gravitational effect, for the record.

5.6. TEST F

Introducing the last form of the God Equation. The God Equation form is with multiplication with parameters, division under space-time with the parameters, but there’s one more form which is; division with space-time under the parameters.
Inserting a parameter (1) as inverse;
The above test with the God Equation is written as;
The explanation for the result is clear because if we say that gravity emerges when a mass applies pressure/stress on space-time to cause a curvature/distortion, then we should also expect that gravity is the alternate form of space-time described mathematically as its inverse and vice versa.
The result from this is expected, gravity emerges when space-time is distorted, gravity can only be released from space-time, gravity is the inverse of space-time, G is the inverse of S.
Thus, all the equations you know that involves gravity (G) can be re-written in terms of space-time.
For example:
Converting to describe in terms of space-time;
This can be done in any equation containing G as the gravitational constant.
Stay with me, this is just the start. To use the God Equation;
• You must know how to interpret the result with any feasible method
• You must be familiar with constants and parameters in physics
• You must know how to form an entry with the parameters

6. Step 5: Unification

Testing the God Equation in Step 3, one would perceive that everything in the universe are linked together.
I found/created the “Theory of Everything” and the God Equation, I’m saturated by different results from it and I’ll display the important ones.
However, this step will also blow your mind.
In this step, I’m basically unifying the components of the universe to know the basic details of the universe.
It’s obvious, there are two major dimensions in the universe;
1) Inferior dimension: Energy and Matter.
2) Superior Dimension: Dark Energy and Dark Matter.
You can say “a dimension of what your eyes can see” and “a dimension of what your eyes can’t see”. Space-time is the barrier between these two dimensions, i.e. it serves as a separation between both dimensions.
I hate to say that you exist in the inferior dimension. The universe is meant to have just one major dimension as the superior dimension. Perhaps, there are two which means that one is a scam and will eventually disappear when the time comes.
The universe is unstable with two major dimensions and stable with one major dimension. The superior dimension is supposed to be visible to our eyes and not the inferior dimension. All things (energy and matter) are supposed to be in their indestructible form (dark energy and dark matter) to give a stable universe.
To prove my statement, look closely at the calculations to come.
You remember in TEST A, where we mathematically asked space-time to tell us the energy present in the universe, it told us this;
Space-time only knows that dark energy exist as the energy of the universe and one would ask “why do we see and observe another form called energy”. Space-time doesn’t naturally know that energy exists unless you force it to tell. With an expression from the God Equation;
The above test with the God Equation is written as;
There are two major dimensions in the universe instead of one. From the equation, I asked space-time to flip its face (second) and tell me what other kind of energy exists and there’s the result, energy itself.
The thing is; space-time didn’t naturally tell me this and if I didn’t force it, it won’t tell me, simply because it doesn’t recognize the scam of a dimension that you exist in. As a person, you can also look at your environment and the people around and you’ll see that nothing last forever, they all fade.
We can’t even describe energy and dark energy as twins, they are the same but one (dark energy) is the indestructible form of the other (energy).
From both values it is seen that dark energy has the higher value as the superior.
Well, their differences is one hundred (100). Earlier in step 3, I said that energy changes gradually to dark energy through a black-hole, meaning that a black –hole occurs as an event displaying the breaking of the barrier (space-time). So, what happens on the other side of a black-hole is the superior dimension, this is why cosmologists find it difficult to observe/detect dark energy, dark energy is in its own dimension at the other side of the barrier (space-time) but its effects can be noticed on the barrier.
To show an easy unification, we can simply do this, convert energy to dark energy;

6.1. Equation Derivation for Unification

First Equation Derivation;
The above equation will have a duplicate which will represent the merging of both light dimensions. Merging means that energy will become the form/value of dark energy i.e. energy photons will change to dark energy photons.
Second Equation Derivation (Energy becomes Dark Energy);
6.1.1. Mathematical Test
We have two equations;
Test with the first equation;
Inserting Parameters;
Test with the second equation;
Inserting Parameters;
From the test, it is seen that and are parameters as 1 and 100 respectively. When both light dimensions merge, they become one as the value (1) - Po which shows a single dimension in the universe signifying unity but presently, both light dimensions are not merged, both energies differ by 100 as Pc.
This is the official unification of quantum mechanics and relativity as the unification of the universe, with the planck constant in unity with the space-time parameter representing relativity.
However, it is a straight forward unification and doesn’t give you the details.

6.2. Unification with the God Equation

Let’s equate the natural result with the forced result.
The result of this unification will definitely result to 100, but the reason for using the God Equation style is to get the details behind the “100”. That detail is;
This equation is simply about what happens through a black hole with two sides. One side of the hole at the inferior dimension and the other side of the hole at the superior dimension.
is basically the tunnel regardless of what happens in a black-hole (radiation and gravitational pull).
Thus, let’s put energy through the tunnel and see what happens on the other side.
Figure 15. Black-hole description
Figure 16. Black-hole shrink description (From Figure 15)
If you as the reader is physics inclined, I don’t need to explain more. Just connect all you know about black holes to this. However, there’s another kind of black hole for the case of a dark star which will be located at the center of a galaxy. If dark energy decides to pass through the tunnel to our dimension, it’ll become energy itself but I don’t think the tunnel is open for this kind of situation rather a way more effect than the normal effect of an energy black hole will be noticed at the center of each galaxy. This implies that there will be clusters of matter around the Sagittarius A* region but the dark star black hole present wouldn’t feed on them like a normal black hole. Thinking that any form of matter can’t escape the gravitational pull form a black hole, in the case of a black-hole by dark stars, matter can actually escape because the tunnel might be closed in that kind of situation.
Perhaps, you can see that there’s a detail behind the “100” and even a secret behind the detail.
The secret behind the detail is;
as the tunnel, let’s remove what makes it a tunnel.
Now, the above result shows that dark matter and black-holes are related in a way that that the function of a black-hole can also be function of dark matter. Hence, it is seen that dark matter is responsible for the presence of two dimensions as black-holes are the gateway through and fro, i.e. there’s a detail behind dark matter which can fix the universe back to its stable form-one dimension with everything being indestructible.
At this point, if I proceed with that detail, I would be going outside physics. Theory of Everything is not just physics but physics is a major part. I published a small book about that on Amazon kindle for $1, you can read to know how dark matter can solve the issue [27]. However, proving it mathematically is required.
Hence, since a detail behind dark matter can reverse the situation of the unstable two dimension universe to a stable one dimension universe where all things will be in their indestructible form, let’s put the dark matter detail back to that forced equation for unification;
Inserting as in the forced equation, we have;
Equating for unification;
Now, more info on dark matter as the hero; from the above calculation to result to one (1) major dimension in the universe. The solution to solving the issue of the unstable universe involves dark matter absorbing its own light (dark energy). In most of my papers, I keep repeating it without proving with the God Equation, seems like I was born to know the solution already. Now, I prove it with the God Equation. Again, buy and read [27], it is just $1 on kindle and $5 for a hard copy, the absorption detail is outside physics but I also proved it in physics. Just in case anything happens, just know that this equation; represents the solution to the problem of the universe.
The result from the unification is simply saying that the difference between the components of the inferior dimension and the components of the superior dimension is 100. This means that any interaction/experiment/observation concerning matter and energy giving a result, at the other dimension, the result will be x100 and the way we present a particular expression/equation will be similar for the other dimension. Check the following illustration below (Table 3).
Table 3. Mathematical Illustration of the Universe
With a simple equation form in the above illustration, you can see how expressions between the dimensions differ by 100.
The similarity and difference between energy and dark energy is already known as I’ve explained earlier.
Now that the difference between the major dimensions is known, you shouldn’t be surprised about the mass of matter value (0.5), the natural way to get it is with the formula (k/hc3) in MeV/c2.
Which subatomic particle has a mass of 0.5 MeV/c2?
Answer: the electron
Molecules make up everything around us, they are very small. These molecules are made of atoms which are smaller. Atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons which are even smaller. Protons are made up of smaller particles called quarks. It also seem like quarks are made up of smaller particles called preons, this will continue. Thus, there’s an approved scale of the subatomic particles for unification in the theory of everything with the God Equation, it is the electron (0.5). From the approved scale, all other subatomic particles can be gotten; this is why the mass of an electron was gotten from the unification.
With the God Equation;
You can see that it’s a forced way with the flipped face below the division line.
Thus, the electron is the approved particle representing the Standard Model for unification.
It can also be confirmed using Einstein’s E=Mc2; E/c2 = M; 4.5 x 1016/(3 x 108)2 = 0.5.
There’s an issue in physics where gravity is based on only general relativity (classical mechanics), the issue also says that a theory is needed that goes beyond general relativity into quantum to describe gravity in terms of the smaller particles. Therefore, the issue is generally “Quantum Gravity”.
The God Equation is here to solve that issue in the sense that; it’s all about space-time, the fact that space-time is everywhere means that if a bigger body applies pressure on space-time to cause gravity, it also implies that a smaller body will also apply pressure to cause gravity but one wouldn’t notice this effect as it would be a tiny gravitational effect from a particle which is tiny. Hence, with the approved subatomic particle (electron), let’s take a trip into the quantum realm with a test with the God Equation;
Again, it’s a forced way due to the issue of the universe I explained earlier. Quantum Gravity explanation was always there but an equation as a mathematical prove was always needed. We already know that a subatomic particle on space-time should lead to gravity just like planets do but we need an equation to show its relation which I’ve just demonstrated with the God Equation.
Also, let’s talk about forming a quantum black hole. The quantum black-hole is simply a black-hole in quantum form, involving the electron mass as an energy ripping space-time. With the God Equation, the description of a quantum black hole is;
Every matter by its mass applies pressure on space-time. Whether it is a particle or a planet, once it rests on space-time, it applies a pressure. It could be a tiny amount of pressure to cause a quantum gravity effect or it could be a big amount of pressure to cause a high gravitational effect. Thus, we can use this idea to get the mass of every particle in the universe because they will all apply pressure on space-time.
Let’s proceed to use this demonstration to try and prove the existence of other subatomic particles. Table 4 shows the subatomic particles and their main properties.
Table 4. Subatomic particles and their properties
Choosing the proton, tau and W Boson for this test;
The ratio between the mass of electron and the mass of tau is;
With the God Equation;
The ratio between the mass of electron and the mass of W Boson is
With the God Equation;
The ratio between the mass of electron and the mass of proton is;
With the God Equation;
The test is complete and the general equation can be written as;
With my popular statement; “To a dinosaur, humans appear like ants. To ants, humans appear like dinosaurs”, we just see these particles like they are very tiny but it’s a thing of scale, they can be big if you assume a lesser scale than theirs and a planet can seem like a photon if you assume a view from a scale that is way higher than a planet.
These other subatomic particles can be split into smaller particles and can still be reduced but the approved particle for the “Theory of Everything” is the electron. From the electron, all other particles of the Standard Model can be identified by the ratio between the electron mass and its mass, confirmed by the God Equation.
From using the God Equation, I also found some similarities between equations;
It could be that the parameter is supposed to be a physical constant or any other, but the similarity shows its importance. This is the kind of scenario I explained about not being able to interpret the result of the God Equation due to a result as an unknown physical parameter.
I also found that;
And many more. I can’t display all the results from the God Equation in one paper. The God Equation will keep producing results in all areas of physics as more researchers dig into it as years keep passing by. Among others, all these I’ve shown in this paper are the most important ones which unifies everything and provides details about the universe.
To conclude; explaining the parameters for the major components of the universe as
1. Space-time
2. Energy
3. Dark Energy
4. Matter (0.5)
5. Dark Matter (50)
6. Gravity
1) Space-time (1.50 x 1010): This value in MeV/c represents the default magnitude of thickness of space-time present at the big bang of the Universe. It represents the nature of space-time around which all planets/stars were formed during creation.
2) Energy (4.5 x 1016): This value in MeV represents the default energy of a photon from the energy that created all what our eyes can see in the universe, this means that all photons currently in the universe once had an energy of this value.
3) Dark Energy (4.5 x 1018): This value in MeV represents the default energy of a photon from the dark energy that created all what our eyes cannot see in the universe. This value was gotten directly from the value of the magnitude of thickness of space-time at the big bang. Gradually, as the universe ages, energy photons become dark energy photons through a black hole to increase the amount of dark energy in the Universe. Dark energy features can’t be observed because it is at the other side of the barrier. Its effects can be observed on the barrier.
4) Matter (0.5): This value in Mev/c2 represents the mass of matter in quantum form as an electron. Matter is the solidified form of Energy.
5) Dark Matter (50): This value in Mev/c2 represents the mass of dark matter in quantum form equivalent to an electron in the superior dimension. Dark Matter is the solidified form of Dark Energy. Dark matter is known to emit no light simply because it is at the other side of the barrier, the barrier (space-time) prevents its features from being noticed. However, its effects can be noticed on the barrier just like dark energy.
6) Gravity (6.67 x 10-11): This value in c/MeV represents gravity as the gravitational constant connecting the gravitational force between two bodies and the gravitational effect from a mass applying pressure on space-time.
With these explanations, the link between the components can be drawn as;
Figure 17 describes the general way the universe was formed. From calculations; all the physical parameters representing entities were gotten from space-time.
Figure 17. Line Diagram description of the Big Bang
Space-time can be converted to space-time energy (Dark Energy).
Dark Energy can be converted to Energy.
Energy can be converted to Matter.
Dark Energy can be converted to Dark Matter.
However, the conversion started from space-time, this was how the universe was built.
Note; Theoretical findings (calculations) produce precise (accurate) values than experimental findings, i.e. just as I found the exact value of the fine structure as 0.0072, experimental measurement could give you (0.007287……) or something similar, just to clarify so there shouldn’t be a confusion. Again, theoretical findings produces accurate results than experimental findings.

7. Conclusions

These are the three forms of the God Equation, I created/found these three equations to prove the “Theory of Everything” to the world. I could have easily given this theory another name if I wasn’t sure of it. The “Theory of Everything” is 100% convincing and it is the reason I gave it its actual name. Every problem in physics can be solved with the God Equation if it is been used properly.
You can recall how we started from determining a common ground with a very obvious fact that space-time sees everything that happens in the universe, this fact is behind the God Equation form. If space-time can’t testify to all that happens in the universe, then there’s no other way. Perhaps, it can actually testify.
A space-time parameter was found, with only that space-time parameter, other known parameters in physics can be determined. The link between the major components of the universe was found and problems in physics were solved. New theories/formulas were found, secrets were unleashed.
I can’t say much but what I’ve just done can be seen and understood clearly. You know the problems that existed in physics before reading this paper, simply identify the problems I’ve just solved with the God Equation.
From Quantum Gravity problem to the Expansion of the Universe problem to Black Hole problem to Dark Energy problem to Dark Matter problem to Sagittarius A* problem and so on. Don’t forget to spread the discovery.
New equations were found, problems in physics were solved, and discoveries were made. All these were created, solved and proposed by Prince C. Igboejesi (Prince Jessii).


The part is dedicated to all scientists who made findings and did experiments/observations to determine the physical constants and their related equations. Without their accomplishments, this theory will not be possible. Thanks to all.


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