A New Era Full of Inspiration and Resilience after COVID-19" /> A New Era Full of Inspiration and Resilience after COVID-19"/>

International Journal of Inspiration & Resilience Economy

2020;  4(2): 0-0



Forward from "Editor in Chief": The New Normal – A New Era Full of Inspiration and Resilience after COVID-19

Mohamed Buheji

International Inspiration Economy Project, Bahrain

Correspondence to: Mohamed Buheji, International Inspiration Economy Project, Bahrain.


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The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many disruptions to our life and livelihood, in a way never precedented before. Some of these threats have affected our physical and mental wellbeing, or social and physical capitals; while other threats have gone deep on raising many questions inside us about our way life and the reason of our existence at the moment of time. Yet, with these challenges and expected deeper pandemic spillovers affects there are many opportunities that could bring new insights, inspiration to our life and our community. Believing in such opportunities need both positive attitudes that see the silver-lining in this history-defining moment. This introductory paper shed light on the importance of utilising this moment to help the humanity to be more resilient to overcome the obstacles that would lead us to a radical socio-economic transformation that would exploit the best of us, if we choose to.

Keywords: COVID-19, New Normal, Inspiration Economy, Resilience Economy, Socio-economy

Cite this paper: Mohamed Buheji, Forward from "Editor in Chief": The New Normal – A New Era Full of Inspiration and Resilience after COVID-19, International Journal of Inspiration & Resilience Economy, Vol. 4 No. 2, 2020, pp. 0-0. doi: 10.5923/j.ijire.20200402.00.

1. Introduction

The post-COVID-19 pandemic era, started to be called the ‘new normal’. It is an era full of challenges and instability. In this era agility, curiosity, risk mitigation, learning by exploring, learning by doing, and focus, are highly expected. Buheji and Buheji (2020).
In this new normal, all the concepts would be in transformation. These concepts would be more original as the world experience more and more socio-economic problems that indicate the need for change. The type and strength of change in the new normal would depend on the type and the number of programs tested during the community emergency or stability status. In this era, more innovative solutions are expected to deal with the frequently turbulent market.
During the new normal many types of challenges are expected in every type of sector. This should raise the possibility of inspiration that come as a result of opportunities that come with the challenges, and resilience, as it is a needed spirit for survival during times of transformation.

2. Importance of Inspiration and Resilience during Times of Transformation

The new normal needs efficient solutions that leverage and develop on multiple fronts. At this transformational time post, devastating pandemic actions need to be invested in, recognised and amplified. Therefore, it is a time for inspiration and resilience that enhance trust in people and give them the opportunity to create the change. Buheji and Sisk (2020).
The unprecedented chaos that COVID-19 pandemic created, brought with it hybrid opportunities that can be seen now in healthcare, social development, and untapped economic ideas. There are also hidden opportunities that are coming with the rising of both challenging times and risks. For example, there are opportunities rising more and more the lengths of the lockdown when people started to suffer anxiety or stress due to their worries about the future prospects, as a result of the turbulence and instability that affected their careers, their educational plans and their life journey in general. Therefore, health authorities and other national policymakers need to bring in more engagement and involvement programs that ensure that each person has a mentor that helps him/her to manage the profound effects of the post-COVID-19 spillover. The role of the mentor is to explore the sources and the spirit of inspiration of the people and community involved and to enhance their resilient. Buheji and Ahmed (2020).

3. A New Journey of Life and Livelihood

More than ever, this new normal is setting the rule for the way we live and maintain our livelihood. For example, we are all required now to live and deal with the underlying forces that created the crisis. Challenges of social distancing, taking and deal with all the precautions are becoming the norm.
The COVID-19 pandemic is even changing our standards of life satisfaction from being only around income and possessions focused to capacity focused, which contribute to doing change. This needs a new mindset that appreciates the importance of having ‘life business models’ that sustain happiness without being strained with ‘what happens to you’, but ‘what happens from you’. Buheji and Ahmed (2020).
While settling into the “New Normal”, more programs need to mitigate the feeling and the fear of the ‘BIG changes’ coming so fast, and that would have an immediate psychological effect such as the unavailability of jobs, Buheji and Sisk (2020). The alternative of working from home is becoming more competitive where many people and even organisations that are trying to survive are fighting for such rare type of jobs. Therefore, all of us need to discover our new normal role as it is a game while we are trying to deal with the unstable 3 F’s around us: Family, Finance, and Freedom.
In the transformation to the new normal, we would be experiencing more restricted freedom of many things that we didn’t expect to happen in our lifetime, especially that most of this freedom is related to the sake of saving lives. Hence, it is a time to re-think about regrouping ourselves. This regrouping redefines our mindset and makes us re-evaluate of what we want in our lives and what paths they will take. This is a defining moment of our life journey, so let us capitalize on it.


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