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2018;  8(4): 183-190



The MAFIOTISMUS – the New Form of Personal and Private Capitalism on State Level – Based on the Momtchil Dobrev’s “Theory and Practice of Mafiotismus” – in Bulgaria and European Commission

Momtchil Dobrev1, Mariola Garibova2, Mariika Dobreva3, Alexander Garibov4

1President of the Scentific Research Institut Dobrev & Halachev JSC, Bulgaria

2Director Department Law

3Assiatant in Department Economics

4Researcher in Department Economics

Correspondence to: Momtchil Dobrev, President of the Scentific Research Institut Dobrev & Halachev JSC, Bulgaria.


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Lord Prof PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev developed 2008 “Theory of generating of crises”, 2010 “Theory and practice of the Mafiotismus” and 2001 “Theory of the mafia”. Based on these two theories this paper explane the establishment of the mafiotismus all over the world – principles, theory and practice in European Union, European Commission and in the Republic Bulgaria.

Keywords: Mafiotismus, Crise, Mafia, Corruption, Theory, Finance

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1. Introduction

In the year 2001 Lord Prof. Momtchil DObrev developed the “theory of the mafia” and “Theory of corruption”. All the both theories he developed by analyzing of the mafia and the corruption all over the wprld. In Bulgaria, Germany, European Union, and other countries.
In the year 2008 Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev developed the "Theory of generating crises". The theory of generating crises has been developed by analyzing all the relationships between countries, and lysing the causes and consequences of crises. The theory examines all possible options for generating crises.
In the year 2010 Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev developed the “Theory of Mafiotismus” as a new state nlevel based on private and personal interests of the prime-minister, ministers, government.
1.1. Introduce the Problem
The problem of the emerging new kind of capitalism - named by Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev MAFIOTISMUS is enormous because it concerns not only the rule of one state but also the governance of a union of states and a way of managing the world.
This is really the new world order with precisely defined principles and ways of management.
This kind of government creates a failure of a state, union, or order of states to develop normally, develop their democracies, and nurture democratic governments.
This creates not only crises but also irreversible processes of destruction and destruction of entire nations, peoples, worlds, states, alliances.
1.2. The importance of revealing the real and real causes of the existing of the Mafiotismusu, its development is of great importance for our entire civilization. This is important in order to be able to anticipate and track such processes and take real measures to prevent such crises.
1.3. The thesis of Lord Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev is that the Mafiotismus is the new kind of capitalism based on the private and personal interests of the people of the mafia beginning from the prime-misiter, ministers, government, member of the mafia.

2. Research Methods

Research methods of occurrence of MAFIOTISMUS, its logic of work, of existence, of management are the following:
- Analysis of the laws of one country.
- Analysis of all authorities in one country - judicial, legislative, executive
- Analysis of the implementation of the laws of a country
- Analysis of management of public affairs
- Analysis of the existence and / or presence of civil society.
- Analysis of the work of the Prosecutor's Office as a guarantor of the existence and development of mobbing.
- Analysis of the social directions of development of a society
- Analysis of the judiciary - laws, judges, choice of judges, development of judges, violations of judges, disciplinary and other liability of judges, prosecutors, investigators.
- Contract for European union
- Alaysing the laws and contracts of the European Union
- Complains to the European Union
- Complains to the European Commission

3. Principles of the Mafiotismus

The differences of the mafiotismus to the fasism and capitalism are the following:
State capitalism - is a system in which the state replaces private entrepreneurs in their role as capitalist factors.
In state capitalism, all property and all means of production are concentrated in the hands of a capitalist - the state, which is in most cases governed by party leadership and party nomenclature.
The assigned value of the production is redistributed by the sole capitalist - the state. It is often called either socialist or communist.
It is often argued that the countries of the socialist bloc are neither folk nor social, and the economic system is actually a stagnant capitalism
Capitalism is an economic system in which production, trade is privately owned and governed by market economy methods, which in turn follow the princes of supply and demand. The main engine in such a system and supposedly is "competition".
Fascism - confesses the idea of a one-nation state. Fascism believes that nations and races are in constant conflict, fascist governments forbid and suppress criticism and opposition against themselves.
They are opposed to class conflict.
Fascism is a government that resembles that of Mussolini, which raises the nation and race over the individual, establishes a single-parted system, pushes nationalism, imposses strict economic and social control, violence, censorship
The state is governed by the Prime Minister if the same state is a parliamentary republic that has put in place and directs each state institution - a ministry, a state agency, manages both the executive and the judiciary through appointments that are close to him, and manages the legislative power - the parliament.
The people are a crowd according to mobbing. Principles of crowd control: suppressing the masses to be guided by petty passions.
Creating problems for the "crowd" - the people through taxes, high prices, high interest rates on bank services, management of the free means of citizens from the middle class, thus, through trickery and hypocrisy, the greatest human virtues are suppressed - honesty and honesty, which, according to mafia, are vices,
The rule of law - where the law begins and where it ends.
Gentle law enforcement, liberal rights, The right of the strong.
It interferes and removes all existing arrangements and regulations
Mafiotismus puts a hand on the laws, reconfigures the institutions, the necessary and useful is only for their purposes and aspirations.
The most simple model of the mafiatismus that describes the factors that affect the amount, type, and etc of the mafia is the following:
MAFIOTISMUS = PERSONAL Power / on the top of state institutions / state and etc./ + Influence + Connections / to personal, private companies + Interests / personal, private, corporative / + ORDER / ORDERS + Personal management of all state neveaus + Personal Control of all states niveausMafia structure / inside or outside / + Monopolity Riegths + laws / rules / practices / procedures + possibility of taking an alternative decision - obligation - responsibilities - morality / ethics + Personal management and personal control of distribution of public state monetary and other resource (including European funds and funds).
The mafia is also available for the public and private sector. The power of the mafia and the corruption practices in Greece in the public sector are very stark.
THE MAIN PRICE is the material or non-material benefits of members of the above-mentioned structures. Here is the connection BETWEEN THE MAFIA AND THE CORRUPTION
SPHERE OF THE MAFIA all over the world.
The mafia in European Commission, Bulgaria, Greece and worldwide can be found in all spheres of the public live.
Sphere of Appearances of the Mafia: 1/. In the state administration, 2). In politics, 3). In the justice system, 4). In the police, prosecutor, 5 /. In public services., 6 /. In the private sector, 7). In the TV, radio, television, newspaper, and etc., 8 /. In the citizen sector.
The political, financial and weapon producer mafia is the main reason for the beginning of the war in Iraq.
The power of the mob in the service of mafiaism is blind, unwise, unwise, serving to the left and to the right.
Mafiaitis makes suggestions for freedom equality, brotherhood, justice - pushing to debauchery, drunkenness Trickery, hypocrisy, violence, robbery and terror.
Terror takes place on all vertical and horizontal structures of the executive.
Terror is in favor of mafia and its representatives from the prosecutor's office, the judiciary.
Terrorism is carried out through the NRA, the Ministry of the Interior, the Prosecutor's Office, tax offices, municipal offices and others.
Mafiotismus has the most important factor in public thought - print and print media, all types of media - mostly television and the Internet.
The crowd's thought moves through the press and the media. The role of the press and the media is to be: to sense the needs, to transmit the complaints and to reveal the dissatisfaction of the people. The seal proclaims free speech. But that's obvious. News events are managed and controlled by representatives of mobbing.
Weakness and political decay - the misuse of power, understanding the aspirations for independence
The people in the world are in hopeless slavery, he has only fictitious rights.
The poorness of life suppresses the masses. There are rights in the constitution that are real fictitious, not real. Whatever is violated in all adopted laws by the parliament.
Rights are actually hijacked ideas that are never in practice
Hunger and degeneration of the masses
With constant demands, constant spending, constantly increasing costs, taxes, uninterrupted indebtedness - hunger, taxes, obligations - give birth to slave dependence that governs the crowds, and their hands and minds are blocked for a different thought,
When the people conceive that they are making concessions and indulgences in the name of his freedom, he realizes that he is authoritative and raisses against the valley. The people are like a blind man, who encounters all sorts of obstacles, problems, helpless looking for a patron - a support that is not as if he does not think he returns to his first position - puts his rights obediently in his authority.
Specula is a basic form of business and business relationships.
Capital is the one that moves the world, moves, and the slavery that controls the industry and trade
Weakened public thought. - those who ponder and oppose, need to learn to meditate, the mental forces must turn to a verbal shootout of legal time and blasphemy.
Societies must be deceived and deceived and manipulated
Chaos in public thought. Civil society is replaced and replaced by NGOs funded by the Mafia, and civil society is practically implemented and implemented
To lose any opinion on political issues in the forefathers, and political issues are not within their competence of society, but only by those who direct the game.
Another strategy - people's flaws, habit, passions, rules of relationships, to yell so much to create a chaos that does not go out.
People cease to understand each other and they do not have to, to deny the people to think on political issues for their solving.
Personal initiatives must also be confronted - one against another - to make sense.
Monopolies destroy wealth. Capital humiliates agriculture.
Increase in wages and simultaneous increase in prices. Raising wages is not beneficial to workers, because at the same time prices will be increased, the rise in commodity prices, and sometimes the rise in wages. Representatives of mafiotismuss hold public forces. They are the legislators, they determine the composition of the court and they give away justice, they punish, they pardon, they judge. They hold all these positions in their hands.
The Mafiotismus holds in his hands the unbridled ambitious, insatiable, greedy, ruthless of vengeance, the evil, the hateful, the envious.
Mafiotismus employs state institutions, education, education, municipal structures and all kinds of government, creates bourgeois arbitrariness, afects the rule of law, with liberal arbitrariness arbitrariness.
Consciously complicate and confuse legislation.
Judges do not do the law, no one can punish them, no one wants to punish the judges, no such institution to punish them, sanction them, fire them.
Mafiotismus and its representatives at the state level create and support the PROCESS OF THE BOGOLIVED IN THE COURT AND THE PROCUREMENT. Judgments that misrepresent the rule of the law, contradict the law and its proper execution, create a precedent in a judicial system that does not allow the right of the court, create a precedent law that grossly violates the laws and rights of individuals and companies, decree contradictory interpretations.
Mafiotismus and their representatives affect the judiciary, electoral institutions, the press, the media, the freedom of person, education, and education as the cornerstones of free life.
The institutions are fragmented and divided the power of the state - the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. If one part is damaged, the whole state and its actions are also damaged. The state has suffered from the lack of justice, the lack of implementation of the law by judges, the lack of law enforcement by prosecutors.
The real blood of the state is poisoned - when the judiciary is poisoned. That country is best ruled by the Mafia.
The Mafia places and appoints judges and prosecutors. The three pillars of chaos are in full dependence on mafios.
Mafia control the Judicial System - Court and Prosecutor's Office, Administration, Ministries. Appointed people who have something dark in the past, mistakes in their lives, violations of laws, an affair, a crime. Such persons are faithful and do all things to which they are commanded to execute orders, orders, for fear of being denigrated. They seek to preserve their privileges, authority, gains, honor, power, power, theyr rights to do what they want without being punished.
Destruction in the constitutions of everything that interferes with the mafia and pushing them into what seizes the very content of constitutions and citizens' rights.
Corrupt anti-corruption institutions are being set up, which are initiated by representatives of mobbing, but do not actually enforce the laws but conceal the crimes of their members and servants,
Depleting the population and citizens in their own daily problems of survival.
Dealing with the population. Real deprivation of the rights and freedoms of citizens demonstrated in the constitutions and their replacement into other subordinates in immutability.
Real destruction of citizens 'freedoms in other laws and the actual deprivation of citizens' rights and freedoms in the constitution.
This leads to the confiscation of all rights, so that the laws will prohibit and resolve only those things that are in the interest of the mafia and their personal interest.
The whole press and all the media have been briefly controlled by mafia people.
Persons with a different mindset will not be allowed to scent to media, television, radio, newspapers or magazines.
It is about controlling public funds at the level of prime minister and ministers, so that these public funds go only through companies close to the prime minister and to the respective ministers and report a percentage of the profits from these public funds.
In this way and with these methods, judges and prosecutors, statesmen, officers, ministers,
By means of auditing acts of revenue and other government agencies, tax offices that prove violations, obligations of individuals and companies in particularly large sizes, companies and persons will be kept in subordination, not presenting these documents, and will be kept on logs ready to run every time and use against the person or company concerned.
Who will make seeming attacks and protests the real firefights on political and any level will be in vain and fake.
In order for the mafia to work in the prosecutor's office, the top of that organization should be the mafia.
- Not to enforce the laws.
- Breach of laws to the detriment of rivals, enemies of the mafia.
- Legalization of crimes committed by prime ministers, ministers, mafia people.
- Free interpretation of the laws.
- Free execution of laws, depending on the client, the people and the mafia companies.
- Settlement of lawsuits in favor of the mafia and the people in the utter violation of laws and principles of law.
Judges perform only mafia orders, honest citizens and businesses to lose cases.
Judging is done only on the basis of executing the orders of the Mafia.
Selection of judges and prosecutors only after receipt of orders and the conclusion of an agreement that they will execute mafia’s orders.
Applying the law by judges and prosecutors will follow the principle of mafia order, not law enforcement.
Judges and prosecutors are appointed only if they belong to the mafia.
Establish institutions and inspectors who will not punish the lawlessness and crimes committed by Mafia judges and prosecutors.
Fear of non-ascension, unrelated to the rank of judge or prosecutor.
Creating conditions for lifting and raising judges, police officers and prosecutors in rank - the single fulfillment of mafia orders.
Rule - REMOVAL OF CASSATION LAW. In the Bulgarian Art. 280 of the CCP - Inclusion of cassation law in the power of the ruler and the mafia.
The seal will fall under the strict censorship of the Mafia only for its benefit.
Real use of all media and print media tools in favor and in the interest of the Mafia.
Different treatment of laws by judges and prosecutors.
Criminal proceedings against people belonging to the Mafia will be dealt with in their favor in violation of any legal provisions.
Criminal proceedings against people - opponents of the government's mafia - will be resolved in violation of the laws to their detriment and their ruin - both intellectually, physically, mentally.
A halo of governmental infallibility and "non-violation" of the laws will be built.
A system of government-infallible laws will be created despite their ubiquitous violation.
Violation of the laws of citizens' rights and freedoms by government, ministers, state institutions, will remain unpunished by both the court and the prosecution.
Appointment of the Chief Prosecutor and Prosecutors from Mafia and Government People - Personally by the Prime Ministers.
This will ensure that any violation, violation of laws, committing offenses under the Penal Code will not be penalized by a court or prosecution service.
Guilty members of the mafia will be exonerated.
For the same case, the mafia opponents will be punished in violation of any laws.
The ultimate goal is to ruin human lives, businesses, entire families.
The goal will be stealing and misappropriation of businesses, properties, and mafia competitors.
State agencies will implement the provisions - including the lips of the Prime Minister and his ministers in violation of any laws.
Rule - Centralized GOVERNMENT MANAGEMENT - from the Mafia starting from Prime Minister.
Centralized management and control of ministers by the Prime Minister. Counter of the Ministers' actions and decisions by employees of the Prime Minister.
Control and management of all public procurement, appointed by one ministry, by the Mafia and the Prime Minister. Kontor and management of all public procurement to be won by companies close to the Mafia, respectively by the Prime Minister and his ministers.
The preparation of the terms of each public contract can only be met as a mandatory condition by a mafia company and a close company to the Prime Minister and his ministers.
Creating a mechanism for renegotiating the terms of the winning public procurement contract by a mafia company, the goal being to raise unlimited the price of the public procurement.
Establishing a mechanism for only winning a public order from a company close to the mafia and raising the price unlimitedly many times.
People are a crowd and need to create a system, to become more stupid to have more problems with administration, management - tax, property, indebtedness, not to look into the problems of society and. Problems - HIGH LOANS, High Interest, Expensive Food, Expensive Value of Services.
Literature and journalism are the two most important educational powers. The Mafia will become the owner of nearly 100 percent of the media - television, radio, newspapers, magazines that control about 90-95 percent of the population.

4. Analyses of the Model of MAFIOTISMUS all OVE the World in European Union and European Commission and Republic Bulgaria

The foundation of this operating model of MAFIOTISMUS principle:
The mafiotismus controls a state, ministers, civil servants and others who have data and evidence of wrongdoing in their field of work, crimes in which they have passed each other and one of the mafia has helped them to pass.
These are different cases such as gross violations of tax legislation - tax evasion, concealment of profits, tax evasion, and others - ie held by the officers of the NRA and accordingly entered into force the decisions of the NRA, which
Crimes in the penal code - various offenses under the Criminal Code under which the pre-trial proceedings were discontinued.
Hidden sexual orientation - Family with children with hidden sexual orientation.
The mafiotismus based on just these basic as understanding is the following:
- I have appointed and appoint thy family, thy people in state structures
- Preparation of contracts from the eligibility of candidates and requirements of the candidates so close candidate of the party man, to win the contract.
- Preparing the procurement of the conditions, so that ONLY CANDIDATE Middle party man to win this contest, auction or other contract.
Mafiotismus mainly adopt such laws that they do not pursue relevant leaders of state structures, institutions and others. This is the guarantee of the mafiotismus. It creates laws to make in law violations and their crimes. To legitimize their crimes, and no problems with the justice system - the courts, prosecution, it should mafiotismus to appoint their relatives Chief Prosecutor for prosecutors at all levels and in all offices across the country. Mafiotismus appointed to positions of responsibility in the judiciary and judges loved ones to party mafia leadership positions. Of leadership positions in the courts - the final authority appointed people close to political mafia. This avoids any complaints of crimes committed by people of mafiotismus in the entire state. It is done at all levels of prosecution. Expressly legislate to not pursue committed by prosecutors and judges crimes mentioned in the constitution if Republic accepted that members not to pursue the commission of offenses by judges and prosecutors. This legitimized lawlessness, corruption, mafiotismus. In the judiciary are appointed judges to serve only orders to give a judgment in favor of our person, our company. By the court and the prosecution is actually legitimize the theft of factories, companies.
By the court and the prosecution is done so that the right people, the right companies mafia in the lists of creditors are claimants and others.
By being anywhere any law of a company or person can not lead a lawsuit against prosecution for its inaction on the reluctance to reveal crimes committed by notaries, the Judges prosecutors?
By being anywhere law a company or person can not lead a lawsuit against prosecution for its inaction on the reluctance to reveal crimes committed by notaries, the Judges prosecutors of companies close to the mafia who steal targets companies with assets worth billions. This is done by pressure from internal services - police, agents, government officials and officials of the National Revenue Agency, tax offices, municipal offices.
Accepted such laws if there is an order from the Mafiotismus throuth the mafia to tax and other authorities, including police, the individual can not complained of any institution, structure and you state institutions; th.
Just mafiotismus throuth the political mafia secures not only institutions, government, municipal racketeering and extortion, pressure, squeezing, extortion of embarrassing, but persecution by such institutions only and only to be withdrawn illegally ownership of honest people and companies.
The mafiotismus trought the political mafia all over the world works with financial institutions - banks, insurance companies, pension funds and others. There are also laws that serve the interests of these financial behemoths - banks, insurance companies, agencies, tax authorities and others. Through these financial institutions and laws to be adopted in their favor, using even the structure of enforcement, thus stealing property owned - companies, factories and others on the "inconvenient" individuals and companies. Which does not enter and is not willing to give and transfer property ownership, he is pursued by illegal means as political mafia use any structures -prokurori to raise absurd accusations that prosecutors themselves to commit crimes against civilians just to perform the contract Mafia. If the IRS can not achieve this pressure and racketeering, which lead to a positive result of the mafia, which through racketeering and extortion to perform the contract, it includes not only prosecutors to raise illegal and absurd accusations in making overt crimes . In extreme cases are activated state structures - police and specific individuals to perform the contract - the murder of the "inconvenient" individuals.

5. Proofs for the MAFIOTIZUM in Bulgaria

There is a very rapid improvement in the material state of judges and prosecutors. It's only three or four years. Judges and prosecutors buy housing with bank loans just to cover up their extra income as judges - mostly unproven. The proof of corrupt practices and the receipt of judges' subleases is the fact that in just two or three years, judges and prosecutors pay the loans taken by banks for the purchase of their apartments. An income analysis proves that it is virtually impossible for practitioners, as judges or prosecutors, to pay their IPO to bank institutions for only two or three years.
The struggle to become a judge or prosecutor in Bulgaria takes the leather's dimensions and does not focus on any profession throughout Bulgaria. On the contrary, in the western countries, young people prefer to gain experience and become lawyers, and only by solving their material needs they turn to the judging profession. Even a specific fact is that judges in the Westerning States become long-term staffers as lawyers and 40-50 years old.
Ie. there are cases of acquiring property for millions of levs as a prosecutor Balev - a house worth millions of levs, judges from the Supreme Court of Cassation, Sofia City Court, the judges for only two or three years acquire a workshop for 130,000 euros, then become chairpersons of the specialized courts - where corruption and the mafia in the state should be investigated, not just criminal groups.
Practice in the judicial system is that: According to research - up to 89 percent of cases are being bought. There are cases when the judge alone wants money from the parties. And which party gave more money in favor of this country is also given the corresponding decision.
Judges demand bribes as follows:
- 28% personally
- 33% by birth and family
- 19% through other magistrates
- 29% through the shelves
- Only 2% unanswered.
It is common practice for a magistrate in the court to have a cousin attorney during which bribery is negotiated.
Frequently, corrupt practice is the fact that whole families are judges in the courts. For example Judges Nechevi - a laughing at the Sofia City Court, judge Valkov and - a judge in Sofia City Court his wife Judge in RCC.
Judges in the HCC - families, relatives
Element of the judiciary is corruption.
With prosecutors, 33% said openly to a lawyer for informal talks to clarify the amount of bribe.
Court officials have searched 43% have sought favoritism with lawyers.
To 78% of the cases, lawyers received hints of money and services.
99% of lawyers are aware of schemes with mechanisms, ways of corrupting practice.
In a study and anonymous test, how much and how and how often you judge bribes, no matter what size and type of results, are the following:
- Very often - 13%
- Often - 16.8%
- Not very often - 13.2%
- Rarely - 16.4%
- Never - 3%
- Practicing the supply of high value pods - or a gift.
Corrupt practices of judges in cases brought against Bank institutions, Insurance companies, financial firms offering fast loans - corruption is almost 99.9%. Decisions are taken in violation in practice of mandatory directives of the European Commission,
There is protection for judges at all levels in cases brought against bankers and financial institutions
There is protection of judges at all levels in cases brought against actions by persons from the Ministry of the Interior, various state institutions
There are courts that deal with cases in court against the Ministries, Ministries, NRA and other institutions - the ADMINISTRATIVE COURTS.
The presidents of the administrative courts are started with the protections of the executive power - the prime minister. The former Chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court, G. Kolev 2012 - 2017, is close to the prime minister of the Republic of Bulgaria - Boyko Borisov.
Co-operative practices in the courts: deliberate allocation of judges to court cases.
Examples of High Corruption - Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation Vlahov, with orders, appoints judges to look at cases without using the hearings of court cases.
Rule - BREACH OF LAW IN LAW OF MAFIA and mafia-owned individuals and companies.
THE PRACTICE to rule out foolish acts in violation of any laws.
THE PRACTICE of the Mafia's judges is to enact such acts with such arguments and motives, utterly foolish, using the rationale of reasoning, meaningless filing of legal norms, creating a PERSONAL CUP by judges - in violation of the CPC.

6. MAFIOTISMUS in the Prosecution in Bulgaria

Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov was appointed by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and his mandate is from 2013 to 2019. including. This is confirmed by Nikolay Kokinov, Sofia City Prosecutor.
Nobody in the Prosecutor's Office and personally Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov do not investigate crimes of ministers - how Minister Pavlova allowed the sale of property of state-owned companies at prices - 4 06 times the tax assessment, how the Council of Ministers 2010 has taken permission to issue a private concession to a close to management company. The aim is to steal the land.
These lands more 2009 mayor Borissov announces that he will build super cities. And the same lands are privately owned by private individuals.
The Prosecutor's Office does not investigate how private enforcement agents bypass the law and obligations to state yawns and instead harm the state budget of more than 15 million euros from the sale of property to state-owned companies. This is a pure sample of theft.
Already 2009, under the European Commission's programs, € 700 million authorized to repair the railway network for rail transport are transferred to road motorway projects. There the crown averages between 30-45% of their value. The constructions are for 3,8 Billion. Euros. The repairs begin immediately 4 to 8 months after the highway runs.
Ie. there is a theft.
In fact, all these public procurement contracts are run by the ruling Prime Minister's party. Each order is notary for crediting between 30% and 35 %% of the stake to the people of the government.
Supreme Administrative Court, appointed by the Supreme Administrative Court, former Sofia City Court criminal judge Georgi Kolev, from Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, serving the executive.
No lawsuit filed against the Ministries for Lawlessness Lawsuits filed against lawlessness by the police about theft of gambling machines and bingo equipment by a judge from the Sofia City Court, the machines being found by the State Commission on Gambling can earned in SAC.

7. Conclusions

The new kind of capitalsm the MAFIOTISMUS exist not only ina conutries – for the examples on Republic Bulgaria , but also in European Union, European Commission , European Institution in favor themember of the mafia, in favor of companies that are nearby to the prime-ministers, ministers, atc.


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