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2020;  9(1): 1-2



The Evidence of the Split of the Moon

O. K. AbouEassa

Alexandria, Egypt

Correspondence to: O. K. AbouEassa, Alexandria, Egypt.


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The theories of formation of craters and crack of the moon are not realistic. If we read history, the split of the moon event is discussed in many parts. In this paper I discuss the origin of crack and craters of moon. I show that the craters originated after the split of the moon to cohere its two splitting parts and this information is likely to be true because the split and craters of the moon are not old to the age of the moon, they are late and not more than 1388 years ago when the miracle happened in the time of Prophet Mohammed as the history is saying. The asteroid impacts did not formed the craters of the moon according to the explanation of formation of the craters because the debris of these asteroids does not exist which we can conclude that maybe this theory is not true.

Keywords: Moon, Origin of the moon, Craters of the moon, Crack on the moon, Split of the moon

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1. Theories of the Moon’s Origin

Giant Impact is The theory of the Moon's origin. A Mars-sized body collided with Earth about 4.5 billion years ago. The resulting debris from both Earth and the impactor accumulated to form our natural satellite. The newly formed Moon was in a molten state, but within about million years, most of the global "magma ocean" had crystallized, with less-dense rocks floating upward and eventually forming the lunar crust [1].

2. The Crack on the Moon

The Moon's surface is totally cracked. Analysis of the lunar surface reveals that it's far more fractured than once thought. The damage goes far deeper than that, with cracks extending to depths of 12 miles (20 kilometers).
Rima Ariadaeus is one of several linear rille systems nestled in the highlands between Mare Vaporum and Mare Tranquillitatis. Some rilles, such as Vallis Schroteri, were formed by volcanic eruptions. Other rilles, such as Rima Ariadaeus, are believed to be faults that formed as a result of tectonic activity. Some scientists believe that the linear rilles might have formed after large impact events, while others believe that the rilles were formed as a surface manifestation of deep-seated dike systems when the moon was still volcanically active [2].
The crack is deepen to the core of the moon, so it is believed that it has been splitted into two halves in the past.

3. The Craters on the Moon

Scientists suggest that asteroids impact on the moon formed the craters [3], but the debris of these asteroids does not exist which we can conclude that maybe this theory is not true.
According to scientists, a crack in the moon does indeed exists. It originally came from Islam where Prophet Mohammed upon God’s wish split the moon into two halves and again rejoined them. The people in the Arab Peninsula have witnessed this event.
It is believed that the craters came from the core of the moon and reached the surface and they are formed to cohere the two splitting parts of the moon after the split to perform a miracle by God.
From the previous explanation, it is suggested that volcanos on earth are formed because of a similar purpose.
Rima Ariadaeus as photographed from Apollo 10 [4].

4. Discussion

NASA was asked a question about the split of the moon and they said “… not sure what you are referring to, but the current theory is that the Moon is the result of a collision with early Earth and a Mars-sized planetessimal. Early on when the Earth was completely molten, the heavier elements (iron, etc.) were falling to the center of the Earth leaving behind a less-dense outer layer/crust. When the collision happened, it ripped off that outer most layer and was flung out into orbit around Earth and eventually came together to form our Moon” [5].
However, this theory is completely false because there is no evidence on this theory. NASA denied the split of the moon event after scientists agree with the current evidence, scientific fact and the event of the split of the moon.
The theory of that asteroid impacts scarred the Moon with pits and craters is completely false when we acknowledge the split of the Moon.
Another evidence about the craters, it is believed the craters on the moon is late to the age of the moon and not more than 1388 years ago and the past generations before that did not witness the craters or the split of the moon.


[1]  Barr, A. C. (2016), On the origin of Earth’s Moon, J. Geophys. Res., 121, 1573–1601, doi:10.1002/2016JE005098.