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God and Universe

Sohrab Abdollahi

Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, I. R. of Iran, Tehran, Iran

Correspondence to: Sohrab Abdollahi , Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, I. R. of Iran, Tehran, Iran.


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God and the universe both are mysteries. The main question is that who created whom? God created man or man created God? What is the reality of universal concepts such as the super universe, infinity, absence, emptiness, and nothingness? Man has created a God with humanistic behavior to share with him, his agony, hopes, disappointments, fears, stress, and anxiety. Man-made God, has spontaneous absolute power (almighty), self-conscious, he can override all the universal laws, create everything at once, has justice and he is singular. However, this is the fake side of the story. Then who is the real God? Real God is physicochemical laws that use energy to create everything along with the time dimension in non-Euclidean space of the universe. God may be both, singular and plural, depending on the reference frame in which someone looking at him. Matrices representation of plural Gods has the same elements as a matrix representation of singular God through the addition of plural matrices. A real god doesn’t create at once, his actions are unintentional, exact identical creation is impossible, he has no anger, no mercy and doesn’t want to have any control over people’s destiny, his justice is not humanistic, he just acts based on the universal laws. God power is not absolute, his power and abilities are defined by the universal laws. The real God never violates or deviates from physiochemical laws of the universe. Integration of infinitesimal God, dg, is equal to ∞ ±1. God coexist in the present time (∞), future (∞ +1) and past (∞ - 1). With having a speed of light, you may be able to enter into the past, but it is impossible to enter into future. In the future and the past, the differential of time with respect to motion, dt/dx, is equal to zero and speed, υ, is equal to infinity. The masses in the universe are in continues motion not because of the universe expansion, but because of the elastic interaction of the masses with the wall of the nothingness.

Keywords: God, Universe, Physiochemical laws, Singularity, Space-time, Nothingness, Super universe

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1. Introduction

One of the most mysterious and very controversial subject from the beginning of human history is God and all things related to him [1-3]. God has originated in different forms from an early savage and simple man thought through the entire history of humanity up to now i.e. modernity, and probably it goes until postmodernity [4-6]. There are a huge number of believes and ideas about different Gods along with history and each group designed their Gods differently [7]. For knowing different Gods, we have to first get familiar with different religions [8]. Cultural tradition has made many supergroups of religions [9-11]. First Abrahamic religions originated in west Asia [12,13], Indian religions in south Asia [14], east Asian religions in East Asia [15], Afro-American religion originated in central and west Africa [16]. Middle eastern religions [17], consist of Abrahamic religions which are the largest group and divided into three major religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; they are practicing monotheism.
Iranian religions [18,19], consist of Zoroastrianism, Yasdanism, Uatsdin, Yarsanism, and Gnosticism. Indian religions mainly include Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, Chinese religions such as Taoism, and Confucianism. Indigenous ethnic religions found in every part of the world such as traditional African religions, Asian shamanism, Native American religions. Paganism and polytheism have been also practice in the same mentioned area. Since the 19th century, some new religion has emerged that were syncretizing, re-interpreting or reviving a version of older faiths such as Ayyavazhi, Mormonism, Ahmadiyya, Pentecostalism and so forth.
Karen Armstrong has written a book (A History of God) [2], in which he explains the history of the major monotheistic traditions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in addition to Hinduism and Buddhism. The idea of God has evolved from its ancient roots in the Middle East up to the present day.
In Hindu, there are up to 330 million Gods [20]. They believe that there is the main God, Brahman, such that other Gods, each one, has different aspects of main God, Brahman. Some other Hindus believe that other Gods are absolutely independent of the main God. Majority of Hindu Gods appear with many heads and hands that representing extreme power and ability.
Brahman [21], the main God of Hindu governs the whole the universe and keep it together. All good people will eventually join Brahman. Other Gods, each one has a specific power, for example, Brahman (creator) is viewed as the God of creation in Hinduism. Shiva (destroyer) Shiva is the God of destruction. Vishnu (preserver) Vishnu is seen as the preserver of life. Ganesh (wisdom) Ganesh has an elephant’s head and a man’s body. He is the God most widely worshipped by Hindus. Kali (force of time) is the Goddess of time and destruction. Lakshmi (prosperity) is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Hanuman (devotion) an ape-like God known for assisting Rama and the central character in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Sarasvati (art, music & knowledge) she is the wife of Brahman and sits on a white lotus flower, playing a piece of music.
The man doesn’t want to accept physicochemical laws that have no self-consciousness as his God [22]. Man wants a God similar to himself with the same emotional and behavioral characteristics [1]. Materialistic desires such as Domineering, wealth greed, lust, and sexuality, make man design an almighty God such that to achieve all his shortages. In this connection man never could understand the true nature of God and the universe. Man cannot deal with the real God but a God that can fulfill all man’s wishes. For his own greed, selfishness, childish imagination, happiness and fears, man has created a powerful, merciful and artificial God.
Regarding universe, man misinterpreted the whole the universe and the God, through praying, false faith, silly believes, to please and calm himself and not the God. The man will stay in his foulness until eternity.
All cultures or languages have many names for their deities. However, in Islam, there is only one unique term for God and that is “Allah” which is the true God of Islam and has no plural or gender in spite of “God” who has a plural (Gods) and feminine gender as “Goddess”. In Islam religion, Allah as almighty creator, control whole the universe. In holy Koran, God is the essence of the unity or the motto of monotheism. In Koran God says that: He is God, the one God, the everlasting refuge, who has not begotten, nor has been begotten, and equal to Him is not anyone. In Islam God is Merciful, the Compassionate and just.
God in Christianity is singular who created the world and the universe, which is one of the three major monotheistic world religions. Like Jews and Muslims, Christians believe one God who created the world and takes an interest in the humans who inhabit it. Some believe that faith and religion have physiological reasons; the brain areas associated with both analytical thinking and moral concern are subordinate with the religious belief [23].

2. Laws of the Universe

The laws of the universe are so complex and vague that sometimes we would walk at the edge of the errors. Therefore, first I owe a big apology to the great scientist, mathematicians, and philosophers for my forward sayings, and a bigger apology to believers and religious people that may find my saying as blaspheme. When I see that the world is controlled by the devil and mad rulers, millions of innocent people are killed and prosecuted for their ideas and religions, then I can tell my conscience that; well, I am not as bad as they are, and at least my writing does not kill anybody.
The universe revolution, evolution, and devolution are not based on any kinds of humanistic emotion, justice or love caring sense. The physicochemical laws do not have any compassion or mercy and do not follow any justice. They just go by its rigid laws indeed. The physicochemical law does not get angry or happy and it does not judge the people and does not punish nor give any reward. It just goes by its rigid laws. The people enjoy having a God that promises heaven with all its beauty and fascinating angels. They enjoy having a type of God that do things intentionally and judging the people, punishing them in case of doing sins, and giving them reward in case of righteousness. The people need an emotional, merciful and compassionate God with extreme power. The people don’t like logical God or a God that act based on specific laws and rigid rules. The weakness of the man demands a powerful god for his soothing. People enjoy having a God that override the universal laws every time he decided to do so. They love to have a God that turns Moses’s walking stick into a snake, saves Ebrahim from the fire, Jesus rising from death, splitting of the moon by Mohammad or any other fictional actions. They don’t want a God that goes only by strict laws of the universe.
The whole universe is created on four major columns; physicochemical laws, energy, time and non-Euclidean space. In relativity, time and space come together and make space-time entity, however, here we use them separately. Physicochemical laws use energy to create, change, move, contract, expand and to do all physicochemical reactions in time dimension through space, for controlling and managing the universe. Controlling and managing the universe is spontaneous and running by predetermining uncompromising laws without any errors. Spontaneous reactions will continue, creation and destruction occur in the universe over and over for the billions of years and all these happen by soulless physicochemical laws using energy.

3. Definition of a Modern Version of God

God is an integration of physicochemical laws and regulations which is sunk in energy and operate along with the time dimension. God can not deviate or violate these laws. In fact, the physicochemical laws are software or spiritual side of God and energy is hardware or materialistic side of God. All creations and events are conducted based on physicochemical laws and energy. God is not an alive creature the same as we are; he doesn’t have eyes to see or mouth to eat. He doesn’t have a heart, blood, or cardiovascular system. He is not a machine or any mechanical derive system. He just is a concept like physicochemical laws a software that has been install in the universe from the beginning, a starting time which is undefined like ∞ such that:
∞ -1 < ∞ < ∞ + 1
I believe ∞, is not number but it is undefined, vague and very complex. It is like a border or a separating membrane between past and future. The expression of ∞ -1 is on one side of the membrane and is “past” but ∞ + 1 is on the other side of the membrane and is the “future” that has not come yet. The universe is sunk in infinity, I believe that ∞ -1 and ∞ +1 both exist simultaneously and is separated by the line of infinity or the universe. Past has gone, future hasn’t come yet but present (now) existed in infinity i.e. present last for infinity, however, motion or time may transit from future to present (now), and from that to the past, as is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Schematic diagram of future, present, and past
Here, ∞ and ∞ ± 1 do not show its regular mathematical meaning, they just have symbolic meaning and show the different section of the super universe.
Transit of time from the future (∞ + 1) into the present (∞) and then into past (∞ - 1), can happen based on the space-time regulations. I call this transit as “future to past passage” that is shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2. Future enters present, presents exits into past
In Future and past no motion exists, therefore time is halted, mathematically it means differential of time with respect to motion (distance) is zero:
If we inverse this differential expression, then, we would have a velocity which is a differential of distance with respect to time:
Therefore, in future or past we have the following expressions:
When, then two cases may be true either 1 = 0 or which in this case 1 cannot be equal to zero, therefore is equal to ∞. It means that in the future or past velocities are infinite and this is why time is halted in the future and past. It makes sense because when it is present, future has not come yet it is a tabula rasa, nothing is in future, therefore, no motion exists in the future, then we do not have any differential in motion. At the present time, the motion will create a transition of the time i.e. differential of time with respect to motion. This differential is locally constant:
The K is locally constant but it can be variable with respect to a frame of references (this frame of the reference is either inertial coordinate or a moving one). However, when present enters past, the motion in the universe will freeze, and no differential in motion exist again. At the moment of transition into the past, all the motions will freeze and it is like the images taken by movie camera that stay still on the film as a roll. Now if you want to play this movie back again you should put the roll of the film in feed reel of a movie projector and see it when you are in a moving frame of reference with speed of infinity. As I mentioned earlier, allowed speed in past is infinity, therefore the only way that you can enter into the past and see the movie is when you have speed close to infinity (maybe close to the speed of light).
Future is vacuum or empty, as I said tabula rasa. You cannot enter into the future because there is a vacuum or just emptiness. There is empty space and if you want to enter in the future, you have to enter into emptiness with speed of light which is impossible because you should occupy some space which is unavoidable. Therefore, if you can achieve a speed of light, you may be able to enter into the past but it is impossible to enter into the future. Well, for entering into the past, and seeing the God movie, you should have a movie projector of God and a cinema screen as big as the universe.
Therefore, logically, we may find out the following principles about the new version of God:
1. God can not deviate or violate all the laws of the universe.
2. God creation and organization (lowering the entropy) cannot be “at once” or sudden.
3. Disturbing and disorganizing processes by God (increasing the entropy) may happen at once or sudden.
4. Every process, every creation or action of God has its own beginning and ending (decreasing and increasing of entropy in each process is unavoidable). Nothing can stay the same forever. Everything has its own start and end.
5. The results of each process or event may be similar but not identical. It means that God cannot make one event twice exactly identical. They may be highly similar but not exactly identical. You cannot find two gravel exactly identical in whole the universe or you cannot find two animal or human exactly identical even homozygote twins are not exactly identical. This is because the probable nature of creation override certainty and therefore similarity increases where as exact identically is impossible. Even two carbon atoms cannot be exactly identical because of the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle [24], you cannot measure exact identically. In fact, both quantum mechanics and relativity of electron wave function let neither identically nor measuring the identically.
6. God cannot use his absolute power because laws and regulations of the universe can limit his power and he cannot violate or ignore his laws.
7. God necessarily may not be single because unity or singularity depends on the fact that how we may classify the universe. If we consider whole the universe as unity, then singularity of God may be considered, but if we divide the universe in different organizations then the plurality of God has more weight. Let’s have an example and we bring this idea into the planet of the earth; the very small entity of the universe. Let we divide the earth into three separate sections; sea, land and sky respectively, each with its own laws and regulations. Therefore, the survival of an animal or an object is related to the environment that it lives because the duration of time and adaptation reality have created animals and objects in such a way that they have to obey specific laws and regulation for their survival. If you take a fish out of the sea it surely will die because the fish is out of its specific laws and regulations that govern the sea. If you sink a regular bird in the water it will suffocate because the regular bird cannot survive in water. Therefore, the sea has its own laws and regulations (its own God), land of the earth planet has another God and the sky also has different God with its own laws. It is like the existence of different Gods in ancient creak such as Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Athena, and Venus.
8. God is in everything and exists everywhere. Whole the universe contains God and God is in every point of the universe because God is concepts of the physicochemical laws and these laws are the essence of the universe. God himself is absolute but his action and results can be relative. Laws of the universe are absolutes (principle of equivalence in general relativity) [25], but its creations and results of measurement of quantities may be relative, and it depends on the frame of the reference.
In fact, we can see this from another point of view, I mean, the singularity of God is hidden in plurality and plurality of God is hidden in singularity. If you consider this reality wisely you can realize that singularity and plurality of God are the same but depend on the frame of the reference i.e., the universe is singular or relatively classified in different sections. Now you will see that all these wars and killing from the beginning of the humanity in different religions and ideologies which are based on singularity or plurality of God have been just foolishness and nonsense because singularity or plurality of God does not really issue. Plurality, in fact, is the plurality of the same God. Every extremely small organization in the present, universe, may have infinitesimal God that we can call it dg. Universe has an infinite number of organization entities and the summation over whole the universe is:
We have infinite numbers of the same God in whole the universe. If we consider whole the universe as a unified entity (one extremely huge organization) then we would have an extremely great God. Since the universe as a single organization does not have any finite border and is unlimited, therefore, the singular God is infinitely great. This integration belongs to the present time and the lower limit of the integration is zero (from nothingness to existence).
The integration of God in the future is as follows:
In the future we have emptiness and the base of integration is complexed such as i2 which is equal to -1.
The integration of God for the past is as follows:
In quantum mechanical points of views, the probability of God in the universe has a direct relationship with the square of his wave function in a system (Ψ2) [26]. Now it is dependent upon how someone looks at the system. You can look at the whole the universe as a single system or you can consider each galaxy as a system or each planet as an individual system. Therefore, unity of God is determined by the way that you chose a system or interval of the integration.
In the above equation, the singularity of god depends on the interval of the integration a, and b.
Universe basic factors: In the universe, there are four basic but very important concepts that we can call them as infinity, absence, emptiness, and nothingness. For man, from the beginning, some basic concepts were not understood clearly until now; such as infinity and nothingness. This is because our science and mathematics didn’t have an exact and right foundation from the beginning. Our geometry was based on the Euclidean system. We had chosen time and motion as absolute entities. We did not consider wave properties of particles and we did not differentiate between continuity and quantize property of the quantities. We did not consider uncertainty principles. In fact, the foundation of our mathematics and sciences were erroneous. Another main problem was that the man did not have the right experiences of the universe. The man has grown on earth planet with his common and simple experiences and has been confronted with limited physical properties of the objects. He did not have any experiences about the speed of light, non-Euclidean space, quantum mechanical behavior of the objects, relativistic nature of the quantities and so on. This is why we don’t know exactly what the infinity means or what the nothingness is. Where is the end of the universe? Well, we cannot imagine! It just goes and goes without any boundary, we cannot stop it in our mind. What is nothingness? we cannot imagine this concept again, because we never had the experiences of the nothingness.
What if I tell you that, philosophically, infinity is equivalent to 1!! You surely, without any doubt think that I may be crazy. If you have one, then you can have infinity. In fact, infinity is the infinite numbers of 1. Indeed, one is the other side of infinity. However, an infinite number of zero is zero but not infinite. In non-Euclidean space, because of the curvature of the space, 1 may reach to infinity through a circle i.e. start point 1, reaches to endpoint infinity and this can continue over and over Figure 3. This is similar to the statement of “singularity is in plurality and vice versa”. There are many opposite concepts that have these kinds of relations, such as, day and night, goodness and badness, shortness and tallness, motion and time. Without one, you cannot have the other. This may be an individual principle and I call this as; the principle of the relevancy of oppositions.
Figure 3. Equality of 1 and ∞ in non-Euclidean space
Nothingness: Now, what is the nothingness? We have to have nothingness to be able to explain how the universe going to end. I think the end of the universe is surrounded by nothingness where, there are no space, time, medium, limit, light, darkness, sound, emptiness, vacuum, and time. Nothing exists there and even concepts and physicochemical laws do not work there, absolutely no physical laws work there, and I call this nothingness as absolute zero. Nothingness differs from absence, emptiness or vacuum. Absence means that something is absent but its potential of being has existed there. For example, two thousands of years ago airplanes were absent but the potential of creating it was there and it took two thousands of years during which the potential changes to reality. I show you a seed of date palm and I ask you what is that. You will tell may that it is just a regular seed of palm tree, but I will tell you no, it is a fifty feet palm tree! Although at this time the fifty feet palm tree is absent however, its potential exists and it is just a matter of time to put the seed in the soil and wait.
Nothingness is not emptiness. Emptiness is just space which is empty or evacuated, however, it has the potential of being occupied. Absence and emptiness exist in the universe, but nothingness just surrounds the universe and ends up the infiniteness of the universe. Man has no experiences of nothingness. Man has experiences about the universe (existence) where nothingness has no meaning. According to the principle of the relevancy of oppositions, we must have nothingness which is opposite of existence. No physical laws can work in the nothingness therefore, the principle of equivalence of Einstein is not true in nothingness. There is no mass, motion, space, time, darkness, lightness, wave or sound there, the density of the nothingness is zero. Pure and absolute nothingness. Nothing can enter into nothingness, and there is no static or dynamic equilibrium between the universe and the nothingness. Everything in the universe that hit the wall of the nothingness will have reflected back to the universe. The principle of the relevancy of oppositions has forced the universe into the nothingness. You may ask how come? Well, if it makes believers happy, let say God has done that.
The densities of nothingness, the universe, and the black hole are zero, medium and the highest respectively. I cannot explain the nature of the nothingness. it is not material, of course, it does not have volume, because there is no any space.
In theory of relativity, expansion of the university is predicted [27], however, I believe that there is no any expansion of the universe because the constant motions of stars and galaxies are due to the elastic interaction between the wall of the nothingness with the stars and galaxies. All the masses in the universe are in continuous and constant motion (d2x/dt2 = 0) form one side of the universe to the other side. Interactions between a mass with the wall of the nothingness are not physical it is mainly some kind of gravitational interactions. When a mass gets close to the wall of nothingness, negative force of the wall, deaccelerates the mass (- d2v/dt2 = K), until it stops (dx/dt = 0) and again due to positive force of the wall, the mass reaccelerates back and velocity will increase until it goes out of the gravitational field of the wall. Afterward, continues its motion with a constant velocity (F = 0). It is like a heavy metal ball at the end of an elastic frictionless rope. This is why the destruction of the planets doesn’t occur during an interaction with the wall of the nothingness. The nature of the repealing force may be due to anti-material characteristics of the wall of the nothingness.
Unity of God: Plurality and singularity are two sides of a coin. This is the same as the gestalt hypothesis; parts can make totality and totality can be divided into parts. From either direction; parts to totality or totality to parts, you can achieve reality. We may show you a mathematical example, by using matrix, each organization or God is represented by a matrix. Assume that, Gods of sea, land, and sky are denoted by three m x n matrices A, B, and C respectively.
In these matrices, a, b and c are elements or variables of each matrix. Now, if we add up matrices A, B, and C, we will get a bigger matrix that contains all elements of the other three matrices (Figure 4). Every single matrix represents a different complex organization or God and may be added up to other matrices and converted to a single matrix (singularity). It means that unity solidified in plurality and vice versa.
Figure 4. Adding three matrices of A, B, and C to get a single bigger matrix
The concept of unity (monotheism), regarding God for years, have changed to a holy and essential issue in our daily life such that we cannot see anything other than this. We have created in our mind a human-like God with all desires and manlike behaviors. The same as the man that cannot see or tolerate another man in his territory or like a king that cannot tolerate another king ruling in his land, then God also cannot tolerate another God. Well, it is, in fact, naive thinking regarding God. This is not only true but it is funny and childish thought. Everything is God and God is in everything. God is a single concept distributed in plurality or a plurality concept concentrated in singularity.
Our mathematical description is a very simple example, and God matrix has an infinite number of elements. The size of God matrix for whole the universe would be (∞ - 1) x (∞ + 1). Why ∞ -1, because it is meaningful when using physicochemical laws as a real notion for the power of God. The infinity, ∞, is imaginary but ∞ -1 or ∞ +1 are more real, it makes hell a difference between ∞ and ∞ ±1. You do not know how big is one! I have just feeling that ∞ -1 is not equal to ∞ and I do not know the reason and it has just one number less than infinity.
We saw that the new version of God has materialistic logic and goes by the laws and regulations of the universe. God doesn’t have any other choice or doesn’t want to deviate from these laws. The power of God is based on these laws and his action is not intentional. The justice of God is not the same as human justice. If the planet of the earth due to some cosmic catastrophe explode, and all the humanity with his civilization vanishes, then, for God, this mankind great catastrophe is like a leaf that falls from a tree.
Man has created a God like himself with the same thought and desires [28,29]: Old version of God has anger, happiness, forgiveness, justice (humanistic justice), love and devotion. Man has created God such that be able to communicate and share his common desires and hops with him. From a man point of view, God must have humanistic thought and behavior so that man is able to communicate with him.
Table 1. Comparison of the old version of God with the new version
The reality is that the new version of God is nothing except a reflection of universal laws and rules. Therefore, God is cool and cruel, God does not punish or forgive. God is not emotional and he does not have love and devotion. God does not have hate, revenge, animosity, and hostility. God does not laugh or cry, God does not think since everything goes by a way that has been defined via specific laws and regulations. God does not talk and God cannot decide. God just goes by the universal laws and regulations indeed. The new version of God acts in n-dimensional space and he is the greatest unintentional dictator because he dictates all universal laws to govern the universe without any exception or mercy. In Table 1, the old version of God is compared with the new or modern version of God.

4. Conclusions

Man has surrounded god by some funny, silly and irrational regulations which have been called faith or religion to achieve his worldly goals and fulfill his greed and appetite. These created God that has been defined and designed for rubbing the society has humanistic thought, behavior, and actions. During years, these man-made Gods have been equipped with infinite power, and ability to be used against those people that do not obey the laws and regulations which have been dictated to God by a smart and greedy man.
The creation of God never was for humanity and man happiness, but for misuse and misery of the man. If the creation of god was for the man fortune, then we shouldn’t have all these wars and killing during thousands of years of human history just for differences of ideologies. These God creators who are liars had been so hurried in creating their gods such that their God characteristics are no longer valid and are not accepted by the majority of the people of the 21st century.
Mankind has created his own God for his happiness, and fears to manifest and fulfill his hope and wishes. This created God, has human-like behavior and thought, with all unlimited power in his hand. This God has total power over human life and he is an absolute superpower in the universe. Some religion such as Abrahamian has created a singular God with no any similarity. Polytheism in these religions is blasphemed and has the death penalty. Man-made God has anger, he is the biggest dictator in the universe, he gets happy and pleased by his loyal people. He has made hell for sinners and heaven for the believers. God, in classic view, is almighty and he can give health and wealth to anybody he wants and he can take away prosperity from anybody he desires. No, any leaf can leave its tree without the will of God. This God can create at once and he is superior to all universe laws and can even change the nature and principles of universal laws any time he wishes. God can control everybody’s life, in each step of man’s action God is involved.
However, in this paper, I tried to break the human-made idea about this old fusion and classic God. Therefore, God is a collection of physicochemical laws which use energy and act in time dimension in the general space (with Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry). His power is limited and he never violates universal laws and he cannot create and organize at once. Everything that he creates has a beginning and an end. Of course, he can disorganize or disturb at once. This God does not interfere in human fate and behavior. This God leaves everybody’s destiny to his behavior and to probabilistic nature of the universe that we call chance or opportunities. For this God, human life is like playing backgammon that is controlled fifty percent by man’s wisdom to move backgammon nuts properly and other fifty percent by chance that is controlled by probability and how dice is going to sit. Happiness and misery is nothing to do with the will of God. Everybody is responsible for his actions. This God has no justice except those justices that are controlled by the laws of nature. In this idea, polytheism is a principle and has the same value as monotheism. In fact, polytheism and monotheism both exist at the same time and mutual conversion coexist between them. This God neither has anger nor has mercy, he has not to make hell or heaven intentionally.
All the universe and its content have been created by physicochemical laws unintentionally and unconsciously. In my view, God is a huge collection of physicochemical laws using energy to move, organize and disorganize along with time dimension and cannot violate these laws.
Regarding time, the universe is divided into three sections; future, present, and past. The universe itself and everything in it could have its own contrapositions and the existence of one depends on the other. It is somehow similar to Newton's third law of the motion and this is a principle of the universe and I call this as “Relevancy of the Oppositions”. The essence of the universe is that everything has its own inverse or opposition and together are meaningful. Therefore, the super universe (universe and nothingness) has more meaning than the universe alone. The important concept of the super universe is nothingness, absence, emptiness, time and space, future and past.


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