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The Reconstruction and Expression Process Apllied in Egypt Based on the Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev’s “Vortex Field Theory” and Based on the Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev’s “Cosmological Theory of Information”

Momtchil Dobrev1, Mariola Garibova2

1President of the Scentific Research Institut Dobrev & Halachev JSC

2Director Department Archaeology

Correspondence to: Momtchil Dobrev, President of the Scentific Research Institut Dobrev & Halachev JSC.


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Based on the developed by Lord prof. Momtchil DobrevHalachev “Cosmological Theory of Information” and “Theory of Vortex Fields- Base f the Universume” Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev cover the process of the resurrection in Egypt and how can be made in our century.

Keywords: Cosmos, Information, Vortex, Theory

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1. Introduction

The explanation of the process of enlightenment and appraisal applied in Egypt is an important part of our lives of advanced civilization.
1991 Lord Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev creates his theory of vortex fields and Cosmological information theory.
The explanation of the resurrection and elevation process applied in ancient Egypt will answer other questions, why the pyramids were built, for what purpose, whether for this process and other similar processes, or for tombs.
Stepping on his theories Lord Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev firmly states that the pyramids are built not only for the processes of elevation and resurrection, but also for such processes as teleportation, space travel and other processes. This hypothesis rests on the fact that these processes are carried out in a room located in the corresponding pyramid at a height where it is manifested and where is the point of the absolute energy field created by the geometric figure of the pyramid where the point of the energy of the absolute and where all these processes and energies are generated, such as anti-gravity, free energy generation, teleportation, misdirection, and others. This article describes how the process of elevation and resurrection takes place on the basis of the theory of the vortex fields of Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev and the theory of Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev, "Cosmological Theory of Information", created by him in 1991, when Dr. Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev created the first two free energy generators in the world.

2. Basics of the Cosmological Theory of Information and Vortex Field Theory Developed by Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev

1991 Momchil Dobrev Dobrev creates Cosmological theory of information (Dobrev, 2009) and theory of vortex fields (Dobrev, 2012)- the basis of everything. In the same year Momchil Dobrev created two free energy generators using the theoretical and practical solutions of both theories, creating prototypes, but actually refusing to start regular production because he knows that all scientists and inventors create such generators soon after they are killed.
The real vortex theory proves the existence of swirling fields in the fabrication of matter at the lowest to the highest level, starting from the atomic structure, to the construction of star systems, galactic systems of the universe. On the other hand, the vortex fields are also present in the construction and functioning of the human body.
On the other hand, the cosmological theory of information proves that vibrations are the basis of the existence of all objects in the universe and man in particular. Even at the cellular level there are precisely defined vibrations of precisely defined frequencies and frequency spheres. Each cell, even every organ vibrates with exactly the same frequency when it is in a state of health and certain other ones when it is in a disease state. The deviation from the interval norm of the "healthy" body vibrations proves the opposite that the body is sick.
In February 1985, Momchil Dobrev, under the leadership of Professor Karl Heinz von Gotte, found superconductivity, but because of the intervention of a Bulgarian state security agent then working at the Berlin embassy in Berlin and the US CIA, stealing materials and betraying them, but Momchil Dobrev Dobrev refuses, is forbidden to publish the discovery. So 1985 because of State Security cop Prof. Gote and Momchil Dobrev are not awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. The Nobel Prize in two years has been given to two scientists from Switzerland to discover superconductivity in September 1985. - seven months after Prof. Gote and Momchil Dobrev.
The vortex fields actually carry, distribute, create both information and energy. There is actually a conversion of information into energy and vice versa. In fact, on the basis of the theory of the vortex fields, the passage of the material in the process of materialization and dematerialization is undisputed, in which the processes do not lose the information. On the other hand, the vortex fields are the basis of matter and antimatter. Swirl fields emit vibrations precisely defined and at specified intervals.
This is the relationship of the vortex fields with the cosmological information theory.
Three distinct principles apply to each swirling system:
There is a force that is at the heart of the whirlwind - in its center, and it controls the entire structure. For each imi structure swirling forces that cause the structure to strive for cent, swirling forces that cause the structure to strive for external propagation, and a separate force that prevents objects from the structure from leaving the structure itself - that is, has the force of limiting the size of the structure.
Vortex structures are also hurricanes. In the center of hurricanes is peace.
There are chakras in the human body both at the physical level and at the other two levels, which besides supplying information and energy to the respective glands and levels and organs at these levels, but it also raises the energy to the highest level.
The whirling structure that radiates the corresponding vibration - its section
Light is a vortex.
Each electromagnetic wave is a whirl, the point at which both the electric field and the magnetic field are the zero point.
Moreover, the space generating the vortices is geometrically based on the golden section, the numbers phi and pi.
As a consequence of the cosmological theory of information are the pyramids among which the pyramid of the Hypo. This geometric figure represents a field generator in which the antigravitation, metatalization and dematerialisation processes are generated at the respective height points with corresponding coaxial frequency generation or so-called vibration. At the corresponding point of this geometric structure, a precise vibration makes a connection with the spiritual world. The very geometric structure generates a field structure with specific properties and qualities. At a specific point in the structure of the pyramids with countries in which there are golden coincidences, there is no process of rotting, there is dehitration, a process of energy influence even on metallic metal objects. Apart from that, these pyramids actually create field structures to balance the energy field of the Earth and also in the pyramide the rooms are in the point of the absolute that can generate free energy and etc.
Electromagnetic wave is a whirlwind in a straight line.
A basic element in the cosmological theory of information is also to note the basic principle.
When an "entrance door" has a precise vibration to enter this door, it must generate the same vibration frequency spectrum as the corresponding door. This applies to each cell for each process, for each object only when the frequency spectrum of the "front door" and the object or the information that can and wants to go through this "door" the energy and the in-house information can enter through the "front door". In the event of interference, the entry through the "entrance door" occurs.
Each number, each letter, radiates a certain frequency spectrum. Every word does the same, Here the coincidence is enormous: is a sicret number that corresponds.

3. Resurrection as a Procedure Proven by the Cosmological Theory of Information and the Theory of Swirl Fields

The resurrection as a procedure and process applied in ancient Egypt and earlier in Orpheus and the Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians-descendants of the displaced Atlanteans on the Balkan Peninsula.
Here we will only look at the resurrection as a procedure applied in Egypt.
The Egyptian engraving shows the instances that were used in Gepit in the resurrection procedure. This is not only a resurrection process, in which the process of reincarnations is interrupted, but also a rise to the fourth and fifth change of the soul.
The objects used in Egypt for these procedures are visible on the engraving, namely a rod about 1.20 meters long, at its end there is a camper and the other end is curved at an angle of 45 degrees. (Fig 1), (Fig 2).
Figure 1
Figure 2
According to the cosmological theory of information, which proves that the so-called point of Confucius is the point through which the soul of man can access. (Fig 2)
In the research institute Dobrev - Halachev JSC, there have been performed experiments of testing that prove this.
According to the cosmological information theory to reach the chakras of the fourth and fifth measure of the soul, vibrations should be raised, this was in Egypt with a generator. (Fig 3)
According to the cosmological theory of information, when a man raises his vibrations so that under 45 degrees with a closed eye he generates a light beam with the corresponding vibrational frequency, then that light beam and his eyes - with closed eyes below 45 degrees - pass through a specific symbol - the symbol of Anch, which is also known by Atlantis and the Atlanteans. This is the symbol of the elevation and the corresponding look. (Fig 3).
Figure 3
Another engraving that proves this process of resurrection and elevation is the graph of how Osiris resurrects.
In one of Osiris' hands, he holds a hook - a rod, with a camber at one end as the rod is curved under 45 degrees. In the other hand Osiris holds a bat, which actually is a vibrator.
The point is actually to stimulate the vibrational energy point of Confucius, which point corresponds to the entrance of the thread to the soul of the person concerned.
Only when this cycle is closed and the stimulation of this point results in the process of elevation, in which it is possible to stop the process of reincarnation of the soul in the next life. This is a one-time process, however, which must be in sync with the harmonized frequencies of the universe.
Indeed, the pineal gland is a gateway to both the energy and information world of the universe.
This portal, however, must be followed by specific procedures to be opened.
By making a comparison and analogy, all this is proved once again. Namely the system of the 8 chakras of man proves man's capabilities for these processes, namely:
The three chakras of the pineal gland prove that the angle between the third eye and the chakra chakra at an angle of 45 is the chakra number 11 passes (Fig 3).
The elevation is a motion in which the vibration is lifted so much the heights are the frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimension of the dimensions that support the corresponding number of chakras - energy center of every soul.
When vibrations are released at frequencies corresponding to the fifth dimension all the process described here are possible. Not anly these process. Also process of teleportation, and transport in the universum.

4. Tools for Accessing the Information Field of the Universe, of the Souls, for Possible Reliquary and the Drawing of Information

The tools actually have three. (Fig. 4), (Fig.5).
Figure 4
Figure 5
The first symbol is Ankh. This symbol, commonly known as "the key of life," "the Nile's key," the "life band," "the node of life," "the Egyptian cross," is called U + 2625.
In the traditions of Egypt, this symbol symbolizes the birth of the life of life. This symbol combines two symbols - a cross, that is the symbol of life and a circle as a symbol of eternity. Together, the two symbols indicate immortality. This offends the insult of the female and male deity. , Osiris and Isis. It is a union between the earthly and the heavenly.
The UAC symbol denotes power. It is related to the Ankh and Jed symbols, and depicts a rod that holds Pharaohs, gods and influential faces.
This rod has actually been used both as reconstruction and expression process and for generating the cosmic healing power, and all the process in looking of each process in universum.
The Jed symbol actually represents a generator of precisely defined frequencies. Oi consists of a vertex, a vertical structure, a characteristic shape, and well-defined horizontal "lines" that are only four.
These four horizontal "plates" actually represent a structure for generating energy that actually accumulates between the pages. In fact, there is a standing wave - a vortex, which is a battery for energy storage. This is between the four dishes. From the base to the first plate is a method of transmitting energy.
The bas-relief which includes all three symbols as well as the symbol of a snail and a vessel. The snail is a vortex wave. Ie. the combination of the three symbols is a vibration generation that transmits precisely defined energy at a specific point and unlocks resonance to generate energy and unlock other dimensions that result in unlocking energy for building large objects as well as for unlocking cosmological irrationality for healing, and unlocking fourth, fifth and other dimensions for reading information in the universe.

5. Proceeding of Removing and Resurrecting and Receiving Information from the Spiritual World and Thinking Processes

The real pituitary is the organ that is the connection of man with the spiritual world, with the world of information about everything in space and the whole universe. The pituitary is also the connection of thought to its real function of generating energy and information, of obtaining information to induce actions to change energy processes and phenomena.
The process of elevation in Egyptian civilization took place by placing the rod at point A, which point is the point where the thread of the spirit is connected with the physical body. Then generating the corresponding vibration to generate energy and which energy goes in the direction of the pituitary - point B and below 45 degrees to pass through 11 chakras, to pass through the human's mental screen to pass through the Ankh sign from where it can processes, information, and more are tracked.
It is a fact that the mental screen is a screen that is less than 45 feet in the horizontal view of the human eye. The thinking screen is this screen through which only energy and thought must pass, and if this thought is generalized with the concussion of high vibration to pass through the sign of life (Fig 6).
Figure 6
A very important condition in this process is the generation of such a high vibration to open the respective channels and to enter into the corresponding subsequent three-dimensional manifestation, the fourth and fifth dimensions, which give it greater access to high energies.
The procedure to be followed during the lead time is based on the generation of such vibration with light energy to be generated in the vortex field of the human pituitary.
The high field field whirl only generated by light wave and low erection can only open the channel to access the high fourth, fifth, null and other dimensions.
Based on the cosmological theory of information and vortex theory, it is only in the interference of the leading signal and the channel of the corresponding dimension that man's thought can continue on this path of entering into the deep and higher dimensions of the universe and the spiritual world.
It is important to know that only when the light vortex field with the corresponding high vibration enters the sign of Ankh, human thought can have energy and information access to the higher dimensions.
This parallel of the facts in Egyptian drawings and the facts of the achievements of the cosmological theory of information and theory of the swirl fields of Momcil Dobrev Dobrev give and conclude that the Egyptian civilization had the capabilities, the traces, the experience of such access of human thought to the higher dimensions in the duo-ecumenical world.
This proves a great development of this civilization.
This parallel of the facts in Egyptian drawings and the facts of the achievements of the cosmological theory of information and theory of the swirl fields of Momcil Dobrev Dobrev give and conclude that the Egyptian civilization had the capabilities, the traces, the experience of such access of human thought to the higher dimensions in the duo-ecumenical world.
This proves a great development of this civilization compared to our modern civilization.
The knowledge of these processes also proves that the signing of these processes and technologies implies that the Egyptian civilization and the former before Her Atlanta and the civilization of the pro-Bulgarians, the Thracians had the power of access to energy sources, telepathy, teleportation, antigravity.
This is based on the conclusion that, as a consequence of the Cosmological Information Theory and Vortex Theory, knowledge of anti-gravity access to zero-energy energy, free energy generators, access to free energy, and other sources follows.
These processes have also been used to unlock the space energy channel that can cure universally every person.
These processes can be used to open channels of the fourth, fifth and next dimensions, which ziggata generates energy from the absolute, and create the possibility of shifting - teleportation, and movement through the worlds.

6. Discussion and Conclusions

In ancient Egypt they knew the process of resurrection and elevation, and they knew not only the great construction of the spiritual world but also knew the vortex fields, the zero point and the generation of energy, and Everything above proves that in ancient Egypt and in other articles we will prove that the ancient people.
The created by Lord Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev theory of vortex fields and Cosmological information theory explane all the process made inside of the pyramide and proofs that the pyramide are made not only forstabilization of the energy field of the Earth but also to execure all the process not only resurrection and elevation but also teleportation, generation of the energy from the absolute, transportation in the universum, looking in all the processes in the universum and also in the spiritual world.


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